Update: Cheap Lazy Vegan

I joined a Beginners Vegan Facebook group and got a lot of good suggestions on how to get cheap plant based meals that fit in my budget and require no prep and no cooking (besides microwave). I’m ordering the stuff they suggested on , I’m going to try it out for a week and see how I like it, if I like it I’ll probably stick to it.

The thing that swayed me is reading studies about how vegan blood does actually fight cancer better than meat-eaters blood and vegan/vegetarians have over 30% less risk for disease overall. Vegans do get cancer and disease like everyone else though and on Twitter I named  actual vegan people who have died from cancer and heart disease. But you do lower your risk significantly when you switch to a plant based diet.

I am currently perfectly healthy but I want to remain that way. I am concerned abut clogging my arteries and developing diabetes. I need to eat way less saturated fat. Replacing meat with vegetables can help with that.

I don’t know if I can go FULL vegan, cause even a lot of the Steamers vegetables they suggested on Facebook has butter and cheese on it, but there are some options that do not. For now I will try a plant-based diet that is not full vegan but is more lacto-ovo vegetarian. I’m going to eat more beans and rice and vegetables and less Hot Pockets and Luncheables.

Someone suggested I look at http://www.thecheaplazyvegan.com

She’s ok but does require some meal prep and cooking for her meals. I haven’t used a stove or chopped food in over a year.

I may do vegetarian 5 days a week and then when I go out with my girls or family, eat a little meat twice a week. I’ll let you guys know how it goes and post the meals I eat.


How to become vegetarian/vegan

All this talk about how a plant based diet is better for your health has made me curious,

How would I even switch to a plant based diet without drastically changing my lifestyle? I don’t cook, I don’t prep food. I use the microwave and toaster, that’s it.

Most of my food is pre-packaged which makes it very easy to record the calories. When there was a Trader Joe’s nearby, that was so much easier cause I would buy the pre-packaged salads. But there is no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in my town.

My food budget is $100/week and that includes going out to a restaurant with my girls once a week. My grocery budget weekly is about $65-70.

Past experience shows that  I won’t stick to anything that requires a drastic lifestyle change. If it’s easy to do, I will do it. For example; recording calories is so easy to do because I have a phone app, so I do that.

Past experience shows I won’t stick to eating foods I don’t enjoy. My mom eats super healthy, she eats lots of vegetables and fruits and it looks gross to me. I don’t want to eat a orange instead of a brownie. I might do it for a month, but it won’t last.

So  what would I eat if I switched to a plant based diet? I would like to include more fruits and vegetables and less processed meat in my diet. I would REALLY like to stop eating so much sugar too but that’s a different beast. I love the power bowls from Jamba Juice which are full of fruit that I enjoy, but also super expensive at almost $9 a bowl. I also like the Healthy Choice white bean and feta Power Bowl which are full of veggies and seeds, those are about $4.

I need plant based food options that are pre-packaged mostly and around $4-$6 each. Something I can just open and eat or throw in the microwave or toaster. For example currently I eat a hot pocket ($4 for a pack of 2) or a Luncheable (less than $2) for lunch and a Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine microwave meal ($3-4) for dinner.

I’ve been watching Unnatural Vegan Youtube Videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/FitOnRaw/videos

I also watched a tedTalk from a guy who ate plant based during the week and only ate meat on weekends.  I thought that was interesting.

Ceasing eating meat

I went to Red Lobster with my mom and sisters yesterday. I added up my Red Lobster meal calories and it was 2,350 calories. That was 65% of my calories for the day. 51 grams of saturated fat, my goal is 22 a day. Yesterday was a fail nutritionally.

Just spent a full 24 hours arguing on twitter with vegan/vegetarians about the moral of eating animals, animal agriculture solutions, and how going vegan isn’t the answer to everything in life. They all lost their minds when I told them the animals WANT us to kill them to be our food.

I was raised in a Muslim cult. We were taught that some animals purpose is to worship God and God says in the Koran that animals are here for the benefit of humans including food. My opinion is if some animals want to please God, they want to fulfill their purpose on earth and for some of them, that is being food.

Here is more info on that: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/islamethics/animals_1.shtml

I am not Muslim anymore, I am agnostic, I don’t really believe in religion at all. But some things stuck with me from childhood, one is how I view animals for food and the other is I don’t eat pork and never have.

I do think animals should be treated way better and I’m willing to vote for laws that would make that happen. I would love a way to enforce those laws as well. I watched Cowspiracy and Food Inc. I know that current animal agriculture is awful for the environment and there are things we can do to improve that which does not include stopping eating meat.

People think being vegan is the answer to stopping animal cruelty, saving the environment, perfect health. There are many answers to those issues that do not include being vegan/vegetaian.

Not eating meat, is not the only answer to everything. I can post many links about that as well, here are some.








mental eating

I need to find out why I’m eating these extremely high calorie foods and figure out how to stop

i have no will power

I ate an entire jar of Planters honey roasted peanuts in the middle of last night, over 1,000 calories of just peanuts

Alot of this eating high calorie foods is happening at night when I’m in bed, etc..

There has to be a mental reason behind this, but I don’t know what it is

I am really struggling with this.

Am I a Rebel?

I’m reading this self help book my sister recommended titled:

Better Than Before – Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

First of all I hate reading self help books, second of all the author of this book is very long winded. I’m like “just get to the point already”.

Some excerpts from the book:

The author states there are 4 types of people and knowing which type of person you are can help you form good habits and cease bad habits. Not everyone forms habits the same way.

She sought answers to questions such as:

  • Why do some people dread and resist habits, while others adopt them eagerly?
  • Why do so many successful dieters regain their lost weight, plus more?

She says just about everyone falls into one of four distinct groups:

  1. Upholders respond readily to both outer expectations and inner expectations.
  2. Questioners question all expectations, and will meet an expectation only if they believe it’s justified.
  3. Obligers respond readily to outer expectations but struggle to meet inner expectations (my friend on the track team).
  4. Rebels resist all expectations, outer and inner alike.

My sister thinks I may be a Rebel, but I’m not sure. I’m not a rebel with everything, but I think with Diet and Exercise, I may be.  Rebels choose to act from a sense of choice, of freedom. Rebels wake up and think, “What do I want to do today?” They resist control, even self-control, and enjoy flouting rules and expectations.

Rebels work toward their own goals, in their own way, and while they refuse to do what they’re “supposed” to do, they can accomplish their own aims.

But Rebels often frustrate others because they can’t be asked or told to do anything. In fact, asking or telling Rebels to do something often makes them do just the opposite.

Rebels sometimes frustrate even themselves, because they can’t tell themselves what to do.

Rebels resist hierarchies and rules, but surprisingly, some Rebels gravitate to institutions with many rules. As one commenter noted, “Letting others have control can bring freedom as well. You’d probably find more Rebels in the military than you’d suspect.”

No surprise—Rebels resist habits, but they can embrace habit-like behaviors by tying their actions to their choices.

Most people, by a huge margin, are Questioners or Obligers. Very few are Rebels, and, the Upholder category is also tiny.

One is born either to “go with or to go against”. Our Tendencies are hardwired, and while they can be offset to some degree, they can’t be changed.  Yet whatever our Tendency, with greater experience and wisdom, we can learn to counterbalance its negative aspects.

The happiest and most successful people are those who have figured out ways to exploit their Tendency to their benefit and, just as important, found ways to counterbalance its limitations.


Many strategies help us change our habits, and four strategies tower above the others: Monitoring, Foundation, Scheduling, and Accountability.

The Strategy of Scheduling works for most people—but not for Rebels.

The Strategy of Monitoring has an uncanny power. It doesn’t require change, but it often leads to change.

We manage what we monitor. I can attest to this as I MONITOR my calories daily. Keeping close track of our actions means we do better in categories such as eating, drinking, exercising, working, TV and Internet use, spending  and just about anything else.

Self-measurement brings self-awareness, and self awareness strengthens our self-control.

A lil Gain

I gained 1.4 pounds this week.

It makes sense, I ate way over my calories for about a week according to MyFitnessPal. The high calorie food I eat is the main culprit. I’m going to see what I can do to not make it as bad.

For instance I want a McDonalds vanilla shake right now. I can get a small one but that will still be about 550 calories. So I can choose not to get the fries and sandwich to go with it which would make my calories rise for just that meal to about 1500 calories. Almost my max for the day.

Theres got to be a way to make choices that lessen the impact.

High Calorie

From viewing myFitnessPal I see what my issue is eating wise.

I don’t necessarily overeat regularly  or binge eat regularly, although I do occasionally. When I do OVEReat, it’s usually sweets, like chocolate, candy, cookies.

What I do is eat extremely high calorie foods regularly. That is the food I enjoy. I don’t cook so not willing to make substitutions.

Yesterday for instance:

Breakfast – Acai Primo Bowl from Jamba Juice (490 calories): A tasty twist of Açaí juice, soymilk, blueberries, strawberries and bananas, which we top with organic granola, fresh bananas, fresh blueberries, coconut and a drizzle of honey.

Lunch: Chicken Luncheables (300 calories)

Dinner: Wingstop: 8 chicken wings with season fries, blue cheese and sweet tea (1674 calories). What I could have done differently is order the 6 piece instead of 8 piece and I could have not gotten sweet tea that would have cut about 435 calories

Snack: Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice & Beans (260 calories), 2 strawberry popcicles (70 calories)

Total calories yesterday : 2,794 calories (that is 833 calories over my maximum allowed by MyFitnessPal to lose 1 pound per week)

This is a regular occurrence. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I went over my calories because of pizza hut. Last Monday I went over my calories cause of Starbucks lemon pound cake and vent macchiato.  Last saturday I went over my calories because of french toast. The friday before that I went over my calories because of a vanilla milkshake from Jack in the box. Before that it was Popeyes. I might be eating out more because of the stress with my job/income or my medication or just my life in general. I spent $103 on food the last 7 days. My budget is to spend about $75 – $100 each week on food that includes eating out, take out, delivery, liquor and groceries.

I do have days when I eat rather healthily and under my calories. I’m just not sure if it balances out. We will see if I gain weight.

One thing I have tried the past week is drinking more water instead of the zero calorie ice tea and 15-calorie Lemonade/Fruit Punch. I bought a huge case of bottled water from Sams Club and I drink maybe 1-2 bottles (16.9 fl oz) of water a day.

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