No-Buy for 6 months

This week I bought 4 pair of panties from Lane Bryant, two pair of shoes, some hair scrunchies and white jean shorts from Torrid.

Every time I see a store has deals I buy something compulsively and impulsively.

I’ve been shopping like this for almost a year. I’ve bought over 15 pair of shoes since I started my part time job.

I believe I have a shopping addiction, or compulsive buying addiction. Also shopping is a symptom of my bipolar disorder.

I cannot diagnose myself but I have been discussing this with my therapist for months

I have put myself into major credit card debt, causing me financial issues. It’s gotten so bad that last week I had to ask my sister to borrow $70 so I could go see a doctor because my pilonidal cyst has not stopped draining and I’m worried about it.

I want to do something about it starting July 1, 2019

I’m going on a No-Buy from July 1 , 2019 – January 1, 2020

What this means is I cannot buy: Shoes, Clothes, Bath & Bodyworks products (no lotion, body wash, fragrance, candles), makeup, skin care, hair accessories, jewelry. No housewares, storage containers, no new memberships or subscriptions.

What I can buy: groceries (as long as I stick to my $50/week budget), food when eating out once a week (as long as I stick to my $35/week budget), personal care items such as toothpaste, maxi pads, tissue, detergent, deodorant, RX’s, OTC vitamins and medicine, and services like my monthly pedicure, car maintenance. I can REPLACE items I use regularly such as eyebrow pencils and hair gel when I have truly run out of them. Also I can buy concert tickets to see BTS if I stick to my No-Buy.

Also as I mentioned in a previous post, I cut out my hair styling appointments, and my housekeeper and my manicures. I cut out extra spending on alcohol/liquor.

The purpose of this No-buy is to retrain my brain to stop shopping compulsively and impulsively. It is also so I can pay down my credit cards, reduce my debt and not go into further debt.

I don’t need anything, I have everything I want. It is not necessary for me to shop the way I do. I have an abundance of everything , for example I have 17 bottles of body wash from Bath N Bodyworks . That is more than I can use over the next 2 years.

Wish me luck on my No-Buy.

This is my budget I need to stick to and not add any additional debt to my credit cards.

$435 – rent/utilities
$70 – car insurance
$54 – phone
$30 – Miscellaneous : (personal care, OTC med, RX)
$361 – Food/Groceries/Dining Out  $40.25/week – Dining Out (meetup group, meeting, or brunch with mom), $50/week -Groceries
$80 – gas/fuel
$24 – therapist ($6 weekly)
$5 – Apple Music
$30 – pedicure
$110 – credit cards
TOTAL – $1199

Check out this Youtube channel to find out more about No-Buys, and Compulsie Buying Addictions:


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