What I ate Saturday

Woke up and I gained a pound over night, I didn’t overeat yesterday so my only guess is what I ate Thursday when I went out with the girls was over my calories

I went to work today and I barely ate at all today, I had oatmeal before I went to work, I had a protein bar at work, and I had chili when I came home.  I haven’t had my last meal yet.

We have a meeting at work tomorrow and I begged my boss to make these little baked cheese sandwiches she makes with Kings Hawaiin rolls. I am craving them so bad. They are not low calorie but they are literally my favorite food ever. I love them more than cake. I am really looking forward to having them tomorrow at our meeting.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Snack: Quest white chocolate Raspberry protein bar (200 cal)

Lunch: Amy’s organic chili – Black Bean Medium (480 cal)

Dinner: Chinese Noodles and Veggies (450 cal)

Total calories so far today: 1,510

Total protein: 572 g

What I ate

Today I went to work

On days I go to work, I notice I don’t overeat unless I go to the food court and get a slice of pizza

which I did not do today

I wanted to eat under my calories today because I did not lose any weight over the past day

I did reach 265 pounds yesterday though, so I lost the whole 12 pounds I gained on vacation. It only took 5 days.

I would like to be 263 pounds Sunday but we’ll see

What I ate:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal), chocolate chip cookie (80 cal), sugar cookie (80 cal)

Snack: Strawberry cheesecake protein bar (180 cal)

Lunch: vegetarian chili (504 cal)

Dinner: Tofu Scramble (340 cal)

Total calories today: 1,569

Total protein today: 83 g

So Sleepy

I don’t know why I’ve been so sleepy lately

I slept till almost 5pm today, I woke up on and off but I kept falling back to sleep

I thought today was the day I’d go to dinner with the girls, so I showered , put on a cute outfit and drove to the restaurant and had the hostess set a table for 7. I checked the meetup app at the restaurant and realized we don’t meet till tomorrow. Argh!! So stupid, what a waste of a good outfit.

Forget that, I’m wearing the same thing tomorrow

I lost another pound, wish it was more but as you know I ate over my calories yesterday and my body is extremely sensitive to calories. So that makes 8 pounds I’ve lost in 4-5 days.

I ordered a women’s multivitamin because when I was checking my nutrients yesterday, myFitnessPal said I wasn’t getting enough calcium and vitamin C. So instead of taking a million separate vitamin supplements, I finally just ordered a multivitamin. I don’t have a good track record with taking multivitamins, they always end up at the bottom of my medicine drawer. However I’ve been taking my other supplements regularly so I think I can add the multivitamin into the regimen. MyFitnessPal also said I eat way too much sodium which makes sense because most of my meals are microwaveable. Microwave food has a ton of sodium in it.

Today I’ve eaten spot on at every meal:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: fiber gummies (20 cal), Gardein crispy chick’n sliders (380 cal)

Dinner: Italian saus’age and pasta bowl (350 cal)

Snack: crabless crab cakes (490 cal), ranch dressing (140 cal)

Total calories today: 1,760

Total protein today: 80 g


Lost Alot in 3 days

Today I weighed myself naked and I weighed 269 pounds, so I’ve lost 7 pounds in 3 days.

5 more pounds to go by Sunday

Today I ate pretty high calorie meals all things considered. The worrisome thing is I only have 91 calories left and I have not eaten my last meal yet. You know my last meal I have to eat with my medication and supplements.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this previously, but I am on a supplement regimen because my blood work showed I had low levels of Vitamin D and I’m anemic now. So I take supplements of  iron, vitamin d, b complex and I just added fiber pills too. I take new blood work on November 21 and I’m hoping my vitamin levels are better.

I’ve been trying to eat foods with protein in them lately. I don’t think I eat enough protein. My goal is to eat just 45 grams of protein a day. I always get 13 grams at breakfast cause my oatmeal is fortified with protein. It’s the rest of the day that I have a problem with.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 calories)

Lunch: Stouffers fettuccini alfredo (560 calories), 4 fiber gummies (20 cal)

Dinner: crabless crab cakes (490 calories) with ranch dressing (140 calories) and hot sauce

My last meal will be a greek salad (150 cal) with lite vinaigrette dressing (180 calories). I will go over my calories by 264 cal today unfortunately. My fiber capsules have 5 calories.

Total calories today: 1,925.

Today I had 68 grams of protein which was 14% of my macros


I need a little extra accountability to reach my goal this month

I want to weigh 260 pounds on November 30 (today I weigh 273 pounds)

I will post what I eat every day till November 30

except for around Thanksgiving (november 27 – 30) cause I will be out of town on vacation in New Orleans

I think my biggest goal for Thanksgiving is to not drink too much alcohol while I’m in New Orleans those 4 days. I think drinking so much alcohol in Atlanta is what made me gain so much weight.

I’ll need to be extra vigilant during that time.

But for this month I will record my calories here starting today:

today I woke up early (for me) a little before 7 am and ate breakfast, then I slept most of the day, then I went to pickup my groceries and I ate lunch then slept some more

I slept a lot today

Breakfast: oatmeal (380 calories)

Lunch: spaghetti (340 calories) with meatless meat balls (300 calories)

Dinner: Gardein Chick’n (fake chicken) sliders (380 calories)

Snack: Gardein breakfast bowl (250 calories)

Total calories today: 1650

Vacation Weight Gain Update

Ok I’ve lost 4 pounds so far in 2 days.

If I lose 2 pounds every day for the next 4 days I will have lost all 12 pounds that I picked up last week.

So that is my goal.

I’ve been going to extra lengths not to overeat.

I went to lunch with my mom and sister. I ordered a appetizer that was artichoke and cream cheese dip with bread. I only had 2 pieces of bread and dip. I wanted more but i stopped myself. Then I had a Impossible burger which came with chips and I asked the server to take the chips away. Then I wanted to try the pumpkin spice gelato. He brought out a huge cup of it with tiny tiny spoons. I had 2 tiny spoons of it and asked him to take it away. I did so well at lunch, I am proud of myself, but I do kinda wish I could have ate more of the gelato. But the problem is it was made with milk and I don’t really eat milk anymore. I feel bad for the cows how were raped to stay pregnant so they can keep producing milk. I try not to contribute to that cow torture culture. I do my best but I do still eat cheese.

Then my boss texted me and asked me to work after hours preticketing some jeans. It would take 4 hours to do and she promised a pizza party. I told her the only way I would come is if she kept the pizza away from me and ordered pizza full of meat that I cannot eat. So she promised and I went to work from 6pm – 10pm I was sooooo hungry by the time I left.

I had 440 calories left so I ate a Gardein microwave meal which was 290 calories and I ate some mini halloween candy, not too much though just 3 small whoppers, 2 mini milkduds and a mini hershey’s chocolate. That came to like 135 calories

I did great and woke up and weighed 273 with my pajamas on.

Weight Gain Set back

I gained 12 pounds while on vacation in Atlanta. I weigh 277.4 pounds.

I had to step on the scale 3 times to see if that was right.

How the hell did I gain so much?

I know I ate a lot of cake and drank a lot of liquor but this is ridiculous.  I had spinach dip, pizza, cheese bread but I didn’t expect to gain this much.

I need to lose ALL this extra weight THIS WEEK.

I’m going to put a lot of pressure on myself to lose it because I have a goal to be at 250 pounds by December 30 and this weight gain really set me back ALOT.

Argh I’m so pissed off about this



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