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Day 21: Diet Part 2

Today I woke up early and went to the doctor to get my stitches out. So the hole in my ass did not close up or heal, so the doctor took the stitches out anyway and packed the hole with gauze that needs to be changed everyday. So I’m going to have to go to the nurses office at my school to get this dressing changed everyday. The doctor said it’s going to heal slowly. I’ve been dealing with this pilonidal cyst for 2 months now.

I went to school today and much to my surprise I actually knew how to do my statistics problems. Crazy!

I woke up today and had lost 2 pounds since yesterday. I’ve been very strict for a couple days now. I need to lose 2 pounds by Sunday.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Amy’s Broccoli Cheddar Bake (420 cal)

Dinner: Indian Mattar Paneer (370 cal), Amy’s thai pad thai (400 cal)

Total calories today: 1,570


Day 20: Diet Part 2

Today I went to work for 3 hours, this was the only day I worked this week, my paycheck is going to be so small. I did talk to my boss about giving me  few more hours so she she scheduled me for 10 hours next week.

I don’t feel like doing my Statistics homework.

What I ate today:

Brekfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Chinese noodles & Veggies in a cashew sauce (480 cal)

Dinner: veggie chill with cornbread (340 cal), Linguini with Ricotta & Spinach Meatless Meatballs (260 cal)

Snack: fruit cups (50 cal)

Total: 1530

Day 19: Diet Part 2

Today I spent several hours going through all my clothes to get rid of some stuff. I got rid of anything that was too big, so all my size 26/28 clothing. I took 6 big trash bags of clothes to Plato Closet and only got $60  They only took a few of my items. I gave the rest to Goodwill.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: white bean and feta salad (470 cal)

Dinner: veggie chill with cornbread (320 cal)

Snack: shrimp étouffée (460 cal)

Total: 1630 cal


Day 18: Diet Part 2

My incision from the surgery is draining….ALOT. So I went to the nurse at my school today to have it looked at and to change the dressing. She said it doesn’t look the same as it did on Monday and she immediately put me on antibiotics. I hope it’s not infected. I emailed my doctor but he hasn’t responded. I go see him on Monday supposedly to have these stitches removed but I don’t think it will be ready to be removed.

I took that camera back to Best Buy cause the pictures looked crappy. I looked at cameras at Best Buy, WalMart and Target and couldn’t find anything decent in my price range which was about $200. I need a professional camera, So I went online to Amazon and I bought a used Canon Rebel xTi for $160 . I hope it gives me the quality of pics that I am looking for. I didn’t want to order online cause if it’s not what I need I want to be able to easily return it, but with my budget I couldn’t find anything in the stores.

Tonight I went to a MBA Mingle for Texas A&M. My mom thought it would be good for me to go and I’m really glad I did. I thought it was going to be awkward but lots of people came up to me to talk so that was great. Their MBA program is very competitive and they said they have a 90% hire rate, meaning 90% of their graduates get hired immediately. They also told me that the MBA graduates make double what the Accounting graduates make starting out. The MBA graduates start out on average at $105,000 . That’s crazy. So anyway, I think I’m going to apply to both programs; accounting and mba  I don’t think I have a good chance of getting in, but I gotta try.

Today I didn’t have time to eat breakfast cause I had to rush to the nurses office, so I just had lunch at WAlMart when I was picking up my prescription

What I ate today:

Lunch: tuna Subway (960 cal)

Dinner: shrimp alfredo (480 cal)

Total: 1,440 cal

Day 17: Diet Part 2

Today I went to therapy, then I went to school early so I could work on my statistics homework. Then I went to my Econ class. Then my statistics class and today was a little better in Statistics, I actually understood what was going on, so that was great

after school I went to meet up with my girls at Fritella Italian Eatery. I arrived later than the other girls so I ordered a lasagna. But when I sat down, my friend to the left of me had focaccia bred that looked so delicious so I decided to get up and order that too. It was only $3 and their credit card machine won’t accept anything less than $5 so I had to order something else, so I ordered a caramel sweet bread type thing for $4. Anyway I ate the focaccia and sweet bread at the restaurant and brought the lasagna home for dinner.

What I ate today:


Starbucks – Venti Soy Iced Caramel Macchiato, 24 oz 350 (cal) 53 (carb) 9 (fat) 13 (protein) 200 (sodium) 49 (sugar)
Quaker – Raisin, Date & Walnut, 1 Packet 140 27 3 3 190 11
Quaker – Protein Oatmeal Cranberry Almond, 1 packet 240 41 5 10 190 13


KYF – Homemade Rosemary Foccacia, 103 g 354 41 19 6 512 1
Pannetone – Italian sweet bread, 1 slice 302 45 102 6 151 27


Sodexo Campus – Vegetable Lasagna, 1 serving 330 34 14 16 800 3


Totals 1,716 241 152 54 2,043 104
Your Daily Goal 1,810 226 61 91 2,300 68
Remaining 94 -15 -91 37 257 -36

Day 16: Diet Part 2

Did you know that Payless Shoe Source is going out of sale? I was shocked. I went on the website to buy myself some black heels and there is basically a sign that says Going Out Of Business. I can’t believe it. Payless is where I buy the majority of my shoes cause they are one of the few places that sold size ll Wide Width fashionable shoes. I woke up today and rushed to the Payless at the mall, but they didn’t have much in my size. So I went all the way across town to another Payless and I found my black heels and got a brown pair of heels as well. They were a lil more expensive than I like to spend cause I usually spend like $15 for my shoes, the brown ones were $20 and the black ones were $25. These are the shoes I bought: 4774281826313123516_IMG_0019

Then I went to Cafe Eccell and got a strawberry tart for $5 Tuesdays. That was my breakfast.

Then I went and got a pedicure so that my feet look right in the pics I plan to take this Sunday.

When I came home I tried on my stuff from and was shocked that it all fit, so I placed another order for some stuff. I’m going to do a Plus size BooHoo fashion haul on my Youtube channel when that stuff comes in.

I kept my meals light today cause I ate that whole medium pizza last night. What I ate today:

Breakfast: strawberry tart (317 cal)

Lunch: Amy’s Mexican Casserole (380 cal)

Dinner: Lean Cuisine Tortilla crusted fish and rice (310 cal)

Total calories today: 1,007

Day 15: Diet Part 2

Today I went to school, my statistics class flabbergasted me because I didn’t understand one word of what she said. She was speaking a different language. I don’t get statistics. Right now I have a B in the class though. I hope I can keep it.

I did horrible on my diet today, I started half the day fine, but tonight I fell for this promotion from dominos for 50% off my pizza. I got a medium veggie pizza for $6, it was too good of a deal to pass up.

I went and bought a new camera tonight as well because I took a picture using the self timer on my old camera and I hated how it looks. It wasn’t high quality enough. My old camera was 8 MP, I bought it 10 years ago. Technology has vastly improved since then.  So I went and bought a 20 MP Canon camera. It was $175 including tax. I hope my pictures come out better, I have 2 weeks to take the camera back if I’m not satisfied with the pics. I can also use the camera for vlogs. I’m trying to improve the quality of my social media feeds. I’m focusing on Instagram first, then I will focus on YouTube. I realized that I can google “How to edit using iMovie ” to edit my vlogs. I plan to do fashion and beauty with some weight loss topics in my vlogs. I shop a lot so I can do a lot of fashion hauls. My friends use a expensive SLR for their blog and instagram pics but I can’t afford a $500 camera. I hope this camera helps improve the quality of my pics.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Amy’s cheesy Mac (420 cal)

Dinner: Medium dominoes veggie pizza (1520)

Snack: Chocolate Lava Cake (330 cal)

total calories today : 2’650



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