2 years as Vegetarian

It’s been almost 2 years since I started my Vegetarian journey. At first I was pescatarian, I still ate seafood. Then one day last year I asked someone if they think fish had feelings and they said yes. So I stopped eating fish and never looked back.

The thing that separates me from being vegan is CHEESE. It’s the only dairy I eat. I’m doing the best I can though. I don’t drink milk or eat eggs. I’m not a fan of soy yogurt so I just don’t eat yogurt.

Last year was the first time I had almond nog instead of egg nog. It was delicious. Ok

Y’all, I have to say that becoming vegetarian was incredibly easy for me. I thought it was going to be hard but literally one day I just saw animals as being similar to humans and felt they should have the same rights as humans. After that it was never difficult for me not to eat them.

I lead a very lazy lifestyle.  I do not cook AT ALL. I have eaten this way for a long time. I hate cooking and being in kitchens do something harmful to me mentally (I have mental disabilities) so I try to stay away from them as much as possible. (I have the same issue with bathrooms by the way, which is why I have a housekeeper). So most of my meals are microwave except for the pre-made salads that I buy from the grocery store. My weekly grocery budget is $75. I eat such a huge variety of food. I eat something delicious and different every day. It’s amazing how many vegetarian microwave meals are out there now.

My only issues with being vegetarian is my blood work shows I am deficient in iron and vitamin D. So I take supplements for that.

For my New Years Resolution this year I gave up sugar and alcohol for the year. Alcohol I will revisit next year. I will never eat dessert again though. I’ve found that if I could change to becoming vegetarian it wouldn’t be so hard to transform my diet to be healthier.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since I have eaten meat.

Scared of School

I start Graduate school in 2 days and I am so scared

When I am feeling vulnerable like this , the only person I want to talk to is my ex boyfriend who I broke up with 5 months ago

I know it’s a bad idea to text him

I just know he could make me feel better

But then I would feel bad about pulling him back in when I am only going to break up with him again

he doesn’t need me to be wishy washy with him

I need to be independent

I’m scared that I’m not smart enough

I’m scared I’m going to flunk out the first semester

The reason I think I am not smart enough is because I took a statistics class last Spring and would have flunked if I hadn’t dropped the class before that could happen. I dropped the class at the last minute right before final exams, because I did the math and I was on track to get a D in the class

The other reason I don’t think I’m smart enough is that I didn’t get a high score on the GRE and because of that I didn’t get accepted into my top 2 Graduate schools. I got a 296 on the GRE

I’m so nervous my stomach hurts and I feel nauseous. Everyone keeps saying I’ll do fine but that doesn’t help. I need someone to explain how I am smart when I didn’t get accepted into my top 2 schools and flunked statistics.

I really need to talk to my therapist but she’s been evading me for over a month. So now I have to demand a new therapist at the clinic I go to. UGH!

Frustration with weight loss

So today I stepped on the scale and I weighed 266 pounds

I gained 3 pounds since Tuesday

which doesn’t make much sense because I walked so much on Thursday and I also walked 10,000 steps on Friday

Also I ate under my calorie goal on both of those days

the only thing I can point to is that I’m due to come on my period in a day, maybe I am bloated

this is really frustrating as I am doing the best I can and it seemingly is not working

Today I walked

So yesterday I went to dinner with the girls. I didn’t have any alcohol and no dessert. I did have spinach dip for appetizer and fried polenta with pumpkin puree for dinner. I drank water.

Then I went to work, someone needed a shift covered. I worked from 7 pm – 9:15pm

Then I went to my mom’s house to sleep because I had to take her to the airport this morning.

So at my mom’s house I ate late night food. I had to for my medicine. I had pad thai. Then I was still hungry so I ate pasta with 4 slices of monterey jack cheese. Went way over my calories.

So then this morning I ate the low sugar oatmeal my mom had in the house before driving her to the airport which was a hour and a half away. After dropping her off me and my sister ate McDonalds. I had a cheese biscuit and hash brown and a large cup of coffee with 2 creamer cause I was super tired and had to drive a hour and a half back home.

Ok so when I finally made it home I added up my calories and realized I barely had enough for one more meal and it as 9:30 am

So I took a nap.

Then I woke up.

And I walked.

I walked 5 miles to the mall to pick up a package. Then I walked to the grocery store to buy some salads. Then I walked home. On my walk I listened to the first 2 albums of a band called The Used, I love The Used sooo much. I’ve only seen them in concert once way back in like 2004. Then after that I listened to both Nirvana albums. It was a cool walk. I walked for 3 hours. I walked 18,200 steps. That added 500 calories to my total giving me room to have 2 more meals the rest of the day.

I’m about to have my last meal of the day and take my medicine and get some real sleep hopefully.

No Buy Week 1: What did I purchase?

January 2: I bought an oversized mirror that is taller than me for $65 from Home Goods. I wanted something much bigger than the full length mirror I got for $15 from Target a couple years ago. The original reason I bought this new mirror was so I can take Instagram pics of my outfits every day. The problem is this mirror didn’t help, the pictures still look bad because of my background, so that sucks. I didn’t feel like taking the mirror back, I already threw away all the tags and stuff and it’s heavy to get into my car. Anyway so the importance of Instagram (and YouTube) is that I need to be more consistent in posting so that I can get more followers and subscribers. If I can get more followers/subscribers I can make money off my social media. Apparently consistency is the key. I need to be posting on Instagram almost every day and on YouTube every week. *Sigh*, I can only commit to posting on Youtube every month. I will start there this year, then maybe next year I can move to posting twice a month.

January 3: I bought groceries and somehow spent over my weekly budget of $75 ($79)  and a HUGE thing of Charmin toilet tissue ($29), and some light bulbs ($5)

January 3: I sent my mom back the $50 she loaned me for New Years Eve partying, I also paid all my bills (such as rent, credit card minimums, etc..)

January 6: I spent $20 getting my tragus piercing fixed and on the silver hoop I had placed there by the piercer

January 6: I bought multivitamin gummies, fiber gummies and B-complex vitamins, all for $43   As a vegetarian I have to take ALOT of vitamins so that I am not deficient. I also take iron and D3. I found that I cannot swallow the huge multivitamins I bought which sucks cause they are really good and complete. Even breaking it up doesn’t help which is what I’ve been doing this far. I think a gummy will be better for me.


So as you see being on a No-Buy doesn’t mean I spend no money.

OMG Progress

The lowest weight I have gotten is 264 pounds

In November I was losing and gaining the same pound to be at 264

well this morning I woke up and weighed myself

I weigh 263.8

I am so psyched

this is progress

My No-Buy Year 2020

The reasons I am going on a No-Buy for a year is:

  1. I want to stop adding to my consumer debt. I’m already several thousand dollars in debt on credit cards and I want to stop that ASAP
  2. I want to start a Emergency Fund
  3. I have too many items and there is literally nothing that I need except food, water, medicine and shelter. Oh don’t forget car insurance and fuel. LOL
  4. I want to change my bad habit of purchasing a lot of non essential items and stop casual shopping.

The Guidelines are:

  1. I can spend money on: my bills (rent/utilties/car), food (within budget), household items such as trash bags, detergent, etc.., dishes, personal care (includes things like maxi pads and deodorant), experiences such as movies or bowling and travel, pattern, apple Music, housekeeper (every 2-3 months), school necessities,
  2. No spending on non essentials such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, beauty/skin care , hair products, candles, bath and Bodyworks items (or any bath type items from any store), At all, not even to replace because I have multiple backups of anything I could need in those categories.
  3. If I truly run out of something, (that I don’t have a back up item or similar item in that category for) then I can replace it. So for instance if I run out of my Anastasia Eye Definer brow pencil, I have two backups of other brow pencils I can use. I cannot purchase another Eye Definer. But if I run out of ALL of my brow products, I can purchase a replacement.
  4. I CANNOT replace candles.
  5. I can accept gifts from other people.
  6. I can spend “Rewards” type “free” money. So basically what this means is if Bath and Bodyworks sends me a coupon to get 1 free item up to $6.50 value without purchase. I can use it. I CANNOT use coupons that require a purchase. Or if Old Navy, Lane Bryant or Torrid gives me $10 in “bucks”, I can use those bucks to buy something that only costs $10 or less. I cannot spend any of my income to fulfill those coupons or “bucks”. I already have some Old Navy bucks right now but I haven’t found anything on the website that cost $10 that I want
  7. I can buy gifts for my family. The only family member I usually contribute to a gift is for my mom’s birthday. I can continue to contribute to that.

I’m going to replace my shopping habits with studying habits. I’m starting grad school and need to spend my time studying to get top grades.

I plan to practice loving what I have and being grateful for it.

To keep myself accountable I will update my progress or journey of this No Buy at least once a month in this blog.

Inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvcvUPr-Bv0



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