Today I am manifesting the I will compete in the 2024 Kuclo Classic.

It looks like I’ll be done with my weight loss in Spring 2022 at which point I will go hard in the gym for two years, pack on muscle, hire a competition prep coach and when I am 50 years old compete in the Kuclo Classic held here in Texas.

It is run by one of my favorite people on the planet. Amanda Latona and her husband. This year Amanda judged the bikini competitors as well.

I use to want to compete in Figure but I realized I don’t want to get that big. I’d rather get smaller than bigger. I don’t want huge huge muscles. I just want them to show when I am leaned out.

I do not plan to compete more than once. I hear that it is very hard on your body and not the healthiest thing to be doing.

I just want to check competing off my list.

The one thing I am wondering is if I will need to get a breast, thigh and arm lift and a mini tummy tuck before I can compete. I am not sure what my body will look like when I have lost all my excess weight.

I have between 60 – 70 more pounds to lose.

Right now I am noticing less fullness in my breast, my upper thigh is beginning to sag from excess skin, very minor though, my lower abs are showing excess skin and sagging, my arms look good to me though.

I sent my boo topless pictures because I might not be able to see him before I have lost most of the excess weight. I wanted him to have something to remember how I use to look. I will post a censored version of one below so you can see how my body is looking.

What I eat in a day

Here’s what I’m eating today while I study for my midterm exam in my Managerial Accounting class.

I post these for people who are trying to lose weight. You CAN lose weight eating the way I do on a consistent basis. But it is expensive.

Breakfast: Raisin, Date & Walnut Quaker instant oatmeal (140 cal), Soylent Stacked (180 cal) , Clear American sparkling water (33.8 fl oz) (10 cal)

Lunch:  Alive! liquid fiber with probiotics (10 cal),Vegetarian Sushi Roll from HEB (400 cal), Clear American sparkling water (33.8 fl oz) (10 cal), Protein2o Fruit Punch (protein water) (70 cal)

Dinner: Clear American sparkling water (33.8 fl oz) (10 cal), Goli ACV gummies (30 cal), Gardein breakfast bowl (290 cal), V8 + energy (50 cal)

Snack: Clear American sparkling water (33.8 fl oz) (10 cal), 3 Goli (45 cal), Omega 3 (20 cal), HEB Garden Salad (50 cal), 5 Tablespoons of Maple Grove Fat Free Honey Dijon dressing (100 cal), 2 Snack Pack Low Calorie Juicy Gels cups (this is vegan jello) (10 cal), other vitamins and supplements

Total calories: 1,426


Protein: 56 g, Carbs: 229 g, Fiber: 28 g, Sugar: 74 g, Fat: 36 g, Sodium: 3,080 mg

My lunch was very high in sodium I just noticed. It had 1,070 mg of sodium. Yesterday my sodium was even higher because I added a 5th meal which had over 1000 mg of sodium in it. I added a 5th meal because I had to stay up late studying. I’m trying to keep my sodium below 3000 mg a day because my blood pressure was high last time I checked.

Attracting Men

I decided rather late in life that I would like to get married. I just decided this like a year ago and I am 47 years old now. I am not happily single. I’m happy but not content or satisfied with my life. I am lonely. I miss sex. I want someone to travel the world with or go to dinner with or the movies or talk to on the phone all night with or cuddle up with. I miss having someone to kiss and hug.

I am doing what I can to learn about the preferences of men and what they find attractive in a woman.

This woman I follow on Instagram and Youtube, Erica’s Girly World, asked men what they dislike on a woman. Some of their answers were:

  1. tights
  2. ballet shoes. These are my favorite shoes to wear. I have 11 pair of ballet shoes.
  3. leggings. Multiples of them said they dislike leggings. I was not aware of that.
  4. high waisted jeans.
  5. too much makeup

I can’t remember what else they said.

Anyway, I get lots of compliments from women on the way I dress and how I look. I appreciate that, but I am not trying to attract or impress women. I am trying to attract men. High quality men.

Last weekend I wore this to work:

I literally had men following me around at work when i wore this.

I really liked the feeling of having men show interest in me. It doesn’t happen very often. I need it to happen more regularly so I can have plenty of choices to choose from in a man to marry.

I think someone who dresses in a way men like is Kim Kardashian. She is kind of my style icon. Lately I’ve been studying the way she dresses. I want to look like a rich bitch crossed with a kim K look. I also follow a page that documents her fashion called Kim K Look Book. I noticed Kim Kardashian has like zero pictures in pull over sweaters or cardigans in the winter on her Instagram. In the winter she wears her normal tight clothes with a fur coat and some nice boots. She wears alot of black in the winter too. Everything is coats and boots for her in the winter. Not really any layers or winter clothes like sweaters. I thought that was interesting cause I was planning on buying these sweaters at work but now I am second guessing whether I should or not.

I have a drawer full of like 10 sweaters I bought during the quarantine that i am wearing this winter. But next winter I should be a lot smaller and I am wondering if I want to buy sweaters or invest in some faux fur coats and stylish boots. I already have one winter coat for next winter that I got for free in a ‘Buy 1 Get 2 free’ clearance sale we had at work. That coat is selling on the Torrid website for $130 right now. I bought it in a size 10 and I am currently a size 14. I should be a size 10 next winter.

I’ve also been listening to men like Kevin Samuels and taking tips on what he says is attractive on a woman. One example is he said men don’t like long dragon lady exaggerated styles on women nails. He prefers a nice medium to short length french manicure. I’ve been getting a french manicure for awhile, but I was switching it between that and pink or nude nail polish. Now I am sticking with a french manicure. I’ve been getting compliments on my nails recently. But all from women. My friend says men like long nails. I’ve never had a man compliment me on my nails whether long or short so I just go with what I like. Which is a short plain manicure. Which is what I noticed Kim Kardashian wears. Her sisters Khloe and Kylie wear those long super embellished nails. I don’t like those. Not sure how you wipe your ass with those nails.

The only thing is Kevin Samuels also said men don’t like wigs. I am NOT getting rid of my wigs. I just started wearing them a few months ago. I love the way they look on me. I finally have the kind of hair I’ve always wanted to see on myself. So yea that is one change in my appearance I am not willing to make to attract men. I will do almost everything else though.

Vitamins and Supplements

Because I am vegetarian I take alot of vitamins to supplement my diet. I was watching this video:

an went thru my history on MyFitnessPal and it looks like I’m not getting enough Vitamin C. That is one vitamin I do not supplement. Apparently you need about 100 grams of vitamin C a day and I typically get 40 – 70.

I am not sure if I should supplement that or not. I need to get a blood test and see if I am deficient in it cause I am so sick of taking so many supplements. I take a pile of pills every night.

Also it looks like I am getting too much Potassium. I take a Potassium/Magnesium/Calcium supplement. My fitness Pal doesn’t tell me my magnesium and calcium intake.

I might switch from that supplement and get Vitamin C instead when I order my next round of vitamins, which will be a few months cause I have backups of all my vitamins right now. I like to be prepared.


Why I’m a vegetarian but I don’t eat eggs:

What I’m eating today

I changed my dinner because I am drinking laxative tea today. So I think I can have a few more calories than normal.

Breakfast: oatmeal (140 cal), Super Coffee (80 cal)

Lunch:  liquid fiber (10 cal), protein water (50 cal), Cauliflower Pizza (380 cal), sparkling water (10 cal)

Dinner: sparkling water (10 cal), Goli ACV gummies (30 cal), Southwest breakfast bowl (330 cal), V8 + energy (50 cal)

Snack: sparkling water (10 cal), 3 Goli (45 cal), Omega 3 (20 cal), Garden Salad (50 cal), Honey Dijon dressing (100 cal), 2 jello cups (10 cal)

Total calories: 1,435


Protein: 64 g, Carbs: 207 g, Fiber: 26 g, Sugar: 64 g, Fat: 45 g, Sodium: 2,640 mg

Caloric deficit

I walked over 18,000 steps today at work and ended up with a 1000 calorie deficit

I added 50 calories tonight only by adding a extra bottle of sparkling water, another Tablespoon of dressing to my salad, 1 extra apple cider vinegar gummy, and a extra cup of jello

I like having some room to juggle, But i can’t walk like that often.

I’m going to try to do it once a week at work


I’m bummed

my weight went up by 1.2 pounds

I know why

it’s because I’m constipated

and I’m constipated because I ran out of my essential oils that I use to stay unconstipated. I ran out about a week ago

Countdown to 1nderland

Today I weighed 205.8 pounds

I might actually make it to 200 this month, that would be amazing

Today I was hungry all day, and also I am hungry as heck right now and its my bedtime

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