Day 47: Long day

I went to school, then went to work for 7 hours. Found out I got a A on my accounting test instead of a B. Yaay!

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: tuna salad wrap (610 cal)

Dinner: Healthy choice creamy spinach and tomato Linguini (230 cal)

Snack: non dairy dessert (180 cal)

Total calories : 1400 cal


Day 46: Sunday FunDay

I didn’t have a hangover this morning surprisingly. My weight didn’t go up either. So I’m happy with that. I met my mother for lunch at an Indian restaurant and then went to a holiday meeting at my job. My boss bought us HUGE cups of smoothie. Came home and did Accounting homework for 3 hours.

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Aloo Saag Wala (354 cal) , Garlic Naan (385 cal)

Dinner: strawberry pina colada smoothie (348 cal)

Snack: strawberry pina colada smoothie (348 cal)

Total calories: 1,815

Day 45; da Club

You can find me in da club, at 45 years old

I went to a club tonight by myself and drank tequila sunrise the whole night

It was so much fun

there were drag queens involved

Oh man so much fun by myself

What I ate:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: protein cookie, (420 al)

Dinner: Amy’s Torilla casserole & black beans (390 cal)

Snak: Lean Cuisine Tortilla crusted fish (310 cal), Patron tequila 3 ounces (198 cal), tequila sunrise ( 378 cal)

Total calories today:  2.136

Day 44: Rain boots

I took my rain boots back and exchanged for a smaller size. My feet didn’t shrink, I think they just make the rain boots super big. I’m binge watching aprilJustinTV right now

Breakfast: Protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Protein cookie (420 cal)

Dinner: Amy’s bowls casserole chili relleno (380 cal)

Snack: Lean Cuisine Linguine with Ricotta and Spinach Meatballs (280 cal)

Total calories: 1,460

Day 43 – What I’ve Done

The dentist didn’t accept Humana but they do accept Delta so I just signed up for Delta Dental Insurance because it can save me almost $1000 on services that I need to get done. This is a relief, the services I need are still over $1000 WITH dental insurance.

I got a 80.6% on my Accounting exam and I am so happy because I was expecting to flunk it. I can’t explain how relieved I am.

I took my weave out, so now I’m rocking my natural hair for a month. I like the curly texture of my hair but I don’t look as pulled together as with my weave.

What I ate Thursday:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Small Veggie Delight from Charley’s, straw-mango pina colada smoothie (348 cal)

Dinner: Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna (370 cal)

Total calories : 1,548

Day 42 – Dentist

After school today I went to the Dentist. I haven’t been in about 5 years because I don’t have dental insurance and I haven’t had the money. I applied for a CareCredit card so I could go to the dentist cause my teeth are ultra sensitive and it hurts on one side when I eat. The dentist took x-rays and said I have mild Periodontal disease and 5 cavities. It’s going to cost $2400 out of pocket to fix all that. I paid $300 today for some package that includes 2 cleanings, 2 exams, 1 x-ray, and 20% off any dental services I need, which I need a few. To reverse the periodontal disease they have to do some scale & root planing which is basically a very deep cleaning and I’ll need to go back every 4 months for Periodontal maintenance. So I asked if I still get the 2 cleanings I get with the package I bought, she said I won’t need those cleanings if I’m getting the scaling&root planing. So I’m going to call them back tomorrow and see if I can cancel that package cause it doesn’t seem like a great deal after all, since I have to pay for the scaling&root plane outside of the package.

Also I searched the web for dental insurance when I got home, cause $2500 is just so expensive and I think if I get Humana for $15 a month, I can save myself $800 off all those services. I’m going to call the dentist tomorrow and make sure they accept Humana and make sure it’s a good idea to get the dental insurance. Once I get it, I can’t cancel for a year, so I need to make sure it’s a good option first.

I ate junk today. It is Holloween after all. It started in class, my teacher brought in a big bag of candy. Then in the student hall there was a bake sale and I wanted to support. Then me and my mom went to a crepe place for lunch.

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: strawberry banana Nutella crepe (870 cal), Mint & Honey ice tea (140 cal)

Dinner: Boca Mediterranean Bowl (300 cal)

Snack: frosted cookie (160 cal), small cupcake (257 cal), whopper (48 cal)

Total calories today : 2,154


Day 41 – Bath time

I took a long bath last night then fell asleep without updating this blog.

What I ate:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Chinese noodles & Veggies in a cashew cream sauce (480 cal)

Dinner: Indian mattar paneer (370 cal)

Snack: zucchini Banana Chocolate chip muffin (120 cal)

Total calories: 1,350


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