Job Search

I was going to start my business this month, but i realized I need a lot more experience. There was several aspects of registering the e-file provider information for my business on the IRS website that was confusing for me even after I watched some Youtube videos telling me what I needed to do

I will feel more comfortable after I get some experience doing taxes and more accounting experience.

My temp agency is presenting me to some companies right now. No bites yet though, but it looks promising. There is one I am really hoping to get because it pays $24 a hour, which would be the most I’ve really very made for a full time job.

I have also applied to several accounting jobs on and I got some responses, but all three companies were based out of town and they weren’t remote positions. I’m not willing to commute unless its for a very high paying job.

My goal is to work for a year here, save some money, finish out my lease, then move to Atlanta in the fall of next year.

I looked up accounting jobs in Atlanta and there are so many. I mean hundreds. It’s very hopeful. I’ve been looking at apartments in atlanta online and I haven’t seen any as nice as mine but they were more expensive than my current one. I want a big bathroom and a free standing island and a open concept with big tall huge windows. I haven’t seen any like that in ANY price range where I was looking in Atlanta. I’ve been looking in the mid-Town and Atlantic Station areas. My current apartment is a 2 bedroom – 2 bath in a luxury building in a upscale area and it cost $2,000 a month, It looks like in Atlanta to get something similar I will have to pay $2000 for a 1 bedroom. If that’s the case, I need a job that starts at $60,000 a year in Atlanta


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