No -Buy Month 2

Yea so I totally broke my No-Buy today.

I went to the mall to go for a walk while waiting for my second class of the day. There is a 6 hour break in between my classes and its too far to just drive home.

First I went to Sephora and I tried on everything in the store and I was really looking for a good vitamin c serum, but they all cost over $65

However near the checkout there was this little bin of miniature kits of different skin care sets. They had a Sunday Riley one that included a miniature vitamin c serum and SUNDAY RILEY Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil. I’ve been wanting to try out Sunday Riley so bad (that and Drunk Elephant) and I couldn’t pass up the chance to get this for $30. The regular size Sunday Riley Vitamin C costs $85 and the regular size Luna oil costs $105 so trust me this was a good deal. The salesperson at Sephora said the miniatures should last 2 weeks and that Sunday Riley is highly effective so I should see a big difference within a week. My only issue is if I fall in love with it, how can I afford it? I’ve heard great things about the Luna sleeping oil. Anyway skin care is on my No-Buy list of things I can’t spend on. So yes that was a clear violation.

OK so after that I walked past this hair salon called Visible Changes and it reminded me that I wanted a hair cut. Then I remembered I also wanted my hair colored cause the last time I did it myself I got pink hair dye all over the bathroom. I can’t do that again. So I had a consultation with the master colorist and she said it would take about 2 hours and cost about $150. It was more than I wanted to spend but I decided to go for it anyway. Plus I wanted a hair cut so that was scheduled with one of the people who cut hair for after my color was done.


So she bleached my hair first and this is what it looked like:

I have never seen my hair so yellow. LOL.

She said I had a lot of patches where I had missed coloring in my previous at h


ome dye job.

So this is how my hair looked with the pink color in before it was rinsed ou

t. I think this is the brightest color pink I’ve ever seen.

So I wanted to get a conditioning treatment because all that bleach can’t be good for my hair. She suggested a keratin treatment so that’s what I got. It was $30 extra. Now I don’t know about that treatment, I don’t know if it was really worth the $30. I don’t feel a difference in my hair moisturization.


So after all that which did indeed take about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I went to the hair cut chair. I just wanted a basic trim cause my hair hasn’t been trimmed in 3 years. So this is what it looked like all trimmed: Sorry I look so mean I was actually extremely happy in this pic. LOL

IMG_2262So after that the hair cutter put my hair in a ponytail like I requested and I loved the look so much. I also bought the shampoo they recommended, apparently it prevents the hair color from fading too quickly and keeps my hair hydrated. I will return in maybe 4 months. I can’t afford to get it done every 2 months, but maybe every 4-6 months I can.


By the way my total came to $279:

Hair color -$150

Keratin treatment – $30

hair cut – $35

hydrating shampoo – $22


This is the most I’ve ever spent on my hair but I am so happy with the finished look that I think it was worth it (except the keratin, lol). Next time it should only be $180 cause I’ll only do the color and the tip. I would love to find someone who charges about half that amount so I can get it done more often. I might look around, see what I can find.

IMG_2263My hair matches my curtains and bedding. Hot pink is my favorite color, obviously. Anyway getting my hair done was not a violation of my No-Buy because I am allowed to pay for personal care and grooming. Maybe I didn’t have to spend quite this much, but I wanted to see what it would look like done right.

So then I went to class, and then I drove home and just a few minutes ago I purchased a student membership to the National Association for Black Accountants. I need to start networking and they have job opportunities and educational resources. That was $35

I’m kinda tired now. Think I’ll go to bed

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