Save Yourself

I got really messed up on CBD candy last night

It lasted way too long

it reminds me of Xanax which I haven’t had since like 2010 or even earlier

my doctors won’t prescribe me Xanax and they won’t give me anything that helps my anxiety so it has been such a good discovery finding these delta 9 cbd gummies

people keep telling me to try something stronger like weed but I dont want to do anything illegal and also I don’t need anything stronger, these cbd are too strong as it is

I could not sleep last night, I was up till 5 am

then I slept all day till 3pm

anyway the one message that ket coming thru while I was high is that I have to save myself

I have to get rid of anything that leads me towards self destruction and focus on saving myself

I need to exercise

i need therapy

I have to remove my family from my life cause they are toxic for me, they lead me towards self destruction, I need to save myself

I need time to make myself better and focus on healing


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