Weight Loss Surgery is my Goal

Hey everyone,

sorry I haven’t been around, there has been no change in my health or weight so I didn’t have much to write or update.

However, I did make a big change towards my goal of getting weight loss surgery. I moved from Arizona to Texas to live with my mom so that I can save money for surgery. I have estimated that it will take me 1 year to save up $6500 which is the cost of the gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Armando Joya in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

My new family doctor here in Texas has advised against getting surgery in Mexico. But for one thing I can’t afford surgery here in the U.S. and for two I am comfortable with Dr. Joya

I’ve watched some videos from Dr. Joya’s patients who were thrilled with his work. He has great reviews , he also has a few doctors who are pretending to be him on the internet. I almost got sucked into one of those doctors, basically their website says Dr. Joya but when you email them they tell you it’s a different doctor who “works” with Dr. Joya. But that’s not true.

I prefer gastric bypass over the gastric sleeve because the bypass has a malabsorption component, the other option was the duodenal switch which I would be nervous about getting because it causes a high rate of malnutrition plus I think it’s more expensive as its a little more complicated of a surgery to perform.

So right now I weigh 311 pounds and I want to lose 150 – 180 pounds, which is more than the average gastric bypass patient loses. I think the average patient loses about 90 – 120 pounds.

I have been watching a lot of people’s weight loss surgery videos on youtube and I think I’ve figured out a few ways to lose more weight than the average patient. One thing I think most patients do is start eating solid foods too quickly, so I’m going to try to extend that initial post op diet of protein shakes for quite some time, like 5 months. We will see if it’s possible. I just figure you have a short period of time after the surgery where you are really not hungry and your stomach pouch is sensitive and small, so if I can maximize that time by losing the most weight possible, why not try.

The thing about me now, is I don’t like to eat. Everyday I anguish because I hate eating but I get so hungry. I crave some foods sometimes but not a lot. I only eat because the hunger pains hurt so much. If I was in a position where I did not have hunger pains, I would not eat at all. I don’t have head hunger. I only eat when I’m hungry and stomach pains are killing me. So that’s one reason I think I will be able to extend the initial post op diet.

The main thing I’m worried about is getting all my vitamins in. First of all they are expensive, they are like $100 a month or maybe more. I’ve found a website that offers bariatric vitamins in a patch. I just don’t know how much you absorb with the patches so that would make me nervous. I don’t want to get malnutrition so vitamins are very important, especially since I don’t plan to eat a variety of foods for awhile after surgery.

I’m also worried about the pre-op diet. They want you to lose a little bit of weight before surgery and they recommend a liquid diet. I get hungry so quickly and easily, I don’t know if I can do it. Anyway, I have a year before any of this stuff comes to fruition.

I’m just excited and I wish this year would pass quickly. I’m going to keep in touch with some of the WLS patients on youtube and obesityhelp.com and when it gets closer to the date of my surgery, I will start posting update videos.

Living with my mom has been great. I go out every wednesday and meet with girls for dinner and drinks. I do love to have a drink. Me and mom are attempting to exercise, mostly by walking.

Life is good and the future looks bright.

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