Weight Gain Distress

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Today I decided to stick to a proper portion size (1/2 cup) on my oatmeal and it was just the right amount. When I run out of this cinnabon creamer I won’t be adding that to it anymore, too much sugar and calories. just didn’t want to waste food and money by throwing it out. Almost out of dates and pecans and wont be adding that anymore either. soon will just be the oatmeal, raisins, protein powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Anyway, I didn’t workout yesterday, my sleeping was really OFF.

I gained 2.5 lbs since Sunday, my weight is 262.5 .

I don’t know the full reasons why. I’ve been trying to inspect my behavior to get to the reasons.

I’m guessing maybe between a little alcohol consumption on Monday night, too large portions on Sunday (even though my total daily calories are not high, Sunday was 1800, monday was around 1600, tuesday was 1200, ), irregular sleep, maybe that’s the cause.

I guess I’m just confused cause everyone says lower calories in, plus exercising should result in weight loss. But I haven’t ate too high calories and I exercised 6 out of 7 days last week. I don’t want to go on a starvation mode strict diet, that can wreck havoc on your metabolism and actually cause your body to hold on to fat, but it’s tempting. I don’t want to OVER TRAIN by doing 2 hours of cardio, but it’s tempting. I’m feeling like I need to do smething drastic to cause that weight to drop.

I’m going to be making some changes for the better hopefully. Since I’m addicted to the internet and that tends to keep me up all night, I’m thinking of having my friend Angela take away my laptop for a couple weeks so I can get regular sleep. See if that changes anything. Also, even though it’s REALLY hard, I’m going to try not to drink alcohol for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference.

It’s just frustrating to think I’m doing what I think is right and I GAINED weight. I was doing really well the past 6 weeks with this same lifestyle and I didn’t gain anything and was losing weight so i just don’t know what’s the difference. If I knew for sure what caused the weight gain , I would feel better. Last time I gained weight, it made sense cause I was coming on my period. I’m not coming on my period this time, so I’m just confused.


4 thoughts on “Weight Gain Distress

  1. CiCi August 30, 2012 at 12:02 am Reply

    Hey lady, stopping through to keep you encouraged 🙂 …Don’t re-invent the wheel from a minor weight gain just yet. What you have been doing prior to this weekend has been producing great results the last few weeks. Give this a couple days and see what happens. The change in portions, specifically extra carbs and alcohol, can reak havoc on you. It does not neccisarily constitute 2 extra pounds of gained fat. It could be water …heck, it could be poop. LOL. The scale is a good rubric but its not the whole picture. Try not to get to tied down with day to day fluctuations. If it keeps trending up or you don’t see anymore loss after 3-4days of doing what you have been doing, then maybe its time to make some changes. But a temporary weight gain is pretty common after a “refeed”. Stay at it!!

  2. Sable Weisman (@SquatLikeALady) August 30, 2012 at 12:04 am Reply

    Maybe it’s the sugar? I saw you mentioned you’re adding a lot of sugar/extras to your oatmeal – I always weigh more for a few days after I eat more sugar than usual!

    • Fat to Figure GIrl August 30, 2012 at 3:57 am Reply

      I’ve been making my oatmeal the same way for 7 weeks and I lost weight. Why all of a sudden would it make me gain weight?

  3. RS August 30, 2012 at 12:48 pm Reply

    Weight fluctuations are a pain but are common. One of the biggest issues you may be dealing with is your sleep pattern. The inconsistent sleeping will wreck havoc on your body and cause problems not only with weight but functioning on a daily basis. Alcohol also causes sleep disruption. You have an excellent goal that you are striving towards and you can do it with the right adjustments. Best fitness!

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