yo-yo at 259

All this week my weight has been yo yo’ing from 259 pounds to 260 pounds

back and forth every other day , up and down, up and down

The thing that bothers me about it is that I haven’t been eating all my calories every day

on most days I had at least 300 calories left for the day by the time I went to sleep

so in my mind, my weight should just be going down or holding steady

it’s annoying to go back up to 260 pounds

I’ve been sticking to my diet

The only thing I ate off my diet this week is I had a four berry frozen sundae yesterday

I don’t usually eat ice cream or frozen yogurt (I don’t eat dairy cause I’m a  vegetarian) but me and my mom went to Sam’s Club yesterday and they NEVER have the sundae available

Literally for over 2 years I have been asking for that sundae and they have been out of it

they finally had it in stock and I had to have it. I didn’t eat the whole thing, but it was pretty good

I had calories left over at the end of the day because I walked 10,000 steps

Anyway I am anticipating that I didn’t lose 1 pound this week, because my body has lost it’s mind and won’t go below 259

It’s been a good week so far

I saw my psychiatrist and she gave me a A++ on my health, the bloodwork she ordered for me came back and I improved all my numbers, my vitamin levels were normal, I’m no longer iron deficient and I raised my good cholesterol, my cholesterol looks good

Saw a new therapist, we are working on my overspending habit

I got a 93% on my Accounting test

Everything is going well


February Weight Loss Update video


I finally got under 260 pounds! It’s been 6 months in the 260’s. Finally made progress.

Diet Good News

My life is not all bad news

I weigh 260 pounds today.

I am close to being out of the 260’s

I have been in the 260’s since August of last year

so for 6 months I weighed somewhere in the 260’s

I am finally making some real progress

I’ve corrected my binge eating and overeating patterns and habits

Hopefully I can do this for good.

I am planning out a day to eat Dominos feta and spinach cheesy bread again. I miss it so much.

My goal is to do it on a day when me and my mom go for a 14,000 step walk. I also hope my mom can pay for it, cause I have no room in my budget for it. I’m not spending over my budget again this month.

Me and my mom plan to walk on the weekends. It’s 7,000 steps each way to walk from my moms house to Lane Bryant. So that’s the plan. I work on weekends, so we have to do that before I go to work. I will get even more steps in at work too. So hopefully this Saturday I can have my beloved cheesy bread. The difference is I’ve planned for 2 weeks on how to fit it within my diet and weight loss plan. I won’t be bingeing or over eating on it.

By Sunday I should weigh 259 pounds.

Wish me luck.


I had to go read my No Buy Rules and Goals again

Cause I have really fallen off the wagon.

Heres the link to my No-Buy Goals:


I am not giving up on this damn No-Buy, I gotta stop buying stuff just cause it’s on sale or on clearance. That is no excuse.

No-Buy means No-Buy

I understand my clothes are too big and I have to replace them. But that is done and over with. I got it out my system and now NO MORE!!

I need to focus and stop spending.

I will recommit to this No-Buy.

Wasteful Spending

My coworker reminded me of this company that makes individual vitamin packs specified to your needs. It’s called “Care Of”. I’d heard of it before because some YouTubers I watch are sponsored by them So I went to the website, took a short test and they recommended some vitamins for me. I’m already taking most of what they recommended but there were three extra that they recommended, Rhodiola, Cranberry, and Shatavari. I’ve heard of cranberry but not the other two. So they were offering a 50% off special if you start a monthly subscription with Care Of, which brought the total to $31. My monthly budget for vitamins is $35. The thing is I had already spent my monthly budget for vitamins this month, but I didn’t want to miss out on this deal. So I bought the vitamins from Care Of. I wonder how these vitamins are going to improve my health and give me more energy. So anyway I canceled the subscription after I ordered because the vitamins would be $62 a month and I definitely can’t afford that. Now I have enough vitamins for like 2-3 months. Which is good cause I’m trying to cut down on my budget. It is out of control.

Another wasteful thing I spent was $26 for some black jeans from YMI jeans. The jeans were $20 and shipping was $6. The reason I bought them is all my black jeans were too big for me and I wear black jeans like twice a week. So I really needed a pair in my new size, which is size 18.(I’ve lost 9 pounds since January 5th) The YMI jeans came in today and they fit well. But the thing is I checked my drawers cause I just remembered that I had some size 18 stuff stored in my drawers that I had bought on clearance from my job last year. Sure enough I had a pair of black size 18 jeans. I am so annoyed. I definitely wouldn’t have bought the jeans from YMI if I knew I had those jeans from Torrid. I will wear both pairs OFTEN, It’s just the point of not needing the 2nd pair. I also had a pair of size 18 boyfriend blue jean that fit well now.

This week I sold some clothes, that were too big for me, to Platos Closet and Uptown Cheapskate and got $30 store credit which I used to buy 3 pairs of shorts, a pair of size 18 dark blue jeans and a pair of blue jean overalls.

So basically I don’t need any more bottoms. I already have a bunch of tops and I don’t really feel like I got smaller on top, so my tops are not too big for me yet.

Ok so I also bought 4 dresses from my job. The clothes at my job are really expensive but I got a great deal on these dresses. They were originally $58 – $80 each. I got them for $10 each. I spent $46 for 4 dresses , 3 of them are in a smaller size than what I am right now. The dresses were on clearance for 60% off and I got an additional 40% off as an employee. I couldn’t pass up a deal like that. I should be able to fit them by this summer which is when I would want to wear them. I only wear dresses in the summer. I am a weird person, I only wear jeans in fall and winter. I wear only shorts and dresses in spring and summer.

I got this dress in a size 18, I already have yellow sandals to match this dress:

These are the dresses I bought in a size 16:

Pills , Pills, Pills

I bought some calcium/magnesium/potassium tablets

I was worried I wasn’t getting enough of those micronutrients

So now I take:

  • C/M/P tablets
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B complex
  • iron
  • Multivitamin gummy
  • Fiber gummy

I hope I feel a difference with these pills. Wish I had more energy in the mornings. I’m quite sluggish. I was told the vitamin B complex would help with that, but I haven’t noticed a difference.



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