My relationship with makeup

Last night I bought a lipstick from Bite Beauty for $17 including shipping. I was influenced by a YouTuber who was showing her favorite bright lipsticks. That Bite Beauty one looked so pretty so I bought it on impulse.

I regret that today.

I’m going back on my No-Buy starting today. Completely buying NOTHING beauty related including lotions and potions and clothing for the last 2 months of the year. I’ve been watching NO BUY content all day. I found some new NO BUY Youtube channels to follow such as: Whitney Hendrick ( ).

My relationship with makeup is interesting. I follow beauty related social media content and know what the new products are, but I don’t buy much of it in excess.

I know that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are coming out with a collab and that Tati is coming out with a palette on Friday. I had committed myself to buying both their products. But I’ve changed my mind. I’m not buying either. At the most I give myself permission to buy one lipstick from the SD/JS collab because the color “Jeffree What the fuck?” is so friggin brilliant. But knowing me if the shipping is too expensive I won’t even buy that. I hate paying for shipping.

I don’t wear false lashes and contour or even foundation or bb cream, but I do own 2 foundations and 2 powders. I have 2 highlighters, 1 blush palette, 3 eyeshadow palettes, and around 20 lipsticks. I love to wear lipstick. It’s the only beauty item I purchase in excess. I do purchase my Anastasia Brow Definer over and over and recently purchased a back up of it from the ULTA 21 days of beauty sale.

When I go to my part time job that is the only time I wear eye shadow and do my eyebrows. But I wear lipstick almost every day. Anytime I leave the house I usually put on lipstick.

The only high end products I own is my Jackie Aina eyeshadow palette (which my mom bought for me) and lipstick by Kylie, Jeffree, Beauty Bakerie, Lip Bar. I also have the Tarte Shape Tape concealer which I rarely use cause I rarely wear a face full of makeup. Maybe 3 times a year I wear a full face of makeup.

I’m pretty sure most of my makeup is expired.

I have a Sacha Buttercup face powder that I have never opened and I’ve had it over a year or two.

I’ve had my MAC face powder and foundation over 3 years and I use that whenever I wear a full face of makeup on the rare occasions I do so. I know it’s expired but I use it so rarely that it still works. It hasn’t been exposed to air much. I dunno, I should probably throw it away. But I need it in emergencies.

I recently purchased more makeup brushes. 1 for contour (I rarely contour cause I’m not really sure how to do it without looking like I have a beard), one for face products (I rarely wear face products), and 4 eyeshadow brushes (I wear eyeshadow once or twice a week when I work). I hate washing my brushes all the time or when I do wash it all the makeup doesn’t get out of it, so I just bought new brushes. They were really cheap though, like $4 each including tax and shipping.

One thought on “My relationship with makeup

  1. Brothers Campfire December 15, 2019 at 4:33 am Reply

    God made you beautiful. Fences need paint!

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