Weight Loss Surgery

For the longest time I felt like the only way I could lose weight and keep it off is if I got weight loss (bariatric) surgery. That was because I’ve tried the diet and exercise route for years and always gained the weight back plus some. I was sick of the diet and exercise roller coaster and gave up.

The problem is it just seemed like I would never get weight loss surgery and I’m tired of being fat. I don’t have the money and I don’t have the health insurance for the surgery. Everyone around me was getting weight loss surgery and it was making me so upset and jealous cause I really wanted it. But I just had no way to get it. I was jealous cause I felt like all my friends were going to be skinny and looking good and I would be the lone fat girl.

My sister just went to Mexico this past May and got breast implants, a tummy tuck, booty shots and liposuction for $9000. I was thinking of taking my little bit of savings and going to Mexico to get weight loss surgery. But that’s all the money I had and I need it to live off of. I didn’t want to be homeless with weight loss surgery. So I used my money to get an apartment instead.
Anyway, the change in my thinking about weight loss surgery came when I looked at all my friends who got weight loss surgery. Specifically, True, Rose and Tra’Niece. They were each my best friends at one time or another. They all have gotten weight loss surgery. So here were my observations:

#1, their eating. They pretty much eat the same stuff they were eating before. They eat a little less but still, if I get weight loss surgery, I wanted it to prevent me from eating things like sugar, ice cream, cake, etc.. From seeing my friends, I notice that the surgery doesn’t prevent that. They still eat burgers, cheese, junk food. I guess the one perk of weight loss surgery is you do eat LESS and you feel full quicker. But still the things they eat are the same as before the surgery. Whats the point in that?
#2- None of them are slim. If I get weight loss surgery, I want to be slim. All my friends who have gotten the surgery are still over weight. In fact they are all still obese. Yes they lost some weight and I know that none of them were looking to get thin. But I thought if you get weight loss surgery you would get skinny automatically. Not 105 lbs. skinny but like 150lbs. skinny. I’m gonna be pissed if I get weight loss surgery and I’m still fat. They are all still fat.
#3 – When I went to Atlanta this past May, I noticed that Tra’Niece had gotten smaller from her weight loss surgery and I was like WOW. But then I asked her how long it took her to lose weight. She lost 60 lbs in 6 months. I was like “Thats it??” I can lose 60 lbs in 6 months WITHOUT weight loss surgery. I’ve done it many times. I usually lose 10 lbs per months when I eat clean and exercise. I don’t need weight loss surgery to do that. The number one reason I wanted weight loss surgery was so I could lose ALOT of weight QUICKLY. I wanted to be able to lose 100lbs in 4 months if I got weight loss surgery. When she told me that it took her 6 months to lose 60 lbs after she’d gotten surgery that REALLY opened my eyes and made me think about whether surgery was going to be my cure or not.

If I can get the same results without surgery, whats the point?

Anyway, if given the oppurtunity, I would still get the surgery today because of the perk that you eat less and feel fuller but after looking at my friends who’ve gotten weight loss surgery, i realize that to get the kind of slim body I want as a FIGURE competitor I’m going to have to eat clean and exercise hard even if I get the surgery. Otherwise I will still be fat.

And if I have to do that regardless, I might as well do it without the surgery too.


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