Today started off all wrong

So last night as I was driving home from seeing my sister, my car started acting funny. The seat belt light wouldn’t go off, all the lights on the dash lit up and my radio cut off. My mom and boyfriend said it was probably my battery.

I woke up this morning and first thing I did was try to make myself some oatmeal. BUT the MICROWAVE wasn’t working. So I couldn’t eat breakfast and I was hungry. So then I threw on a raggedy house dress and didn’t do my hair and drove to WalMart to get my car fixed.

I was so stressed about the price of a new battery, plus I needed a oil change too, and with that cost, plus last months car maintenance cost, I spent almost $550 on my car in 2 months. ALL of that went on a credit card. I feel like I can’t take any steps forward and I am taking HUGE steps backwards financially.

Anyway, I was so stressed and hungry that I went inside WalMart to the bakery section and bought: carrot cake, white cake, banana pudding and doritos. While I waited for my car to be fixed I ate HALF of ALL OF THAT junk food. Came to 1500 calories. I ate 1500 calories in 15 minutes. That’s 100 calories a minute.

Of course that just made me even MORE stressed. I threw the other half of the food in the garbage.

My car is fixed now. I drove to the mall to walk off some of what I ate. I burned almost 200 calories at the mall window shopping in every store. Who knew that Dillards sells Louis Vuitton and Coach?

Anyway, I am in the hole calorically and I still don’t have a fixed microwave. My landlord said she would replace ours soon.

I’m having salad for dinner.


No Buy and Budget update

So I went over my budget in August because:

  1. I paid $40 for a housekeeper to clean my bathroom, that was not in my budget. However, I am creating a sinking fund to save $13 a month to pay for the housekeeper next time
  2. I bought a bulk pack of Charmin toilet tissue at Sam’s Club, which cost $23, again that was over and beyond my toiletry budget.
  3. I spent $3 on that almond blossom hand soap. Yea I finally went ahead and got it because Bath & Bodyworks had a good sale on the hand soap.
  4. I spent $2.70 on a top from my job. It’s so cute and it was 50% off PLUS I had a $10 credit so I justified the purchase.

So in total I went $68.70 over my budget for August. That money comes from a credit card cause I don’t have the cash to cover it.

My goal is to budget in such a way that none of my purchases go on a credit card. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to do that.

One way is to create sinking funds for things I pay for sporadically like the house keeper , another way is to create a line item in my budget for fun purchases like that top and hand soap. Which I have done both of those for my projected September budget.

The only problem I see in September is that I plan to buy a black button up sweater from work because I left my black sweater in Detroit when I went to my grandmothers funeral. The sweater cost $48.90 but next week we get 60% off any purchases at work so I’m going to use that discount to get my black sweater which will make it $21.23. As of now I don’t have that budgeted in full although part of it can come from my Fun Money budget. I’m hoping I can work some extra hours to get that budgeted.

About Last Night

So I did get back down to 267 pounds

but I’m sure I gained it back cause of last night

I ate all the sweets I could find in the house

which included:

5 small packs of lemon cookies, which was 20 cookies (750 calories)

Key lime pie (320 cal)

plus I was already 70 calories over from dinner

So I ate 1,144 calories over my goal yesterday


Yaay, I’m striking out

that was sarcasm

I’m gonna do my best to make up for it today and tomorrow

What I’ve Done

I forgot to write about the huge mess up I created

Thursday I went to Sam’s Club with my mom to buy bulk toilet tissue and get gas, well there was a HUGE bag of boom chicka pop on sale and that stuff is addictive so I bought a bag cause for $4

I expected the bag to last 3-4 days

Well I ate a lil before going to bed

well DURING the night, WHILE I slept, I proceeded to eat the ENTIRE bag

The ENTIRE HUGE ass bag


When I woke the next morning I was horrified

That was over 3000 calories in that bag

I was upset the most cause I had got down to 267 pounds and that was ruined, I stepped on the scale Friday morning and it said 270

I was so upset I just did’t eat for the majority of Friday

I went to work where I had a protein bar that had 210 calories in it

Then I came home and had some Sweet Earth vegetarian quesadilla’s which came to 410 calories and thats all I had on friday, total 620 calories

Saturday I ate a lil more, I had oatmeal for breakfast, a strawberry daiquiri for lunch and quesadilla’s for dinner, total 1,040 calories

Today I stepped on the scale and it said 269.6 . I’m happy to be below 270 again but I miss 267

I’m going to work on getting back there this week

Perfection Accomplished

I finally had my perfect diet week. I didn’t eat cake, I stuck to my calories and I lost 5 pounds. Now I weigh 269 lbs.

BTW.. I officially cut seafood out of my diet so now I’m really vegetarian. I still eat cheese so I am not vegan. I’m a little worried about my protein levels, but most of my food has protein added to it. Like my oatmeal has protein in it. A lot of my microwave vegetarian meals have protein in it.

I started taking vitamins for iron, B vitamin complex and vitamin D. I’ve been taking them for about a month now.

Budget Analysis Projection

Dave Ramsey says work from the end to the beginning. Meaning work as if you have already accomplished your goals.

I want to be a budget analyst

I love creating and looking at budgets and seeing what fits where.

That is my ultimate goal is to retire as a budget analyst when I am 75 years old

Yesterday I created 4 budgets for myself to achieve my goals and see where I am headed.

I projected my income for the next 25 years.

I made a current budget for my current income, which I use the Dave Ramsey Every Dollar app for. I will have this budget from 2019 – 2023. I expect to have all my credit cards paid off by the time I graduate from grad school.

I made a budget for my entry level salary after I take the CPA exam for accounting. My starting salary needs to be 42k for me to implement that budget. That’s actually kinda low for a Masters degree but I wanted to be conservative in my budgets. I expect to earn that amount from years 2024 – 2026

2026 – 2030 Monthly Budget Projection: with 2 years experience as an accountant, my salary should be $60k. I know that’s a big increase, but even if I have to switch to a different company or something, I should be able to command that salary with some experience as an accountant. During this time I expect to continue living where I am and keeping a very low living expenses, similar to what they are now, so I can pay off all my debt including student loans. I hope my landlord doesn’t kick me out cause I plan on being here for a total of 10 years.

2030 – 2045 Monthly Budget Projection: As a budget analyst with 6 years experience as an accountant I should be making about $80,000 a year. I should have no debt at this time not even student loans and I should be able to buy my condo with my second year as a budget analyst. I want a 3 bed/ 3 bath condo. 1 bed/bath for me, 1 bed/bath for a roommate to help with the mortgage, and the last bedroom I want to turn into a luxury closet/dressing room. Also during the first 5 years at that job I should be able achieve all my financial goals which includes a lot of plastic surgery which I priced out to see how I can achieve that. I expect to get my first plastic surgery, a breast lift, at 56 years old. If I follow my budget during this time, I should have a $200,000 condo paid off in 15 years.

After I pay off the condo, I will work 4-5 more years just to save up a good chunk of money. I will invest in Retirement and Mutual funds. I should be able to retire at 75 years old and live off $40,000 a year retirement/social security/savings income.

The budgets are much more detailed than this and I am so glad I did them cause now I know where I’m headed and what I need to get to my goals.


Gazelle Intense

Dave Ramsey has this saying about getting out of debt, be gazelle intense about it.

I am gazelle intense on this No-Buy. Today I shopped all day (like 6 hours) in Houston with my family and I came home with NOTHING. Didn’t buy anything at Sephora. Soma had a sale for $15 bras. I bought none. I had a scare when I asked to go to Bath N Bodyworks. I wanted that Almond Blossom hand cream and hand soap so bad. But they didn’t have the hand cream and I didn’t want to spend the $7.50 for the hand soap. So I spent $0. There was some cheap jewelry that I wanted too at a couple of stores, but I stuck to my guns and didn’t spend a dime. I’m so proud of myself.

Unfortunately I had some financial things come up I had to pay for on credit cause I have no Emergency Fund or Savings. Specifically for my car. I had to pay $75 registration, then also 2 of my tires were cracked and the place I went to for safety testing of my car wouldn’t sign off for me to get my registration cause they said it was unsafe to drive with the cracked tires. So that was $235 for two new tires. Also I have to get some FREON or get my A/C charged cause the a/c is going out at low speeds. It works fine at high speeds. My boyfriend said that might cost about $150 or less.

I didn’t weigh myself today. I was too scared cause of all I ate the past 2 days.

I looked at the practice exam for the GRE, it scared the crap out of me. I don’t know half that crap. I gotta study harder. The essay portion is the worst. I’ve been focused on getting my math skills up but I need to work on my essay skills. I take the exa mon September 9.

I’m updating my vision board. I started a Pinterest with all the things I want to put on my vision board. I’m going to print them out and hang it on my vision board on my wall. Check out my Pinterest:


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