Groupon Craziness

OMG Groupon is friggin ADDICTING!
I wish someone had warned me. I have heard about groupon for a year or two but I never used it cause for some reason I thought it was complicated.
Well I recently downloaded the app.
Holy moly! The deals. It’s not good to have these kinda deals at your finger tips when you are kinda broke.
A couple days ago I bought a frozen yogurt deal for $12. It’s good for 4 coupons of $6 each. so that’s 50% off.
I also bought a microdermabrasion deal for $79 and that’s good for FOUR treatment sessions. That is an awesome deal cause microdermabrasion is usually about $100 each session. I have awful acne that makes me self conscious.

Anyway so today I went and redeemed my first microdermabrasion appointment at Radiant Skin.  It’s off 75th Avenue near Arrowhead Mall. It was a little confusing to locate, it’s in a office complex that says “Beauty” on the outside. Inside there’s loads of small offices, each doing different beauty treatments like hair, nails, etc.. Radiant Skin is located in the back offices inside the Day Spa offices. I was confused cause it didn’t say Radiant skin, it said Day Spa, but once you go in those doors, you see there’s even more offices and then you see the Radiant Skin office. It was nice to be in a facialist’s care again, I think her name was Effie. She was very nice. It’s a very small office with a comfy facial bed spa table. I filled out a form explaining my skin care history. There was soothing music playing. She steamed my face then put some kind of lotion on it. She then used some sort of machine for microdermabrasion. It felt like a tiny suction machine. She used it over every inch of my face. I thought microdermabrasion was more of a scratchy scrubbing kinda machine so this felt different than what I was expecting. Afterwards she used a hot towel on my face then some other kind of lotion that smelled good. Afterwards, my skin looked refreshed. She said it should help with my acne and hyperpigmentation. It basically felt like a really good facial. She said I can do it every 3 weeks so we scheduled my next appointment. I enjoyed it.

Afterward I went to redeem my frozen yogurt groupon at Yumberi. It was a bright clean location. They had atleast 10 different flavors all either low fat or fat free and a huge selection of toppings including lots of fresh fruit. So I picked up a 16 oz cup and started filling it with pumpkin frozen yogurt. Then I spied the cake batter flavor and had to add that to my cup. Then I needed to try the strawberry yogurt so that went into my cup as well. I topped it with cherries, pineapples, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. The Groupon was worth $6 and my total was $6.39. Thank goodness I had some coins with me. I sat there inside and ate my fro yo. OH My Goodness the pumpkin flavor is TO DIE FOR. I want some more right now. I’ll be going back there again this weekend I’m sure since i have 3 more coupons.

Well while eating my fro yo I was checking out the groupon app on my phone. I was ready for lunch and there was a sushi place 1 mile away offering a Groupon. $10 for a $20 Groupon. To be honest that wasn’t in my budget, but I felt like I HAD TO HAVE IT. This is why I call this an addiction. So I got the groupon and drove to M Sushi Bar which was literally on the same street just a mile away. It was a trendy place in sort of a strip mall. I loved the pop music playing, my current favorite song by Taylor Swift “we will never ever get back together” came on and it was on MTV at the same time. Yipee! Put me in such a good mood. It only took like 3 minutes for the sushi chef to make my sushi at the sushi bar. I had 4 pieces of Nigiri; smoked salmon and I don’t remember the other kind and 2 handrolls; lobster and spicy tuna. The lobster handroll was AMAAZING. chunks of yummy lobster, soooo goood. I don’t eat the rice, I also didn’t eat all that seaweed. I drank ice tea and they gave me a full sliced orange with like some kinda marshmellow fluff on it for a complimentary dessert. I love healthy desserts. I was in and out in 30 minutes.

So while there, I bought ANOTHER groupon. It was $22 for TWO oil changes at Just Brakes. That is a STEAL! I was able to get an appointment for a hour later. They were nice. It took them about a hour and half for the oil change even though I had an appointment. The tech guy came out and told me to come look at my car so he could explain some things. I walked out to my car and it had no tires and the hood was lifted. I was like “Oh NO! my baby! it’s bare”. He proceeded to give me a long list of expensive things that needed to be done to my car and he was scaring me saying my battery is basically dead and I shouldn’t be driving on these brakes. The total was over $800 including new brakes, new battery, an alignment, coolant change, power steering change, windshield wipers and some other stuff. I panicked and called my boyfriend immediately. He said “I’ll take care of it, tell him you don’t want any of it.”. My boyfriend is a auto mechanic by hobby. He’s also worked as a engineer at some big auto companies in detroit. I asked them to make a copy of the list of things the car needs. My bf and I are going to go over it, he can probably fix some things like the brakes himself. Whatevers left over I’ll get taken care of.

It was a big Groupon day for me today. I’m still looking for a groupon for a pedicure and eye brow wax. I think I need to go to Groupon rehab or something.

If you’ve never used Groupon, feel free to use my referral link:

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One thought on “Groupon Craziness

  1. ichoosetolivestronger September 16, 2012 at 12:52 am Reply

    Sounds like I should not download the app. Ha ha! Facial sounds amazing! Good job saying NO to the mechanic…sometimes that is a real scam.

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