Day 14: Diet Part 2

I think I bust the stitches from my surgery, there was some fluid coming out, so I’m going to see the nurse at school tomorrow and see if she can tell if I burst my stitches

Today I went to dinner with my mom, I’m gonna have her take some pics of me in some outfits next week so I can have more quality pics for my instagram

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (300 cal)

Lunch: tofu scramble (340 cal)

Dinner: shrimp taco (287 cal), 2 salmon tacos (600 cal), flight of margaritas (400 cal)

total calories today: 1,927


Day 13: Diet Part 2

I’m on my period and I always gain weight on my period, atleast 2 pounds

What I ate:

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: complete protein cookie (400 cal)

Dinner: Seafood Gumbo (210 cal)

Snack: mini donut (62 cal), slice of cheesecake (420 cal)

Total calories: 1,472

Day 12: Diet Part 2

Yesterday I went to work, I also ate a lot less than usual, hopefully it will balance out cause I ate so much the day before yesterday

What I ate:

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: strawberry colada (348 cal)

Dinner: Amy’s Margherita Personal Pizza (380 cal)

total calories: 1,108 cal

Day 11; Diet Part 2

Today has been awful

first – I woke up and weigh 3 lbs more than I expected

second – I had surgery on my ass to remove the pilonidal cyst, it took like 2 hours and I was annoyed. The only part of the surgery that hurt was when they numbed me up, that hurt like hell but the pain only lasted about 10 seconds. There was a lot of blood and he had to put a lot of stitches in he said. I couldn’t feel it. Anyway NOW I can feel the pain. I’ve been taking pain killers but they didn’t help much so my roommate smoked me out and now I don’t feel any pain. I can’t sit on my butt or lay on my back for 2 weeks. I get the stitches taken out in 10 days.

third – I came on my period (which is probably why the scale was up)

So I noticed that when I am sick or if there is some kinda health issue (like surgery), I want to eat crap to make me feel better

and that’s what I did tonight:

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (330 cal)

Lunch: philadelphia roll (260 cal), combo sushi (370 cal)

Dinner: Dominos veggie pizza (1,150 cal) , chocolate molten cake (350 cal)

Snacks: peach cup (25 cal), small cup of cake batter flavored frozen yogurt (200 cal)

Total calories: (2,685) I’m supposed to stay under 1,730 to reach my goals

I was over by 929 calories

Weight fluctuations

I don’t know if I read the scale wrong yesterday or what but today I woke up and weighed 284.8 lbs

that’s a 3.8 pound difference from yesterday

I didn’t eat that much yesterday so it doesn’t make sense

this is annoying

Day 10; Diet Part 2

Today I went to dinner for my meetup group, we went to a THAI place

I had a few minutes before dinner so I went into this adult sex shop named Cindy’s

It had some interesting stuff, but I have no one to explore that stuff with, so I left empty handed

I woke up weighing 281 today, I was so happy, I lost 7 pounds in 10 days

What I ate today:

Breakfast: oatmeal (330 cal)

Lunch: pad thai (500 cal), thai iced tea (200 cal)

Dinner: mexican casserole (380 cal)

Total calories so far; 1410

Day 9 of diet part 2

I partied with one of my roommates last night and fell asleep without updating the blog

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: diced peaches (25 cal), oatmeal (350 cal)

Lunch: thai green curry (660 cal)

Dinner: croissant (170 cal), margarita (100 cal), Lean cuisine pizza (330 cal)

Total calories: 1635


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