Friend Makin’ Mondays: Relationships and Dating

friend makin mondays

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Relationships and Dating

1.  List five characteristics that you think are important in a significant other.  Five things that I want in a significant other. I’ve learned a lot of what I want in a guy from my current boyfriend because he is all of the following:

Be very understanding and supportive, because I can be quirky and have complicated views on issues, so I need someone who can understand me and where I’m coming from and not think I’m weird and crazy.

Be dependable. I happen to be very needy and I need to be able to depend on you for everything from financial to sympathy. Being dependable should be something second nature to you and not be a task to you.

Be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on a vast array of subjects from math and engineering to pop culture. I love learning new things and I also hope I can share something new with you.

Be a giver, especially in the sex department. I’m more of a taker so my perfect complement is a giver. What makes me happy should make you happy. That makes me sound selfish but I’m not , I’m talking about our natural tendencies. I give as well but my nature is to accept what is given to me. I am naturally submissive but I am not submissive to just anyone, only someone I love.

Be happy. Because I have depression I prefer to be around happy uplifting people. Happiness is contagious.

2.  If you had to choose between staying single for the next two years (as in, no dating at all,) or receiving $10,000, which would you choose?  $10,000 is not enough money for me to be single for TWO years. Is there an amount of money I would choose over being single? Yes and it’s not a lot. $25,000 is the amount, because with that I could do some things to change my life such as go to Mexico and get gastric bypass surgery. I can’t do that with $10,000.

3.  What is your relationship status?  Are you satisfied with it?  I am in a relationship that has no future and I am not content. I am in love but I want to meet the man that I am going to marry. I’m not getting any younger and I wish I could get married and have 1 child.

4.  Would you date someone who has children?  Yes but I prefer that his children be older and independent and not need as much time from him. I don’t like when my man has to take a bunch of time away from me to go to school functions and sports games.

5.  Would you date someone who’s shorter than you?  I prefer to date someone taller because I find height attractive and I like to feel smaller than my guy, but if the right man for me happened to be shorter, than I would accept that.

6.  Would you date someone who has different political views?  Yes, I always like hearing different views and people’s opinions. I happen to be registered Independent but I live my life very liberally but my views can sometimes sway in either direction.

7.  If you were going on vacation together, would you choose the beach or the mountains?  I’m not really into the mountains so definitely the beach.

8.  How do you show someone that you’re interested in them?  I’ll try to engage him in conversation and keep in touch with him. With my current boyfriend I just came flat out and told him that I adored him and we had our first kiss that same night.

9.  Do you prefer to date people who are older than you or younger?  I prefer older men, my current boyfriend is 11 years older than me. He’s 51 and I would date older than that. I find maturity, wisdom and accomplishment to be very sexy.

10.  Share some details of your dream date. My dream date is mostly a feeling. When I feel silly and light and happy with someone out anywhere it’s great. I like karaoke bars. My favorite date with my current boyfriend was to the zoo. It was so romantic.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Say hello to someone new too!  Happy Monday, friends!

2 thoughts on “Friend Makin’ Mondays: Relationships and Dating

  1. Lea September 24, 2013 at 4:08 am Reply

    Hi! I found you on Kenlie’s blog via your link up for FMM. I LOVE your honesty. 🙂 I’m going to start following along your journey too. – Lea

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