Perfection Accomplished

I finally had my perfect diet week. I didn’t eat cake, I stuck to my calories and I lost 5 pounds. Now I weigh 269 lbs.

BTW.. I officially cut seafood out of my diet so now I’m really vegetarian. I still eat cheese so I am not vegan. I’m a little worried about my protein levels, but most of my food has protein added to it. Like my oatmeal has protein in it. A lot of my microwave vegetarian meals have protein in it.

I started taking vitamins for iron, B vitamin complex and vitamin D. I’ve been taking them for about a month now.


Budget Analysis Projection

Dave Ramsey says work from the end to the beginning. Meaning work as if you have already accomplished your goals.

I want to be a budget analyst

I love creating and looking at budgets and seeing what fits where.

That is my ultimate goal is to retire as a budget analyst when I am 75 years old

Yesterday I created 4 budgets for myself to achieve my goals and see where I am headed.

I projected my income for the next 25 years.

I made a current budget for my current income, which I use the Dave Ramsey Every Dollar app for. I will have this budget from 2019 – 2023. I expect to have all my credit cards paid off by the time I graduate from grad school.

I made a budget for my entry level salary after I take the CPA exam for accounting. My starting salary needs to be 42k for me to implement that budget. That’s actually kinda low for a Masters degree but I wanted to be conservative in my budgets. I expect to earn that amount from years 2024 – 2026

2026 – 2030 Monthly Budget Projection: with 2 years experience as an accountant, my salary should be $60k. I know that’s a big increase, but even if I have to switch to a different company or something, I should be able to command that salary with some experience as an accountant. During this time I expect to continue living where I am and keeping a very low living expenses, similar to what they are now, so I can pay off all my debt including student loans. I hope my landlord doesn’t kick me out cause I plan on being here for a total of 10 years.

2030 – 2045 Monthly Budget Projection: As a budget analyst with 6 years experience as an accountant I should be making about $80,000 a year. I should have no debt at this time not even student loans and I should be able to buy my condo with my second year as a budget analyst. I want a 3 bed/ 3 bath condo. 1 bed/bath for me, 1 bed/bath for a roommate to help with the mortgage, and the last bedroom I want to turn into a luxury closet/dressing room. Also during the first 5 years at that job I should be able achieve all my financial goals which includes a lot of plastic surgery which I priced out to see how I can achieve that. I expect to get my first plastic surgery, a breast lift, at 56 years old. If I follow my budget during this time, I should have a $200,000 condo paid off in 15 years.

After I pay off the condo, I will work 4-5 more years just to save up a good chunk of money. I will invest in Retirement and Mutual funds. I should be able to retire at 75 years old and live off $40,000 a year retirement/social security/savings income.

The budgets are much more detailed than this and I am so glad I did them cause now I know where I’m headed and what I need to get to my goals.


Gazelle Intense

Dave Ramsey has this saying about getting out of debt, be gazelle intense about it.

I am gazelle intense on this No-Buy. Today I shopped all day (like 6 hours) in Houston with my family and I came home with NOTHING. Didn’t buy anything at Sephora. Soma had a sale for $15 bras. I bought none. I had a scare when I asked to go to Bath N Bodyworks. I wanted that Almond Blossom hand cream and hand soap so bad. But they didn’t have the hand cream and I didn’t want to spend the $7.50 for the hand soap. So I spent $0. There was some cheap jewelry that I wanted too at a couple of stores, but I stuck to my guns and didn’t spend a dime. I’m so proud of myself.

Unfortunately I had some financial things come up I had to pay for on credit cause I have no Emergency Fund or Savings. Specifically for my car. I had to pay $75 registration, then also 2 of my tires were cracked and the place I went to for safety testing of my car wouldn’t sign off for me to get my registration cause they said it was unsafe to drive with the cracked tires. So that was $235 for two new tires. Also I have to get some FREON or get my A/C charged cause the a/c is going out at low speeds. It works fine at high speeds. My boyfriend said that might cost about $150 or less.

I didn’t weigh myself today. I was too scared cause of all I ate the past 2 days.

I looked at the practice exam for the GRE, it scared the crap out of me. I don’t know half that crap. I gotta study harder. The essay portion is the worst. I’ve been focused on getting my math skills up but I need to work on my essay skills. I take the exa mon September 9.

I’m updating my vision board. I started a Pinterest with all the things I want to put on my vision board. I’m going to print them out and hang it on my vision board on my wall. Check out my Pinterest:

Getting out of the 270’s

I’ve been weighing in the 270 – 279 lb range for almost 4 months. Since April 14 to be exact. This is ridiculous. Last Saturday I got a glimmer of hope when I weighed 269 lbs. But the next day I was back up a pound. The three days after that I was up 2 pounds. I am really frustrated, I want to be below 270 lbs for goodness sake.

I’ve been eating a lot of cake lately. I’ve been talking to my therapist about it. We set a goal for me to only eat cake once this week. I go to Nothing Bundt Cake to get the cake for $4.50, it’s a better alternative than the cake at the grocery store because it’s half the calories. Supposedly it’s half the calories, I hope it’s true. A slice of cake from H.E.B. is 1200 calories, according to MyFitnessPal one bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cake is 660 calories. The cake at H.E.B. is $2.99 though, but it’s worth it to pay more if it’s less calories.

Staying on track caloric wise has been difficult for some reason. I dunno if I’m more hungry or what, but I’ve gone over my calories almost every day.

I have 3 nights to get below 270 lbs before I have to record my weight on Sunday, so wish me luck

August No Buy Wishlist

So there are things coming up that I want and I’m trying to convince myself not to get them.

From Bath and Bodyworks I want the almond blossom hand cream and almond blossom hand soap. The store at my mall doesn’t have that hand cream so I would have to order it online. I could get both the hand cream and the hand soap for $12.50 plus $2 for tax, but then there is a $6 shipping charge which makes it not worth it. I hate shipping charges, that’s why I like to get stuff off Amazon Prime.

The other thing I want this month is the Jackie Aina X Anastasia Beverly Hills Limited-edition eye shadow palette. I’m a Jackie Aina fan, I like to watch her Youtube vlogs mostly and I love her Instagram, more than her makeup channel. ABH has really good eye shadows from what I hear. The palette is $45 and comes out on August 15 at Sephora. Theres one color in that palette that I am really looking forward to using. It’s called “Wiggalese” and its a metallic cranberry red color. I’ve been looking for that color eyeshadow.

There is an event I want to go to next month, that I would need to pay for this month to get a 20% discount, but that is not in my budget this month. Its the Texas Red event that my meetup group is going to. It cost $25 for 10 wine tastings. I just don’t have the overage in income this month to go unfortunately. I might have the money next month, but I won’t get the discount.

If anything else comes up that I want this month, I will add it to this post.

July No-Buy Synopsis

My normal income is $1,259. My July income was $1,383.36, and I spent in total: $1,505. So I was $122 over budget and that money comes from a  credit card. Which is why I have to get my spending in ALL categories in check.

I spent $522.39 on Food including groceries and going out. My budget plan is $346 for my food category which includes liquor. and going to restaurants, night clubs, comedy clubs. So I went $176 over on my food category this month.

I bought nail supplies, computer charger, and reusable straws for $40. My budget plan is $30 for personal care items such as these. I went $10 over on my Personal Care category.

To save money, I started painting my own toes and it’s been a hot mess. I feel I need a pedicure. I’m going to hold out a little longer. But I can’t properly reach my toes, so my attempts have been terrible. Plus the nail polish doesn’t last and it keeps chipping within a week. Usually when I get a professional pedicure it lasts 3 weeks to a month.

My car insurance bill was $134 in July. Normally it is $70 a month but I just switched to a different payment plan and this was the first month on that plan so there was some sort of adjustment. I think that price is for 2 months. Anyway I planned in my budget to spend $70 and I spent $64 over that.

So this was my report card for the month of July. I will give myself a D for effort.  I made a little more than expected so I shouldn’t have gone so far over my income in total.

I’m planning for August to be a great month where I am on budget. I’ve already worked a couple extra days in August to cover that car registration bill.





I’ve really taken advantage of the Every Dollar website ( ), it has helped me so much to get on track financially.

Today I had to buy a phone protector to replace mine that had broken. $16 out of my Personal care budget.

I also bought some tequila today. $16 out of my grocery budget. Which I had a surplus in the grocery budget cause groceries were a lil cheaper this week. So I’m only $6 over my grocery budget for the month.

I came home and there was a bill for car registration in my mailbox. Argh!! I’m looking at my budget trying to see where I’m going to squeeze $100 out of. I had $40 budgeted for emergency savings and $10 budgeted for car maintenance so that’s $50. I earned a extra $24 this month from work. So basically I gotta find $26 somehow, otherwise it will go on a credit card that I’m trying to pay off.

Well there is one solution. I was supposed to work tomorrow but I told my boss I couldn’t cause I am in pain at work. I was in so much pain at work today, I took 4 aleve. Anyway, I can work tomorrow to make the extra money and I found some codeine in my drawer that I can take to help me get thru the day. That will cover my car registration. That’s what I will do. I will take the codeine and a muscle relaxer tomorrow. I only have 2 muscle relaxers left and I am hesitant to ask my doctor for more because I don’t want him to think I’m a drug addict

I lost a little weight, I should be below 270 lbs on my weight loss goal tomorrow.


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