Spending too much money

Friday, I broke my no-buy and bought some jeans, a shirt and a cardigan that were on clearance at work. Clearance was 50% off. I spent $60.

Saturday my car went out on me again. In the past 2 months I’ve spent over $500 on it. I managed to get it to Firestone on Sunday and they replaced my alternator. That cost $400. So my sister loaned me $400 to cover that cause I was freaking out. But I’ve spent over $900 on my car in 2 months. This is very frustrating.

Then what I thought would happen, happened. I broke my No Buy and went on a shopping spree. I only bought clothes cause my clothes are getting too big for me, but on Sunday we had a 60% off shopping party, so I bought about $75 worth of stuff. I bought a pair of jeans, a bra, 5 pair of panties and some perfume.

Monday I went to take the GRE. it was extremely stressful and I thought I did horrible. I thought I got a 192 cause I counted wrong. I got a 138 on Quantitative (math), and 154 on Verbal (english), I haven’t received my Writing scores yet. But as you see that totals 292, so I did much better than I thought I did. The average for Texas A&M grad program is 302. When my writing scores get added, I will probably only be 6 points off from the average which is really good.

I caught a Uber home from the GRE, then I took a Uber up to Firestone to pick up my car which seems to be running fine so far.

Tuesday I decided to start applying to the grad schools I want to go to. The application fees and transcripts totaled over $300. My sister and my mom were unable to help me with that cost so I put it on a new credit card cause I’ve maxed out the other 2. Then I totally screwed up one of my applications that cost $125. I applied to the wrong Accounting program. So I wrote the admissions office and asked if they could fix my application, they said no, I will need to apply again to the correct program because the applications are different, they can’t just change it. Right now I’m trying to see if they can give me a waiver so I don’t have to pay another $125. I don’t have this money y’all.

I’ve been in a bad mood for about 2-3 days and it scared me cause I was wondering if maybe I was getting depressed over breaking up with my boyfriend. I got so scared, I haven’t been in a terrible mood for awhile. I’ve been pretty happy the past year. Depression is very scary, especially the kind I get, where i can’t get out of bed, I don’t shower for weeks, I want to kill myself. So it really is scary for me to have a normal emotion like sadness. Anyway, I slept for 12 hours last night and I woke up today in the best mood ever. So cheerful.

Today, I went to dinner with the girls to a peruvian restaurant . I had a black bean burger that was out of this world delicious. This reminds me, I need to write a review on yelp for that restaurant. It was outstanding.

So Feeling a lil bad for myself having to spend all this money on my car and school, I shopped online at Shein today and bought more clothes. My total was $54 including taxes and shipping. I bought 3 dresses and a shorts set. So including the clothes I bought on Friday and Sunday I spent $189 on clothes in the past 7 days. All on credit cards, which sucks.

I’m making a commitment to go back to my No-Buy starting now.

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