Day 3 – Weight Loss Journey

Last night I stayed up till 2 am reading Cherie’s journal. My alarm didn’t go off this morning and I slept till 3pm today.

I really want to break this habit of over sleeping. Inactivity, laziness and depression is what led to me gaining 100 lbs. Food was the least of the contributor. Although eating entire cakes and pints of ice-cream occasionally didn’t help for sure, over sleeping is the bigger problem.

When I finally woke up, I made myself breakfast of scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon and fruit. Total calories = 289

Cherie mentions alot of different items in her blogs that she’s a fan of. One of them was these sweaty bands. She raved about them so I went to their website and bought one, it came to about $15 with tax.

Then I wanted to get a new subscription to Oxygen ($25) and Muscle and Fitness Hers ($20) magazines, but they are so expensive. My sweet boyfriend told me to pick one and he’ll pay for it.

I drove over to my old condo to pick up the mail and see if I could get in the condo to get some old fitness magazines that I left. The locks on the doors had been changed. Bummer. Oh well I guess that era is over. Theres a part of me that feels sentimental about it. I guess its time to officially change my home adress with the post office.

Then I went to the gym and finished Day 2 of the “couch 2 5k” program. Today was harder than yesterday, it actually hurt. My legs and hips were hurting and the back of my left knee hurt. Anyway I pushed through it somehow even though I was out of breath and in pain.

I have to admit something. I have a fear of the weight training machines in the gym. Not a fear but I have anxiety about using them. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what machines to use for what bodypart. I kind of wanted to get in a arm workout today, but I didn’t know what machines to use. I also have a fear of going to the dumbbell section and looking stupid around all the hardcore fitness people. I feel like I need a routine to follow. I use to do weight training at home while watching different workout dvd’s. I had a weight bench, dumbbells, all that. I don’t have that stuff anymore but I do still have the dvd’s. I’m mad at myself for not bringing those weights from my condo when I moved. This fear of the machines is one of the reasons why I was going to do the BodyWorks class cause I need to have someone to follow while weight training. I need to wakeup in time to go to that class though. I really want to tackle those weight machines.

Now I’m home eating Greek Pasta Salad, watching The Kardashians and reading blogs. Yesterday a guy asked me on Yahoo Messenger how my diet was going. I’m not ON a diet. Diet’s conjure up images of RESTRICTION and WILLPOWER to me and I’m not into either of those concepts. I’m just trying to eat healthy meals and keeping an eye on my caloric intake. But I’m not restricting what I eat, if I want to have cake and ice cream I can, I just am conscious of how many calories is in it so I don’t go over my daily caloric intake goals. No dieting here.

I’ve been blogging in this livejournal for over 10 years. But reading these other weight loss blogs that are on word press. i’m realizing LJ is lacking in some things. One is that it should have a subscription service that people can sign up to on my blog so they can get a notice when I post a new entry. The other thing is that it should have links where people can SHARE and PROMOTE the entries on different social media sites. I’m not going to switch to a new blogging service cause I have history with livejournal, but it would be nice if they cought up with other blogging sites.


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