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Weight Loss Journey Update Video

Check it out:

I said the wrong weight. I was 251.4 pounds this morning

Feeling Run Down

I haven’t been feeling my best, I’ve been tired, my shoulder and arm has a dull ache in it, I just came back from a hour long walk and I felt a little dizzy on the way back. I walked 6770 steps. Also I forgot to wear sunscreen and I got a deep noticeable tan on my body and face.

I’m in the house sitting on my bed and I still feel a lil dizzy and fatigued.

could be heat exhaustion, it was very hot outside

I just took a cool shower.

Lost it

Ok I lost that weight I gained. Apparently my body was just trying to tell me to get a minimum of exercise. So I’ve been going on short walks. I will do that every day while I’m in quarantine. Just a few thousand steps a day helps.

Quarantine update

Somehow I seem to have gained weight

maybe cause I’m not getting any exercise

I’ve been sticking to my calories so I dunno what’s going on

it could be a mixture of sitting all time and my bowels not moving regularly

I drank some diet tea to help with that

I dunno, I am not eating more than usual, but I almost feel like I should

if I’m going to gain weight, I might as well eat cheesy bread, ya know?

I hope this doesn’t get any worse

Weight Loss is happening

My weight loss is going well

I’ve lost 4.4 pounds so far this month and there is still 10 days left in the month

My goal is to lose 4 pounds a month, so I’ve already surpassed my goal

Dominos keeps sending me advertisements for 50% off pizza and $5.99 cheesy bread. I have been avoiding buying it because I want to lose weight.

Also, my roommates have been making cookies every few days which is super difficult to avoid. But so far I haven’t eaten any.

I’ve been sticking strictly to my diet goals.

I haven’t gone walking this week.

I’ve also been procrastinating on my homework and studying.

Just been watching YouTube for days.

My Corona Virus Update

My school is postponed because of the Corona Virus, most of my classes have moved to online.

My job called me today and said they will pay us to stay home for the next 2 weeks.

I am at a high risk if I get the corona virus because I have asthma, so I’ve been staying in my bedroom for the most part.

Today I left the house to go to Lane Bryant and Torrid to pick up packages. Then I went to Wall-Mart. I stocked up on canned food, oatmeal and water. Wall-Mart and HEB both seem to have all the food I buy regularly still in stock. I buy prepackaged salads from HEB and they had a lot of that left on the shelf. I buy Amy’s, Gardein, and Sweet Earth microwave meals and both stores had lots of that left.

Luckily I already had a good supply of toilet tissue on hand cause I stock up every couple of months. I have something like 28 rolls of toilet tissue right now.

I guess I won’t go to therapy this week or dinner with the girls.

Honestly my life is only changed a little bit. I generally stay in my bedroom most of the time anyway except for school twice a week, dinner with the girls once a week, therapy once a week and going to work twice a week. It sounds like a lot of stuff , but it really isn’t.

Most of my time is spent watching Youtube videos. Lately I’ve been searching for YouTubers my own age who do lifestyle vlogs and I found some which is awesome.

Here’s a short list of who I found:

I would like to find some mature black female Youtubers, if you know of any please let me know.

Stay safe out there.

Great diet week

I’ve stuck to my calories and my diet goals through all of March so far. I did have half a cookie this month but so what. My roommates make cookies every week and I’ve been avoiding them for it seems like eternity, even though it’s only been 2 1/2 months. But yes I ate half a cookie this month. Other than that, absolutely perfect dieting.

WOW! I lost four pounds this week. I normally lose 1 pound per week. I’ve lost 56 pounds in a year and a half. I am in this for the long haul. I expect it to take me two more years to lose the rest of this excess weight and get back to my normal size.
I’m not losing weight cause I think I would look better. Cause I’ve always thought I looked great no matter my size.

The reason I am losing weight is because I feel great about myself and my life. The reason I am losing weight is because I am not depressed anymore. I haven’t always been obese. I got fat when my depression took a turn for the worse. and as long as I was depressed I would stay fat cause I dealt with my depression by eating cake and pie and cookies and drinking alcohol.

Now that I am not depressed , the fat doesn’t serve me anymore. Cakes and pies don’t make me feel good anymore. So a symptom of me getting better is me losing weight.

I can’t say everyone will have this experience. But it just makes sense to me that since I am no longer depressed I no longer need to be fat.

My fat served me and protected me in some ways from dealing with certain parts of life. I have a positive outlook on life and I am hopeful about my future. I think that is a significant cause of me losing this weight for good.

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 18 months (since September 2018) which you cannot call a fad diet. I’m in no rush. I have the rest of my life to be happy and healthy and I’m excited about that.


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