Update and Progress Report

I am approaching the 40 pound weight loss marker, since starting this journey. (I’ve lost about 70 lbs since my highest weight of 310 pounds in 2010 and 2011). Today I weighed in at 237lb. so I guess that wasn’t much of a plateau. 3 pound loss this week. The 240 lb. plateau lasted like 8 days. I think maybe I’m just impatient and I really need to consistently see my weight drop every week. I admit that I am a slave to my scale and it does dictate my mood. I think when I get most of this fat off of me and get my body fat % and BMI in a normal range I will wean myself off of my scale addiction because it really is hazardous to your mental health. But for now, the scale it is. I’m still over 200 pounds and until that changes I will be paying attention to my scale.

I’ve been working on my sleep again. A normal regular Sleeping pattern is such a struggle for me. Last week I managed to get myself in bed by 10 pm on several days and thus I woke up before noon. I think I woke up at 8:30 am on one of those days and that felt great. Well last night was terrible. I went to bed at 4am because for one thing I have spooked myself to death by watching murder mysteries on CNN and HLN. Been watching that damn Jodi Arias trial which is being held nearby. I really wanted to go down and sit in the court room but now that I see how spooked I am, maybe it’s not a good idea. Anyway, I got scared to go to sleep so I stayed up all last night reading Roxie Beckles training journal on the http://siouxcountry.com/ forum that I am a member of. The main reason I want to get regular sleep is so I can wake up and make it to 9:45 am workout classes at my gym.

Training has been going well. I’m primarily focused on getting my running to a stable level. I’m still doing the couch to 5k, I have the c25kfree app on my phone. Today I managed to do two 10 minute intervals. It was super hard, running is still difficult for me but I am improving. A month ago I couldn;t do 5 minute intervals. I’ve determined not to make the mistake of stopping running again cause I don’t want to have to start all over again like I did before. I’m already further along than I was when I stopped before. Next time I’m supposed to run for 22 minutes without stopping and I’m nervous. I have several running goals. One is to be able to keep up with a couple of outdoor running groups that I am apart of. Outdoor running with a group is fun but I can never keep up with them because I always have to stop running cause my calves hurt and I’m out of breath, so they leave me. That’s no fun. I also want to run a whole 5 k race, then run a whole 10k race and eventually run a half marathon so I’m just trying to improve my cardiovascular endurance. I also think this is helping strengthen my lungs which is important cause of my asthma. I also made it to one Bodyworks class last week. That instructor is super annoying, she has us doing stuff like punching the air with a dumbbell in our hand. She really annoys me also cause she always stops exercising halfway through the set of EVERY exercise and I don’t know why but that just irks the hell out of me. If she can’t finish a full set, how does she expect us to do it. I also made it to a Zumba class, which is a difficult class for me cause I have no rhythm whatsoever, I have two left feet. But I like Zumba. As for weight training, besides Bodyworks, I do weigh training twice a week with my trainer. I feel like my weight training is severely lacking, especially considering my goal of being a figure competitor but I think my trainer is still trying to help build up my basic strength. We are still doing alot of bodyweight exercises although last week he did have me flip a tire. Also had me doing shoulder presses while walking on the treadmill. and kettle bell swings. oh and lat pulldowns. and hamstring curls. I guess we do actually get some weights in there.

My diet has been about 85% perfect the past 5 weeks. I have a cheat meal once (or twice) a week, but nothing horrible. It’s usually sushi, but like last night me and my friend went to Yelp’s Western Adventure. It was fun, there was games like I lasso’ed. lasso Anyway, they had all kinds of samples of free food and alcohol and I tried alot of it. There was a maple whisky that was really good. They only give you like a tiny sample. Oh they had the new Smirnoff Sorbet Lemon vodka. It supposedly has less calories than other vodka. They gave us a tiny sample and Oh man that stuff is really good so I went out today and bought a bottle of it. Don’t get me wrong I have REALLY cut my drinking waaay down. I drink alcohol like 3 times a MONTH now, compared to 3-5 times a week before.

I’ve also been doing alot of homework. So far I have two classes but this month another one starts so i will be super busy with school. My online class is difficult for me cause for 1 thing she gives us two chapters each week and for another thing she always makes us do these discussion posts which I find hard to do. You would think that since I write a blog, the discussion posts would be easy but not so. In my class we have to pretend that we are a trainer and we have to give different training advice. Sometimes we have to pretend we are the client and take both positions. This class follows the ACE Personal Trainer Manual. I might get the ACE certification even though I kind of wanted the NASM certification. ( I like NASM because they have a Fitness Nutrition Specialist credential as well as a Weight Loss Specialist credential, ACE only has the Weight Management Specialist certification. I really want that extra nutrition credential). But since my school follows the ACE program, it might just make sense for me to get ACE certified. I have a MidTerm exam Tuesday in my other class which is Exercise Science. School is keeping me really busy.

I look in the mirror and see my gigantic stomach and wonder what my body is going to look like without multiple layers of fat on it. I’m really curious. Things are going well, as long as I am losing weight I am happy with my progress and motivated.

One thought on “Update and Progress Report

  1. ichoosetolivestronger March 4, 2013 at 1:00 pm Reply

    You’re doing really good. It’s such a challenge but such great rewards. Our starting weights and dates are so close! My highest weight was 315 the beginning of 2010. I’m in a slump right now since moving and ready to get working hard again. Stay strong.

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