No Buy and Budget update

So I went over my budget in August because:

  1. I paid $40 for a housekeeper to clean my bathroom, that was not in my budget. However, I am creating a sinking fund to save $13 a month to pay for the housekeeper next time
  2. I bought a bulk pack of Charmin toilet tissue at Sam’s Club, which cost $23, again that was over and beyond my toiletry budget.
  3. I spent $3 on that almond blossom hand soap. Yea I finally went ahead and got it because Bath & Bodyworks had a good sale on the hand soap.
  4. I spent $2.70 on a top from my job. It’s so cute and it was 50% off PLUS I had a $10 credit so I justified the purchase.

So in total I went $68.70 over my budget for August. That money comes from a credit card cause I don’t have the cash to cover it.

My goal is to budget in such a way that none of my purchases go on a credit card. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to do that.

One way is to create sinking funds for things I pay for sporadically like the house keeper , another way is to create a line item in my budget for fun purchases like that top and hand soap. Which I have done both of those for my projected September budget.

The only problem I see in September is that I plan to buy a black button up sweater from work because I left my black sweater in Detroit when I went to my grandmothers funeral. The sweater cost $48.90 but next week we get 60% off any purchases at work so I’m going to use that discount to get my black sweater which will make it $21.23. As of now I don’t have that budgeted in full although part of it can come from my Fun Money budget. I’m hoping I can work some extra hours to get that budgeted.

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