March Update

I’ve been busy with my new job and resting on the weekends so I haven’t checked in.

Well my weight was up by 2 pounds Sunday when I did my regular weigh in. That’s ok considering how I’ve been eating.

I have not been exercising at all except for short walks here and there. The reason why is, I cannot wake up early enough to exercise before work, I would have to get up at like 5:30 am and that’s not going to happen, and after work I’m too exhausted. So that leaves Saturday and Sunday and eventually I will exercise on the weekend, I just haven’t gotten in the habit of it yet.

This week I just could not bear to eat a salad so I didn’t buy any from Trader Joe’s. I had no plans for lunch this week, which is always cause for a disaster.

Monday I went to Whole Foods at lunch time and spent $27 on three meals, that I ate this week for lunch. Whole Foods is expensive but they have great options for nutritious food. Here’s what I picked:

Monday I had a thick salty piece of corned beef with some yummy potatoes. It was good and kept me full till nearly 8pm.

Tuesday I had delicious semi-fresh sushi. (It was fresh when I bought it, but I didn’t eat it till the next day) Some rolls and some Nigiri. and my coworker made a chocolate cake so I had a slice of that.

Wednesday I had curry chicken salad.

A bad habit I picked up this week is snacking on vending machine food. No Good. Yesterday (Wednesday) I had Grandma’s brownie cookies and a small rice krispies treat.

I continue to track my calories and For the most part I have kept my calories under 2000 so I was not too concerned with my off plan eating habits.

That is until Today, Thursday! I started off the day bad and just continued down the rabbit hole through lunch. For breakfast instead of eating my usual oatmeal, I went to McDonalds and got the most scrumptious egg and cheese McGriddle with a Large caramel iced coffee. Then at my 15 minute break I ate a Big Texas cinnamon roll. Then for lunch I went to Arby’s and got a cornedbeef reuben and a Andes mint shake. That shake was an especially bad choice at nearly 800 calories by itself. So it’s only lunch time and I’ve already had 2300 calories. I will be hungry in 5 hours. I feel like today I purposely sabotaged my eating plan. I don’t know why. So now it’s nobody’s fault but my own if I’ve gained weight. The only things I regret eating is that Big Texas Cinnamon Roll and that milkshake. Together they totaled 1200 calories.

I’m not giving up, I just had a moment or a day of weakness. This is the problem with eating on a strict healthy plan, even if you do well on it, you get tired of it and make some unhealthy choices eventually.

It’s all psychological. That’s what is so difficult about a long term weight loss plan, the psychological mind games. Psychologically I wanted some unhealthy food cause I was tired of salads and oatmeal and since I don’t cook or prepare food my options are not the best. Anyway, I’ve decided to get on with it and go back to my salads and oatmeal and maybe when I feel like I’ve had enough I will take a mind break from it and eat something not so great. the one thing I do want to do though is stay under my calories no matter what food choices I make. If I decide to have a snickers for breakfast and a milkshake for lunch, that is fine as long as I stay under my total calories for the day. No more of the days like today where I eat destructively over my caloric goals.

Anyhoo, so that’s what’s going on.


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