Life changes

Ok well I got a job. I work in the financial field. They trained me for several weeks, and now I know a lot about stocks and the stock market. My goal is to get my Masters in Accounting, so I think working in a financial field will be helpful in more ways than one.

I gave up dieting completely. I barely even log my calories anymore. At work I keep going to the vending machine for chocolate candy bars. I do bring protein bars to work as an alternative but they never look as good as the candy bars.

It looks like I haven’t mentioned this yet , but Dr. Nowzaradan said he wouldn’t be able to get my insurance to approve me for surgery. So I haven’t gone to him anymore.

I’m back to my original plan, which is to save money to get bariatric surgery in Mexico.

It’s going to be awhile though because first I need to get a car , so I can get back and forth to work (and school when I start). My schedule is so different from my moms. So we have my sister taking us to work and picking us up. My mom has to be to work at 8:30 am, I have to be to work at 10:30 am, there was no way for us to coordinate that unless I get up early take my mom to work, but then what happens when she gets off work and I’m still at work? so we needed my sister to help until I’ve saved enough to buy a car.

I currently don’t have medical insurance at all, I can get it through work after I’ve worked 90 days. Problem with that is I can’t afford my expensive medication right now and I depend on medication to get to sleep. Right now I have enough for another month, but after that I don’t know what to do. I have horrible insomnia without this medication. Like  not being able to sleep for days and feeling in pain. When I can’t sleep I can literally feel all my internal organs, it’s a weird and scary and painful feeling. I don’t know how I will be able to work if that happens. I can’t function when I haven’t slept. I hope I can wean myself off these meds, I’ve been trying but it’s not working. I have cut out 2 pills. But I still need 3. Nothing over the counter works.

Anyway, my life is good overall. I’m less stressed than I was last year at this time. Just ready to achieve my goals.




One thought on “Life changes

  1. Mary August 20, 2017 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Vicki, I’ve followed your blog for a few years even before I had bariatric surgery in January 2015. During the 6-month period I was required to “prove” to my insurance company I could be a successful patient, I didn’t gain a pound and I didn’t diet (I’d gained 40+ pounds each of the previous two years and fought obesity all my life). I didn’t diet; in fact I gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted when I wanted it WITHOUT GUILT. This changed my life. For the first time I could remember, I wasn’t always hungry. And I didn’t have to eat all the time. I didn’t have to clean the plate. I wasn’t constantly nibbling. Big change. This wouldn’t have been enough to lose weight without surgery or dieting, but it helped me gain the control I would need after surgery.

    When you have surgery, it isn’t hard to not eat for 12-18 months, but after that, your appetite returns. I still can’t eat much, but I’d gain weight if I ate all the time and/or ate too much of the wrong thing. They beat you to death with this, but surgery is a tool, not a magic wand.

    Have more faith in yourself and don’t always think the worse. You’ll be eligible for insurance at your new job in a few weeks and it will probably pay for your surgery. I’m not against surgery in Mexico (that was my backup plan, too) but it was hard enough; I’m glad I was able to have it at home.

    One last bit of unsolicited advice. Start a MODERATE exercise program now. Something easy you can and will do and stick to. I was always an “all or nothing” type. If I couldn’t “kill it” while exercising, I didn’t do it at all. Skip the boot camps, etc, and just do some light cardio and light muscle training. No, this won’t make you lose weight or get into great shape, but it will help you develop a habit. This is what you need and will help A LOT after you have surgery.

    Good luck!

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