My 4 bottles of goli appetite suppressants arrived today. I’ve already been taking them and they already have been working.


Sleep Rehab Day 9

I woke up late today. I woke at 11am

I feel like I am back sliding

I had the hardest time with my insomnia last night

I took a lot of drugs to try to fall asleep last night

it just wasn’t happening

Here’s the thing: Insomnia makes me slightly suicidal

I know that’s dramatic but it’s the truth.

It’s physically painful and it drives me mentally insane in the most literal of senses

I hope next time I talk to my psychiatrist she can prescribe me something different to sleep. Right now she has me on Seroquel and I have to take double the dosage to fall asleep eventually.

Walking Break

I haven’t gone walking this week cause :

1. It’s way too hot, I hate sweating

2. I have so many youtube videos clogging up my in box so I want to make a dent in watching them

I probably won’t go walking again until it’s below 90 degrees, today its 98 degrees out

Sleep Rehab Day 7

I didn’t fall back to sleep after I awoke this morning.

I still weigh the same

Shopping Rehab Day 3

I am in self imposed rehab for several health issues

My shopping addiction is one of the most severe. I haven’t been this bad ad unhealthy about anything since the days I ate entire cakes.

I have to take this day by day

for the past 3 months, I have shopped every single day

However this is Day 3 of me not buying anything

Ever since I made that list of everything I’ve bought since April, I have not wanted to buy anything.

I got triggered today cause Lane Bryant sent me a $10 Reward

I did check out the Lane Bryant website to see if there was anything I wanted but I didn’t want anything

I just realize now that I have an abundance of everything

Anyway I am giving myself $40 a month to spend any way that I want

I obviously have no more money this month

but I think I will save that Lane Bryant reward till September

Maybe by then they will have something I want

and I will have some money saved up in my budget for minor purchases

Also I think I will be a lil smaller by mid September so maybe I will get something that fits me then

Not to say I don’t already have stuff that can fit me in a smaller size

but I do need some athletic tops in a smaller size, but I’m going to wait till I lose weight cause I bought SOooo many athletic tops in my current size (16) that I can wear those even when I am a size 14. But I could use another fall/winter athletic top. I’m just going to wait till I have money in my budget. This month is not it.

Sleep Rehab Day 6

Last night I slept from 10:27 pm – 1:21 am

then I woke up, and got on the internet

Then I went back to sleep at 2:47 am – 8am

At which time I took a shower, drank my protein shake, took caffeine pill

and fell back to sleep

I think I woke at 11am

Ugh this is so frustrating

Why can’t I just stay up when I wake up

I thought taking a shower when I awoke would help

I got more work to do

Website Feature

My weight loss story is featured on this website:

Sleep Rehab Day 5

I went to sleep last night at 10:21 pm and For some reason I woke up at 6:33 am today.

I drank my protein shake, took some caffeine then went back to sleep.

I woke up at like 11am .

I REALLY need to get out of the habit of falling back to sleep.

Sleep Rehab Day 4

Last night I went to bed early at 8:25 pm and woke up today at 6:58 am

I drank my protein shake and took caffeine pills

then I feel asleep from 8:15 am – 9:15 am , so 1 hour

Then I had my oatmeal at 11:30 am

Today is my mom’s birthday.

Happy Birthday mom!

Measurements for June

Let’s compare my measurements from last month.

  • Bust: 45 inches (May) ; 46 inches (June)
  • Chest: 38 inches (May) ; 39 inches (June)
  • Waist: 42 inches (May) ; 39 inches (June)
  • Hips: 46 inches (May) ; 45 inches (June)
  • Thighs: 27 inches (May) ; 24 inches (June)
  • Calves: 16 inches (May) ; 14 inches (June)
  • Upper arm: 13 inches (May) ; 13 inches (June)
  • Forearm: 9 inches (May) ; 9 inches (June)

I dunno how my boobs got bigger. And my arms didn’t change at all. I’m not shocked that my waist is smaller.


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