New Wardrobe

My coworker said my clothes are too big on me. It’s time for a new wardrobe for real. Even my feet have gotten a half size smaller. I was a size 11, now I’m a 10.5.

My pajamas are too big, my coat is too big. All my sweaters I wore last winter are too big.

My bras are big on me too. I had on a size 48DDD bra the other day. I measured myself today and I am a 42G. Bras are so expensive. I do have quite a few size 44DDD bras though so I’m going to wear those until I can’t anymore.

I can’t fit any of my workout leggings, so even if I wanted to start working out, I’d have nothing to wear.

I bought 2 dresses today, total $43 cause we had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Clearance at work.

I came home and ordered 2 sweaters, 1 from Lane Bryant and 1 from Torrid. They were pretty cheap, the lane Bryant one was only $10

I need a new coat but I think I will wait till November to buy it, so I can see what size I will be. I don’t want to waste money.

Tonight I went thru all my clothes and pulled out everything that was a size 4X, and anything that was a size 22 – 28. I can’t fit any of that stuff. The size 22 pants are baggy on me which is so frustrating. The only thing I have an abundance of is tops. A lot of them are size 3X but I’m going to wear those till next year. Yea they are a little big cause I’m a size 2X now, but they don’t look too bad, I don’t think anyway.

I’m going to try to sell all that stuff to Plato’s Closet or on Facebook Marketplace. Put whatever money I get towards my new wardrobe.


Edit Update: I decided to get rid of the size 3X tops too, they are too big. I need to wear clothes that fit me.

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