Emergency Surgery

Wednesday, I had a lot of pain in my side of my stomach, then I vomited and it went away

Friday at like 2am, I had the same pain again except it was worse
it wouldn’t go away

so at 4am I drove myself to the hospital emergency room
they kept me waiting for 2-1/2 hours in immense pain. I thought I was literally dying, I was crying and begging for help but they wouldn’t help me
Finally they admitted me in the E.R. and I begged for pain killers so they gave me a shot of morphine
then they sent me for a ultrasound and that damn thing hurt so bad from her pressing on my side of my stomach
After that I told them the morphine wasn’t working and I needed more so they gave me a double shot of morphine and YES! that finally worked, I wasn’t feeling anything!
Then the doctor came in and he said I had gallstones and my gall bladder was infected and it needed to come out
I was like “what do you mean it needs to come out?”
He said “you need to have emergency surgery to remove your gall bladder”.
I was so scared y’all
I’ve never had surgery before.
So they checked me into the Observation Unit. I had my own room. It was pretty comfortable, had cable tv, I finally got something to eat at like 7pm, a nasty dry ass grilled chicken sandwich, with grape juice and a lemon italian ice

Little did I know that would be my last meal for half a day.
They told me I couldn’t eat anything after 12 midnight

The next day, I was so hungry, I got pissed off. I called my mom and told her I was mad cause I was hungry.

Oh yea everyone came to see me. Both my aunts, my uncle, mrdeee, Marlie.

I took a shower prior to surgery cause I just felt nasty.

Finally around 1:30 pm they came and took me down to prep for surgery. They used these chemical pads to wipe my entire body down. They told me what would happen during surgery and the anesthesiologist came ad explained what she would do.

Finally around 3:30 they took me into the surgery room, it was surreal. First I was talking to them, then literally seconds later I was completely out.
The next thing I remember is them waking me up from surgery. For some reason I kept asking if they gave me stitches. They said no, but I got a couple of stitches inside.

The surgeon cut 4 small incisions into my abdomen, then he used the laparoscopy robot to remove my gall bladder. All in all the surgery took about 2 hours.

Then they took me back to my room and I slept there over night, they gave me iv’s with fluids and antibiotics

The next day the surgeon came in and he said “honey, your liver is 3x’s the size that it should be and it’s plastered against your abdominal wall”.

That scared the crap out of me.

He said I need to lose wight to shrink my liver.
I can’t eat cake anymore, I can’t eat fried foods. I gotta eat low fat, low calorie foods.
I got out the hospital Sunday, My aunt picked me up and I stayed at her house for 2 days.
I liked staying at my aunts house, I got waited on hand and foot. They made me food and brought me hot tea because my throat hurt from them sticking a breathing tube down my throat during the surgery.
Anyway, I didn’t poop for 5 days. Finally today I came home and as soon as I came home, the first thing I did was poop. What a relief that was. I thought I was gonna be impacted but nope it came out.

I’m doing ok now, I’m not in any pain. It feels a little uncomfortable when I breathe in or yawn.

So that was my weekend.

One thought on “Emergency Surgery

  1. Tim March 26, 2016 at 1:18 am Reply

    Wow. I was just thinking of you last night. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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