Vacation in New Orleans

I was doing so good on my diet, I had got down to 297 pounds. I knew I was going on a week long vacation in New Orleans (to see my sister graduate from college and my niece graduate from high school) and I made a plan with my therapist on what I should do to stay on track with my diet while on vacation. Part of the plan was to buy groceries and plan my meals. We stayed in a nice Air BnB in the Bywater area of New Orleans. It had a kitchen. Should be able to stick to the plan.

Well that didn’t happen.

Every day I ate bigger breakfasts than my normal of some type. The first day we went to St. Roche Market and I ate lox & avocado schmear sandwich, barq’s root beer and 1/4 of red velvet cupcake. The second day my sister came over and made: eggs, pancakes, grits, fruit salad and biscuits. I ate it all except the biscuits. The third day my mom brought me back a egg and avocado croissant sandwich . Everyday there was some high calorie breakfast.

My sister weighs 135 pounds and she ate more than me the whole time we were there. It’s not fair. But… she’s a vegetarian and she exercises. She runs and does yoga. I was inspired to burn calories so I walked long distances several days on vacation.

One day I walked over 5 miles. We moved Air BnB locations to this high rise condo near the French Quarter. It was so nice, all white and modern inside. 20170517_162626It was one block from Canal Street. So I got up at some point during the day and walked to canal street and then walked to st charles made a right and walked more then I tried to find my mom who was at a cafe so I walked over 2 miles to where she was on Poydras, then she and I walked to this other cafe that is past Lee Circle on St. Charles. It’s called Krewe Du Brew, it’s owned by this really hospitable black man. It’s great, it has $5 breakfast sandwiches all day, all kinds of coffee drinks and pastries, plus free wi-fi and we would sit there all day. We had wi-fi in our Air BnB but we didn’t want to sit in the house all day so we sat at that cafe by the window and watched pedestrians while my mom and my sister worked on their laptops. The MyFitnessPal app showed how many steps I walked that day, it was 12,000 steps and 5 miles. I thought I would have burned more calories but nope, just 400.

My sister wanted to stay near Lee Circle cause they were removing the monuments and she wanted to get pictures and video of it and the people around. It was crazy, people were holding up confederate flags and yelling that the next thing to come down would be the statue of Liberty. The history of those monuments and what they mean as far as intimidating black people is awful. I listened to the Mayor of New Orleans speech about why the monuments needed to come down and it was very moving and powerful.

Also we went out for dinners with the whole family on two of the days. Several of my sisters and step sisters live in New Orleans. So we had huge dinners at restaurants while there. Also we went to this restaurant called Cajun’s 3 days for dinner. I ate a shrimp PoBoy twice, cause that’s what New Orleans is know for. I also ate a catfish and grits platter. Also some Ooey Gooey cake. So delicious.

My calories averaged 2400 each day even though it didn’t feel like I was stuffing myself, the things I was eating were high calorie. I didn’t drink too much alcohol, not like I normally do in New Orleans. I had one drink both times we went out for the big family dinners. And I had one drink when I was walking down Bourbon street. Not too bad… for me.

Anyway I had a good time and I was carefree about what I ate and drank but the bad news is I gained back 7 pounds. I weigh 304.4. Gained that back in 9 days. It takes me 3 weeks to lose it. I’ve been sticking to my calories since being back.


One thought on “Vacation in New Orleans

  1. Mary Young May 24, 2017 at 6:56 am Reply

    I don’t know what the requirements of your program are, but in the six month period that I had to prove to my insurance company that I was “worthy” of weight loss surgery, I didn’t gain any weight. Since I’d put on at least 40 lbs in each of the previous two years, that was a big deal. I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted, but to stop when I was full. For the first time in my life (and i was 57 then) I learned to listen to my body and not just stuff myself. This was and continues to be a useful skill 2 1/2 years after my surgery. I’m not perfect; don’t try to be, but I’m keeping the weight off (post-surgery) without being miserable. BTW, for the most part, I only weighed myself during this period when I went to the doctor (which was a lot, but I learned to–somewhat–wean myself from the scale). This surgery does not fix everything in your life, but for me it removed the burden of being obsessed with my weight (a 30+ year obsession). You’re a lot younger than I was, it will make a big difference for you. Hang in there and be kind to yourself.

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