Overeaters Anonymous

About 4 weeks ago I joined Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and got a sponsor. I am skeptical  about OA because a large portion of it depends upon having a higher power. I am Agnostic, I don’t believe in God, prayer, faith and depending on and doing those things are irritating to me. OA says you can make anything your higher power, someone suggested I make “Reality” my higher power. You are supposed to give your will over to a higher power. So I guess I am supposed to give my will over to “reality”? It just doesn’t make sense to me and I’m not making the connection.

I’ve been attending the OA meetings every week, they suggest you attend six meetings. I’ve done four, and I bought the book called “12 Steps and 12 traditions”.

I had a sponsor for about 2 weeks but she dropped me cause she said I wasn’t ready. There was some things she wanted me to do that I didn’t feel like doing. I guess I need to be more open to those things. She just wanted me to plan out my food the night before and send it to her every night. She also wanted to talk on the phone to me every day. I thought both of those things were overkill. It’s probably what I need though. I need someone for accountability.

I need to do something different. I can’t do the same thing I’ve always done. I have a problem. I eat way over my recommended daily calories every single day. sometimes over 1000 calories over.

Being vegetarian has been pretty much fine. I don’t miss meat. In fact meat grosses me out now. I went to dinner with my mom and her friends and her one friend ordered ribs and sausage and I was disgusted, I couldn’t even look at her while she was eating that cause I felt nauseous.

I have eaten some fish, but I’m trying to eliminate that. I don’t eat much dairy unless it’s a special occasion. Like my birthday was last Saturday and I ate cheesecake and ice-cream and key lime pie. All full of dairy. Tonight I drank a milkshake. But it was because my weekly Ladies Dinner group went to this restaurant that makes Spiked Shakes and we eat there like two times a year so I just wanted one. But I don’t stop at McDonalds or Jack in the Box for shakes anymore. I use almond or soy milk at Starbucks. I don’t buy ice-cream I’ve been eating that So Delicious dairy -free dessert and it actually tastes better than ice-cream. Me and my mom LOVE that stuff. The only dairy I eat regularly is cheese because it’s in a lot of the microwave vegetables and meals that I buy. Like all the Indian food I buy has some kind of cheese in it, the broccoli has cheese in it, the Healthy Choice Power Bowl I love the most is called “white bean and feta”. So I do eat cheese regularly but I’ve cut all other dairy out and I do notice a slight difference in my sinuses. I still take Benadryl but not as much.

I bought some liquid B-12 because a lot of vegans and vegetarians have trouble with their b-12 levels. I’ve only taken it once. I don’t even know if I need it yet. I’m looking for a liquid vitamin D and a liquid Iron. I won’t take pills/capsules/tablets, but liquid is so easy.

My energy has been pretty good but I am sleeping a little longer than I was before. Maybe two hours longer, and I’m really tired when I wake up for the day. I’ve been drinking coffee lately and that is not normal for me.

As I said I eat way over my calories; Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Banana, strawberry yogurt alternative (yeck was nasty!) – 210 calories

Lunch: chocolate croissant, venti iced caramel macchiato with almond milk – 600 calories

Dinner – Veggie burger with guacamole, skinny fries with ketchup, Spiked shake, Patron margarita – 1,919 calories

My total calories so far is 2,729 calories, that’s 686 calories OVER my recommended daily amount AND I am not done eating for the day. I have to eat with my medication so I will probably have some fruit later and maybe 100 calorie pack of almonds


2 thoughts on “Overeaters Anonymous

  1. Maloyo May 10, 2018 at 11:06 am Reply

    Disclaimer – I’m not a counselor; this is “dime store” psychology, LOL!

    FWIW, I don’t think that eating 1,000 calories a day over your recommended number to lose weight makes you a compulsive overeater. You will definitely not lose and maybe even gain at that, but this is hardly compulsive. If you were eating 15,000 calories a day it would be different.

    12-Step programs don’t work for everyone; the higher power thing is a barrier for some and they are designed for people who have “hit bottom” meaning you’d do ANYTHING to stop whatever behavior drove you there. I am aware of the existence of programs in the alcoholism & drug treatment world that follow the 12 & 12 model without the higher power stuff (I worked in the field in the 1990s) but I don’t know if there is a similar program in weight loss.

    Good luck.

  2. Fat to Figure GIrl May 10, 2018 at 4:36 pm Reply

    That’s very interesting, well thank you. Would love to find a program that works without the higher power stuff.

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