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No Buy update

I’m on a NO-Buy but I’ve spent so much money this month

I am waaaay over my budget for the month.

I bought new tires for my car because my car kept spinning out on me and it was recommended that I get new tires to solve that. I have a long commute to class and I don’t want to be on the road and something dangerous happens with my car.- $400

I bought all my school books and school supplies – $600

I got 3 new piercings – $100

I bought some CBD gummies to help with my sleep. – $55

OK today I kinda broke my No-Buy rules, I wear a black bra every day. Pretty much the same one every day. Well the other day the wire broke free and started poking me in the rib so I had to throw it out. Today I bought 2 new bras from Lane Bryant online. They gave me a $10 off coupon and also they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 for 75% off sale. So the 2 bras came to almost $60. 1 bra was $52.  Bras that sufficiently support people with my size breasts are very expensive. The thing is I have 2 other black bras, but they are too small for me. They make me have like 4 lumps on my chest when there should only be 2. So I can’t wear those till I lose some more weight. I’m ok with this purchase, I do feel it was necessary.

I spent $1215 over my budget the month.



I’m fighting an uphill battle with this weight loss journey. My body wants to be fat (research shows this to be true)  and it is fighting me on my weight loss. However I still lost 2 pounds this week and my goal is to only lose 1 pound a week.

I just wonder how long I will keep losing weight if my body doesn’t want to. I’m not lowering my calories any more. I will walk more.

I walked over 8,000 steps today.


Everything you know about obesity is wrong

YouTube update for January

I’m a vegetarian who eats cheese

The vegans in my Vegetarian group are shaming me for eating cheese. They say baby calf are killed to make animal rennet for the cheese. Most of the cheese I eat is from vegetable rennet from Amy’s Meals. But I occasionally eat pizza from Dominoes and I eat blue cheese and feta cheese on my salad. I found this link that says most cheese isn’t made from animal rennet anymore and posted that in the vegetarian group.

Here’s the link

School Update

Everything got worked out at school with a lot of pestering from me. I kept having to go back to different offices to make sure they put my paper work thru. Well everything finally got put thru around 4pm. Then I went home at 4:45. I got home and checked my account (which I’ve been checking all day on campus) and my financial aid went thru , all my classes are paid for.

I am so relieved.

I am exhilarated.

Oh yea and my final count of steps, was 15,372

I was walking ALL over the daggone campus.

My feet hurt, but I am happy.

Diet Hiccup

I broke my diet and ate a slice of cake at school today. I blame it on stress and temptation. It looked so good I couldn’t pass it up in the cafeteria at school. My first time eating any dessert in over 2 weeks. I’m trying to get sugar out of my system. I will regret this. I also ate 2 slices of pizza, a grilled cheese sandwich and a rice krispie treat. Topped it off with Lemonade and cranberry juice. My school has a buffet style cafeteria where you pay 1 fee and eat anything. So that’s why and how I ate all that food. 1,610 calories.

What sucks is I weighed myself this morning and I had lost 4 pounds since Sunday. I weighed 261 pounds this morning. I hope I didn’t pack all the pounds back on. I walked 9,000 steps today so far. I gotta walk about 5,000 more to cover what I ate at lunch at school.

The stress comes from my school administration. Financial Aid told me yesterday that I was not eligible for financial aid cause I am not a full time Grad student. I am currently taking 1 Grad class and 2 undergraduate classes. The undergraduate classes don’t count towards my status. But I need the undergraduate classes before I can enroll in Graduate Accounting classes. Basically I need to enroll in another Grad class to be full time. The problem is that Registration is closed for the semester. They should have told me all this weeks ago when I asked them if there was anything else I needed to do.

Y’all I had a really bad panic attack yesterday after talking to financial aid. I went to see my therapist and I had to leave early cause I was too panicked to talk. I had so much anxiety that I asked my neighbor for something to help calm me down. She gave me something that put me to sleep.

My mom called her friend at my school, and her friend guided me through what to do today. I had to come on campus, which by the way is a hour away from my home. Basically I had to fill out a Add/Drop form, have it signed by my Advisor and Department head and turn it into the provost office. I did all of that which took forever, I kept having to walk to different offices all over this campus, which is why I walked 9,000 steps already today.

Anyway I turned it in, but I don’t want to leave campus until they manually add the class and I talk to financial aid. But they are taking forever to add the class. Ugh!! This school is so jenky, I do not recommend it to anyone. I’m tempted to transfer to another school after I take all my pre-req’s. Another school said they will accept me after I get some more accounting classes under my belt. There’s like 4 classes they want me to take.

Anyway, I am just sitting in the computer lab wasting time.


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