Pizza Problem

More like a Dominos problem

I’ve been eating ALOT of pizza and/or cheesy bread from Dominos

They gave me a extra 60 points and I already had 60 points.

That qualified me for 2 free pizzas.

I ordered the first free one and added cheesy bread to the order on Jan 27. I ordered my second one just now, this time without the cheesy bread.

This is where the majority of my overeating has come from this month (except for those nuts yesterday). I’ve just been craving this stuff, I don’t know if it’s cause I’m not eating cake and cupcakes and I crave the carbs or if it’s the cheese. My intuition is telling me its the cheese. My relationship with cheese is almost all consuming.

I need to not eat pizza in February.

This is going to make my weight loss this month super low although I should have lost the 4 pounds that were my goal.

It’s hard stopping so many things you love as far as food is concerned.

I don’t have a budget for pizza/cheesy bread/bread twists. Buying that stuff in January actually made me go over my restaurant budget by $25 this month. I can’t make that a habit like I did this month.

It’s just hard trying to be good at so many things at once.

  1. Staying on budget
  2. eating within my goal of calories each day
  3. losing 1 pound each week
  4. walking for health and weight loss
  5. sticking to my No-Buy (which I broke a little today, I spent $5 on a pair of panties cause Lane Bryant offered me 1/2 off any regular price item for picking up my bras in store. The panties were the cheapest thing in the store. I also spent $5 on some hair moisturizer cause I’m running out of mine)
  6. studying, reading my text book, doing my homework
  7. not eating sugar
  8. not drinking alcohol

It’s just not easy, I feel like something has to give sometimes.

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