10k training Day 1

Today was my first day of 10k training with my group from http://www.facebook.com/runnersden . I went to bed at 8:45 pm and I was waking up every couple hours anxious about the training. I finally got out of bed around 4:30 am. Ate my protein oatmeal and got ready. I was 10 minutes early at the 6am meetup spot.

There were about 25-30 of us in this training group. I let them know that I was nervous and they were very supportive. Our running coach gave us alot of helpful hints before the run, such as don’t miss 2 days in a row of running because were trying to build up our endurance. I asked about incorporating the Couch to 5k into the program and they said that would be fine. So then we set out for the run. OMG it was sooo hard to run outside. Waaay harder than running on a treadmill. I got out of breath really quickly. I couldn’t even do 30 seconds. I thought I would be the only person running way behind but there was another girl behind me and she has asthma too so we bonded. We walked most of the time but I did push myself to run a teeny bit. My leg was burning. Nate from the Runners Den was very helpful and kept coming to check on me. On the way back, he really helped me run. He would say “let’s just run from here to that business sign” so he and I did that a couple times and that really helped to keep me from walking the whole thing.

There was another girl there who was supportive. She gave me a high five when I was through. She’s done a few Iron Girls. She showed us a few stretches after our run.

I was really winded afterwards and my hands were shaking and I was a little bit dizzy. I wonder if that was from the heat. I drank ALOT of water. I don’t know if I like my Camelback for runs though, it flops up and down on my back and its kind of awkward. Alot of people had these multiple water bottle waist belts (hydration belt). I might get one of those if it can hold my inhaler, chapstick and car key. My lips get really chapped when I run.

So we officially do our long training runs on Saturdays, but there is also a Wednesday running group at the Runners Den that I will run with. And since I’ve figured out that I can get up early to run outside, I am going to run Sundays at 6am with the http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/BlackGirlsRUNPhoenix/ in the West Valley. So that will be 3 days a week of running outside. that should really help me get some conditioning in. Plus I will still be doing the Couch to 5k and Bodyworks in the gym.

This is all apart of my journey to the FIGURE stage. I have alot of fat to get off of this body and RUNNING is a very efficient way to get it off. It’s going to be atleast TWO years before I see the FIGURE stage. I have to set up some motivation and accountability and goals along the way there to keep myself inspired and on track because that is a LONG ways away.

Also, I really wanted to learn to run outside so that I can eventually just get up everyday, throw on some shoes and go for a run. What if I can’t afford my gym membership one day? I want to still be able to get in good exercise to keep my weight off. Right now I’ve got a 2 year membership paid up front at LA Fitness so hopefully I don’t have to worry too much. But it does ease some of my fears to learn how to run outside. I have a big fear of failure and of gaining the weight back for stupid reasons like not being able to run outside.

Me and my boyfriend didn’t go out to the bar Friday night obviously because I had to go to bed Friday nights to get up to train. I can’t go out tonight either so I can get up tomorrow to train with Black Girls Run Phoenix West Valley. So no alcohol this week it looks like, which should help with this weeks weight loss goal.

8 thoughts on “10k training Day 1

  1. cici August 11, 2012 at 6:25 pm Reply

    Great job on your run this morning!! That transition from treadmill to outside can be difficult but I think you will see your overall endurance improving pretty quickly once you get into running outside. Congrats on joining the running groups, no alcohol this week, and staying with it. Have a great weekend!

    • Fat To Figure Girl August 11, 2012 at 6:43 pm Reply

      OMG thank you so much for replying CI Ci you have the best body. 🙂

  2. Liz August 11, 2012 at 7:10 pm Reply

    Way to go!!! Congrats on signing up for the 10k!

  3. ichoosetolivestronger August 11, 2012 at 9:36 pm Reply

    Great job today! You are very motivated..so keep riding that tide!

  4. 300poundsandrunning (@300lbsandrunnin) August 12, 2012 at 10:36 pm Reply

    Great Job Vicki! Running outside is definitely different than the treadmill…its harsher on your joints too. The one thing that help me use to running outside was to go to the local high school and run on the track…it’s firmer than the treadmill but softer than the road….no alcohol that’s whats up!!

  5. stinaswell August 14, 2012 at 10:41 am Reply

    Way to go & keep going strong! You may have not hit the stage yet but figure girls stick together! Best wishes!

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