This has been a hellish two days. Starvation is no joke man.

So yesterday Mom and I drove to Houston to stay overnight in a hotel because my appointment at the hospital was for 7am and my mom didn’t want to wake up that early to drive there. We would have had to leave at 5am an wake up at around 4:30 am to drive to Houston. So we stayed there overnight but on the way to Houston the nurse called me and changed my call time to 9am. Which irritated me because we wouldn’t have got the hotel if we knew that.

Yesterday they said I could only have clear liquids and they gave me a list of items to choose from.
The only thing I had to eat yesterday was a bowl of chicken broth that had 10 calories in it, and 4 cups of jell-o which had 25 calories per cup. I drank diet iced tea that had 0 calories in it and apple juice. The apple juice had the most calories, it had 110 calories per 8 ounces. I had less than 500 calories the whole day and I was miserable.

Then TODAY, I was told not to eat or drink ANYTHING not even water. So I woke up at 8am and we got to the hospital at 8:45am today. Well they had us get there that early only to keep me and my mom waiting for 6 HOURS. I was so pissed. But I am shy and super passive so I didn’t say shit, but I was pissed. Mostly cause I was hungry but also I just think its disrespectful to give someone a 9am appointment time and then not see them till 3pm knowing they haven’t eaten or drank anything. Finally at 3pm they wheeled me into the Endoscopy procedure room. They gave me general anesthesia and I was out within seconds. They stuck a camera down my throat.The entire procedure lasted less than 20 minutes. They gave me pictures of the inside of my stomach, apparently it’s inflamed. I thought I may have had an ulcer but the inflammation explains the irregular pain I’ve felt in my tummy. It also explains the diarrhea I’ve had the last couple of days.

The whole time we were waiting me and my mom were looking up restaraunts to eat cause I was craving lobster mac n cheese. I was gonna reward myself for my starvation. We found some at a reasonable price online at the House of Blues. OK so after we left I was like let’s go straight to the Hard Rock Cafe. So we gps the directions to Hard Rock Cafe. Had a hell of a time finding parking. And walked to the Hard Rock. We were seated and looking at the menu but there was NO lobster mac n cheese. I was so confused but I was hungry so I just ordered a cheeseburger and parmesan fries with aioli sauce and  Iced Caramel drink. After our food was delivered I was thinking about it and I said “OMG we were supposed to go to The House of Blues NOT the Hard Rock Cafe.” I made a mistake. They both start with an H and they both are music related so I got confused. So mad I missed the lobster mac n cheese. To make up for it I ordered a hot fudge brownie sundae. It was HUGE. Me and mom shared it. But we didn’t even eat half of it. In total the calories for my meal came to 2400 calories. So I totally made up for 2 days of starvation. I hope I don’t gain a pound from this meal, I will be strict on my diet the rest of the week.

We are finally back home and I am not eating anything else today even though that meal was at like 4pm and I don’t go to sleep till 3am


One thought on “Endoscopy

  1. anname@gmail.com May 17, 2017 at 3:16 pm Reply

    You had a camera stuck down your throat, they diagnosed you an inflamed stomach, yet you went out to have cheeseburger, fries and ice-something?? A fat, sugar and salt bomb!
    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, you either have zero consideration for your body or you must have enjoyed the camera down the throat and want to do it again.

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