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Last night I was having serious buyers remorse about that LA Fitness personal training. I emailed a woman who is training for a Figure competition who also goes to LA Fitness and she said

Lesson 1: Never work w/ a trainer from a chain gym. Lol. Most of them are clueless idiots and LA Fitness trainers are the worst I’ve seen. I workout at an LA. Fitness and a lot of what I see is AWFUL.”

Then I also searched LA Fitness personal training on google and its filled with horror stories and complaints from people. Also I was unsettled about having had to work out on my own the first time yesterday. But primarily I have doubts that the trainers at LA Fitness know the proper way to train someone whose goal is to be a figure competitor.

The woman who is training for Figure also said

If you want to work w/ an in person trainer, look for people who are either former bodybuilders or athletes. Also look into people who are independent trainers or who own their own studio.”

So that made me remember Felicia Romero and Whitney Jones fitness studio called AZ Pro Physiques. The two of them are both IFBB fitness and figure Pros and sponsored athletes. I had looked at the website previously but thought it might be too expensive for me and too far away. But I went to check out their website again last night: and it currently quotes a price as low as $30 per session. That’s only $5 more than what I’m paying LA Fitness. I immediately sent them a email.

This morning I didn’t even wait for a response, instead I drove one hour up to AZ Pro Physiques in Gilbert, AZ and talked to Whitney Jones about their studio and training. I really loved what I heard and saw there. I’m confident that they have the knowledge and experience to help me get to the figure stage. Their studio is pretty far away for me, 37 miles each way, but she said there are people that come up from California to train with them. I feel like if they can do it, I can do it. I’m very determined.

I didn’t sign up immediately because I want to make sure I can cancel my LA Fitness personal training agreement first. I mailed a certified letter to LA Fitness and I went in person to deliver a letter but Coach Rick said he had appointments and couldn’t talk to me until 4pm. So I will be going back at 4pm to make sure its cancelled.

I’m anxious to get started with my training.

It was awesome to see a bunch of women in that studio with amazing physiques. So inspiring. I would be motivated every day I was there.

I’ll be going there twice a week for about a year. It actually works out that I’ll be paying $60 per month less than I was paying LA Fitness because I’m going only two days instead of three. I’ll do one upper body day and one lower body day with them. They will give me a cardio plan to do after my personal training session and they will give me a plan to do on the days that I’m not personal training with them. They also provide nutrition planning and supplement recommendations. It’s included along with personal training.

I’m really excited to have an official plan and not just be winging it on my own.

Check out this badass video of Whitney Jones:

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4 thoughts on “AZ Pro Physiques

  1. ichoosetolivestronger September 22, 2012 at 1:13 am Reply

    Sounds good. Hope you get a good trainer this time. My daughter had really bad luck with trainers at Urban fitness, which is a big chain here. BAD contracts too. I’m at a privately owned gym and my trainer is great. Good luck.

  2. Sue December 7, 2012 at 11:55 pm Reply

    Do you still love AZ PRO Physiques?

    • Fat to Figure GIrl December 8, 2012 at 1:17 am Reply

      I do love it there, even though it is so far away, the driving 45 minutes each way is taxing

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