My Exercise Plan

2023 Plan –

Walk 2 hours on the treadmill every morning before work.

Hire my personal trainer back to help with strength training.

2022 Plan-

For the first 5 months of 2022 I had a personal trainer to help me with strength training and I was walking 2-3 hours a day. In June I fell off the plan. In August I regresses completely.

2021 Plan: I decided to be more intentional about exercise this year. I am walking 10,000 – 15,000 steps every day. I am also weight training at home every day using Youtube videos. I have a set of weights and a exercise mat and a step and some exercise bands. I walk a lot at work. I walk in circles at work to get in my steps.  It looks strange, lol. Bt I can usually get in 10,000 steps at work.

2020 Plan: I started walking a hour each day and try to walk 10,000 steps a day. I wear a fitbit to record my steps and it also records my calories burned. I have my fitbit hooked up to MyFitnessPal and it tells me how many extra calories I have.

2019 Plan: i stopped doing yoga because I canceled my gym membership but I still work on my feet

2018 Plan

Right now I am depending on work for most of my exercise. I am on my feet at work 3-6 hours a day, bending, stooping, lifting. I also do yoga twice a week.

2017 plan

Right now I don’t do any exercise at all. It’s a shame cause I was doing so well in 2012 but it got to be too much for me and when I couldn’t afford my gym and trainer I gave up completely and got depressed and stayed in bed.

Me and my mom just signed up for a 1 month trial of a exercise bootcamp. We meet 3 times a week. I don’t know if we will keep the membership after the 1 month is over. Maybe we will sign up for a gym or try something else. But if we like the bootcamp maybe we will keep going, it’s $100 a month and that’s pretty steep for us, but we’ll see.

2015 Exercise Plan

My current plan is to walk every day for 40 minutes until I can strengthen my back and feel less pain in my shins. Then hopefully I can transition to running.

Eventually I will add strength training but for now I only have the energy for walking.

I have two 10 lb. weights at home that are currently too heavy for me to do anything with. I can do my other workout tapes to strengthen my body without weights. Then hopefully I can transition to using the 10 lb. weights for strength training.

2012 plan (This was what I did in the past)

This past February I paid in advance for a 2 year membership at LA Fitness. I got it because I was unemployed and didn’t have anything to do with my days. I couldn’t think of what to do to keep me busy so my friend Milan suggested I join her gym, LA Fitness. When I first got the membership, I did aqua aerobics a 1-2 times per week. I didn’t even know if I was ever going to do anything more. That’s all I did until July 13 when I made the decision to start this journey to getting healthier and becoming a figure competitor.

I now exercise 5-6 days per week.

I started off taking a resistance training class called Bodyworks at LA Fitness, which uses high reps low weights. It was hard for me to lift 2.5 lbs. over my head but when I get stronger I’m going to transition to heavy weights. I want to hire a personal trainer to come to LA Fitness with me and help me with lifting heavy until I feel comfortable doing it on my own. I am too nervous and self conscious to go to the weights section of the gym on my own, so really I just need someone to come with me as support. I hired a trainer (Micheal) at AZ Pro Physiques because it’s owned by IFBB Pro FIGURE competitors and they train some of the top females in the IFBB. I hired them for 18 months to guide me right up till my contest.

For cardio I am doing the Couch to 5k with a phone app, then I will transition to a app called 10k trainer, then a half marathon. Right now I have no interest in running a full marathon. I think 13 miles is good enough. I’ve always wanted to be a runner. My sisters run marathons but I’ve never run because I have asthma and exercise exacerbates it but Florence Grifith Joyner was an Olympic runner who had asthma so it’s possible to run with asthma. You just have to train smart. I always have my inhaler with me. I figure if the 400 lb people on the Biggest Loser can run on a treadmill, I can do it at 258 lbs. A few places I’ve read have discouraged overdoing cardio but I would love to be a daily outdoor runner, it just seems so peaceful. I think if you enjoy it, why shouldn’t you do it?

Right now this is my training schedule.

I enjoy exercise, but it is hard and takes alot of energy. Some days I feel like I don’t have the energy but I force myself to go. If I feel like my body needs more rest, then I just rest.

Here is my training schedule:

Monday 8:45   pm Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Zumba
  5:00 Personal   Trainer


5:30   pm Evening   run at Paseo park with West Valley Runners
Tuesday 9:00   am Run   on treadmill
  9:45   am Boot   Camp Conditioning
Wednesday 8:45   pm Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Bodyworks   plus abs
  5:00 Personal   Trainer


6:00   pm Evening   run w/  Runners Den
Thursday 8:45   am Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Zumba   class
Friday 8:45   am Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Bodyworks
Saturday 8:45   am Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Bodyworks
Sunday 8:45   am Run   on treadmill then incline walk
  9:45   am Yoga  

5 thoughts on “My Exercise Plan

  1. BJ December 10, 2012 / 1:22 pm

    When are you letting your body rest?
    Your body will function better if you give it a day of relaxation.

  2. Kate December 30, 2012 / 7:04 pm

    Agreed. REST. A day for sure.

    Weight train and then cardio. These figure gals have muscle, not lean skinny bodies. Muscle is number 1. Even Erin Stern does her weights before her track workouts, and she is a high level IFBB star AND track and field Olympics level athlete.

  3. Fat to Figure GIrl January 2, 2013 / 5:56 pm

    I don’t do post weight train cardio because I’ve found that for me I wont do it at all if I don’t do it before I weight train. I’m too tired after weight training or my workout class to do cardio. So either I don’t do it at all or I do it before I weight train.

  4. Fat to Figure GIrl January 2, 2013 / 5:57 pm

    My trainer has recommended that I do a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio EVERY day, no rest day. He knows me and he knows that my lifestyle is very sedentary. That 20 minutes of cardio may be the only time I get out of bed that day. My body gets plenty of rest. He has a plan for my weight loss so I follow his advice only.

  5. Jenny February 26, 2013 / 8:45 pm

    Follow your trainer – I just hired a trainer too – we are going to get together 3x/week and I will follow his direction on the other days – good luck girl and have a great day 🙂

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