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Almost 1600 calorie day

Yesterday I ate above my caloric goal. Just by a little bit, but I gained a pound. My body is insisting I eat somewhere in the 1400’s. You know what. Fuck that. I’m not going to cry over 100 calories. My body will have to figure something out. We are not in a agreement but since I’m in charge , it will have to do what I say. Plus I walked over 10,000 steps yesterday.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Soylent Stacked (180 cal), Peach flavored sparkling water (10 cal)

Lunch: Tangerine Crunch chopped salad kit (280 cal), Roasted and salted sunflower seeds (180 cal), Honey Mustard dressing (80 cal)

Dinner: Aloha BBQ Quesadilla (420 cal)

Snacks: Adult gold multivitamin gummies (20 cal), Indian Mattar Paneer (370 cal), Gatorade (40 cal)

Total calories (1,580)

New Scale

I got a new scale, that measures body fat and muscle and all that stuff. It sync’s with the Bluetooth on my phone to record it. I took a screenshot of the info it gave me. Keep in mind I weighed myself in the afternoon after eating a big meal, so it says I weigh a little more than I do. I want to get my body fat down to 33% and I want to get my muscle mass up to 30%

Personal Training

On my way home from my walk today I stopped in the local gym to find out the price of a personal training package. It’s $1000 cheaper than I thought it would be. It’s $2000 for 6 months of training including the gym fee.

I won’t be ready for personal training until next spring around the beginning of March. But I’m glad to have that info.

What works

Those raspberry ketones and digestive enzymes I ordered came in today and I tried them, they both seem to have worked. I’m shocked. I didn’t have high hopes for either of them. But the raspberry ketones seemed to curb my appetite a little, and the digestive enzymes took away my bloating.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Soylent Stacked (180 cal)

Lunch: Sunflower cabbage crunch salad (595 cal)

3rd meal: Gardein Teriyaki Chick’n bowl (260 cal)

4th meal: Adult Gold multi vitamin (20 cal), sparkling water (10 cal), Evol smoked gouda mac & cheese (410 cal)

Total calories yesterday : 1,475

Progress Photos

I took these photos at the end of April 28, 2020, I will retake them at the end of every month.



I just got my measuring tape in from Amazon. Let’s check my measurements once a month.

How to Take Body Measurements

  • Bust: Measure around the chest right at the nipple line, but don’t pull the tape too tight.
  • Chest: Measure just under your bust.
  • Waist: Measure a half-inch above your belly button or at the smallest part of your waist.
  • Hips: Place the tape measure around the biggest part of your hips.
  • Thighs: Measure around the biggest part of each thigh.
  • Calves: Measure around the largest part of each calf.
  • Upper arm: Measure around the largest part of each arm above the elbow.
  • Forearm: Measure around the largest part of the arm below the elbow.
  • Bust: 45 inches
  • Chest: 38 inches
  • Waist: 42 inches
  • Hips: 46 inches
  • Thighs: 27 inches
  • Calves: 16 inches
  • Upper arm: 13 inches
  • Forearm: 9 inches

It was difficult getting my arm measurements so they might not be accurate.

Reached my May Goal

Today I stepped on the scale and surprise! I weigh 238.6

Yes! finally below 240 pounds

I beat my super resistant body.

Consistency will do it every time.

Yesterday I didn’t go for a walk, cause I drank some diet tea and I didn’t want to have an “accident” while walking. The reason I drank the diet tea is because I was having painful gas and bloating. It didn’t really help though. I think it’s the sparkling water that is causing this gas and bloating. It’s surprising cause I’ve been drinking it for 3 years. I think I will have to switch to just vitamin and electrolyte water.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Soylent Stacked (180 cal)

Lunch: Backyard BBQ Chopped salad kit (560 cal)

Dinner: sparkling water (9 cal), Saus’age Benny Breakfast Bowl (250 cal),

Snacks: Adult gold gummies multivitamin (20 cal), fiber gummies (15 cal), sparkling water (10 cal), Tortilla Casserole & Black Beans (410 cal)

Total calories yesterday: 1,454

my fitness pal lowered my calories again cause I lost weight, ugh they keep lowering my calories, now its 1430 cal per day. I’m going to have to eat some of my walking calories.

I just bought a scale off Amazon that not only shows weight but, bone, muscle, water, and body index and that way I can see which area went up or down depending on what I eat. I also bought a measuring tape to get some measurements.


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