I was eating recklessly for about a week. I gained 6 pounds.  I got up to 272 pounds. I ate an entire Large Stuffed Crust pizza from Pizza Hut. That was really the worst of it. I did eat over my calories on a few other days too the past week. I had a really high calorie milkshake on one of those days.

I’ve been eating better the past 2 days though. I’m down to 269 pounds. I want to be at 265 pounds by the time I go to Atlanta on October 27. So I have 16 days to lose 4 pounds. I’m going to eat perfectly for the next 16 days, except on the nights I go out with the girls. Those are the only days I am allowing myself to go over my calories. I’m really planning and watching closely what I eat. I’m also eating Fiber gummies to regulate my digestion cause it hasn’t been great the last week. I’ve kinda been constipated until today. The gummies worked.

I’m back on my no-buy as of today.

I will buy some stuff from Victoria Secret on October 22, cause I have a $20 off coupon from them that starts then and there are some handbags and wallets I want from there.

Other than that, no more shopping. I’ve bought too much shit.

I hope I get into grad school soon.


My fragrance Collection


I uploaded a video today:

A day of crap

Today was the first day in over a week that I just ate a bunch of crap

I woke up in the middle of the night and drove to Wal-mart cause I was craving powdered donuts

SO I went to walmart and bought a bucket of small powdered donuts and then I also bought a box of frosted sugar cookies which I love.

So I ate 8 of the donuts before I realized that they were pretty disgusting and had a bad after taste, so i threw them in the trash. I also ate 7 of the cookies @160 calories per cookie.

I went over my calories by 1200

It occurred to me I could use this as a diet reset because I was losing rather slowly when I was eating perfectly last week

I ate 2 of the cookies around 5 am and I didn’t eat again until 5:30 pm tonight when I went to dinner with the girls

At dinner I had a bellini, a margarita, a house salad and cheese ravioli

I will weigh myself in 2-3 days to see what the final damage is to the scale

Other than food I had a good day. I found a new scent at Victoria Secret and they had a sale of “Buy 3 for $25” which I took advantage of. The scent is called Love Spell Noir which is different from the regular Love Spell. The Love Spell Noir is spectacular. I got the lotion and spray, I wish they had a body wash in this scent. I have been making people smell me all day. Everyone agrees it smells amazing. The reason I was in VS to begin with is cause I needed a backup lotion in “warm and cozy”. I’ve started to use my “warm and cozy” collection including the body wash and realized I am running out of the lotion. So that was my 3 items for $25 from VS.

266 achieved

I ate cake yesterday

Today I finally reached 266.4 pounds

Coincidence? I think not

The elusive 266

I didn’t reach 266 pounds today

The scale said 267

I worked so hard, I wonder when I will reach 266

I haven’t eat any cake or anything high calorie in over a week

It’s actually saved me loads of money

which I need cause I spent $260 on clothes at Torrid this week

*le sigh*

This girl said she wants to buy some of my clothes tomorrow, hopefully she doesn’t back out cause I really need the extra money

I want to pay off almost half my Torrid credit card which is at $566

I would like to put $250 down on it this month

My mother is giving me $100, I made $20 on my bras, I planned to pay $35, so I need $113

I completely all my applications to grad school last night. I would like to start Spring 2020

It was hard eating so perfectly this week, I feel a need to let loose. I want some cake. I just won’t eat any until I see 266 on the scale

the Fall Out Boy effect

I had a huge spike in traffic on the blog the past 2 days

Since nothing really innovative or new was written about, I’m going to assume the traffic was because of that Fall Out Boy lyric I had as the title of my last blog post.

I love Fall Out Boy. I use to be a huge fan of of everything Pete Wentz did including his record label. I use to follow all his artist. I went to see Gym Class Heroes and hung out with the band for 2 days the year they had a #1 single. I loved Gabe from Cobra Starship, I like Panic at The Disco.

I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy this week, as well as Ashlee Simpson, Stacie Orrico and Cree Summer. I use to listen to those girls all the time.

My favorite Fall Out Boy song is “The (After) Life of the Party” and that’s where that lyric I used in my title of the last blog is from. My favorite Fall Out Boy video is “thanks fr th Mmrs” which features chimps and Kim Kardashian.

BTW. I did awesome on my diet this week. I only ate over my calories on 1 day, which I expected to do since I always do when I go out to dinner with the girls. I’m so proud of what I achieved this week. I’m trying to get to 266 pounds by Sunday.

I’m a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart

I sold a lot of my clothes, made $190 so far

I wish I could sell the rest but I guess no one wants the rest so they may go to Goodwill instead of sitting in the trunk of my car

I’ve been shopping


I bought a new coat, some halloween costumes and some pajamas , not to mention sweaters, tops, dresses, a short set, a jumpsuit

I returned some of the stuff I bought cause it didn’t fit right, that was stuff from, their clothes are cheap but they don’t always fit right

I bought a red jumpsuit from BooHoo that I love but it was so long, I took it to a alterations/tailor today to fix the straps that were too big and the length that was too long. The jumpsuit only cost $22, the tailor cost $30, so to everyone who keeps telling me to take my clothes that are too big to a tailor, no thanks, the tailor is so expensive I might as well have bought a new outfit.

By the way, I’ve done much better on my diet this week. Today was the first day in about 4 days that I ate over my calories. Most of it was alcohol though, I had several margaritas and cocktails at dinner with the girls tonight. For dinner I ate a cobb salad with no meat, eggs, or bacon. After I had some bread pudding with ice cream. I don’t usually eat ice cream and I didn’t know this would come with it, but it did so I ate it rather than waste it.

That was hours ago and I’m hungry so I’m going to eat some brussels sprouts now.




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