50th Birthday Coming Up

I can’t believe I turn 50 in 3 months! My birthdate is May 5. All I want for my birthday is scents to remind me of my birthday all year round and the person who gifted the scent to me. I have a list of the scents I want on my Amazon Wishlist. Check it out. Also I am not having a huge shindig for my birthday, gotta conserve money. I am instead having a dinner at Luigi’s in College Station, if you want to come, please send me a message.

Click here for my Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2120RUETYESS9/

Focusing on weight loss

I left my job 2 weeks ago

I’ve been doing delivery driving full time and I actually enjoy it again

I’m not looking for another job for awhile

It’s hard to focus on weight loss with a 9-5 job especially if you have ALOT of weight to lose

I have been doing really well for the past two weeks

I have myself on a exercise and eating regimen and I’ve finally been sticking to it

I lost 9 pounds over the last 2 weeks

I’m hoping to lose 50 more by May 5 which is my birthdate

That change didn’t work

In my last blog I discussed how I would make a change to stop driving in the morning. Well that didn’t work for me because what I REALLY want is to stop driving at night. I don’t want to delivery drive after dark. I really don’t want to delivery drive at all except maybe on the weekends.

Unfortunately with my current job being part time and only paying $18 a hour I can’t see this change coming to fruition.

So about 2-3 weeks ago I started looking for another job that is full time and pays more than $22/hour.

I found several jobs that fit the description and there is one that I am very interested in, but there are a couple more steps to go through to get that job. I have my second meeting with them this week. The pay for that one starts at $50,000 per year. If I got that job, I would only do delivery driving on Saturday and Sunday just to keep cash in my pocket.

In the mean time I quit my current job. I gave them two weeks notice. My last day there is at the beginning of January. They wanted me to stay longer and they made some offers but none of them were good enough and I am eager to get off this schedule to the extent that I really don’t even want to go into work there anymore not even till just January but to be responsible and not burn any bridges I will.

When I am done with the current job if I am still in between jobs, I will do deliveries from 8 am – 6 pm every day. Then I should be able to get decent sleep, wake up at a reasonable time to exercise. I hope I can also stick to e better eating schedule so that I can lose weight.

I hate the way I feel in my skin. I am hugely fat everywhere and it is very uncomfortable. I wake up in pain. My whole body aches. I had to stop doing grocery deliveries cause I could no longer walk up stairs with heavy groceries. I had no problem doing that back in August when I first started delivery driving. But now 5 months later, I am 50 pounds heavier and my knees get stabbing pains when I walk up steps with heavy groceries. It got so bad that I started having to take groceries with cases of water back to the grocery store cause I couldn’t carry it up the steps and neither could the customer.

I’m desperate to get back in shape and I believe my universal guide will give me the strength and wisdom to do what is best for me and to do whatever will lead to my happiness.

LifeStyle Change

Decided to make a significant change in my lifestyle in order to improve my health because I’ve been having some health issues including chest pain and right now my left hand has been numb for hours.

I want to get back to walking on the treadmill for 2 hours every day. So I decided to stop all delivery driving in the morning. I’ve been doing 8 am delivery driving for the last 5 months and in general delivery driving has been disastrous for my eating habits causing massive weight gain.

I asked my universal guide to help me and this is what it guided me to.

So now I’ll go to my accounting job a little earlier, I’m supposed to be there at 11 am but now I’ll get there at 10 am and I will do my 2 hours on the treadmill before I go there.

My day will start at 6am, eat my pre workout meal, put on my activewear,

6:30 am: walk for 2:10 minutes at a 3.0 speed, burn 500 active calories measured by my Apple Watch,

8:40 am come back eat my post work out meal,

9 am: shower, dress, leave by 9:40,

get to work at 10 am, work till 4 pm,

delivery drive from 4 pm to 9:30 and bring an afternoon meal with me so that I’m not stopping to eat junk,

go home eat dinner sleep by 10:40 pm

The goal is to get over 7 hours of sleep.

Health complications

I went through a rough patch in July and went to a hospital for a week. I left the hospital on July 12 and I weighed 221 pounds on that day.

Today I weigh 256 pounds. I’ve gained 35 pounds in 4 months. This has taken a toll on my physical health. For the past two weeks I’ve been having chest pains, dizziness, and a constant headache. I have a feeling I have either developed high blood pressure, diabetes or atrial fibrillation.

I have a doctor appointment on December 9, so I will find out for sure.

In the mean time I cutting my calories, eating way less sodium and sugar and walking a hour a day. Just so I can start to feel better.

Wish me luck.

I’m an Angry Black Woman

Before 2020, I was proud to not be an angry black woman. I worked to make particularly the white people in my life comfortable with me. I was the respectable black. They were comfortable saying anything around me because I never pushed back. At one point I even told them that I was voting for Donald Trump.

Then 2020 rolled around and I became progressively more and more angry.

I am angry about the way Covid was handled by the Trump Administration. I’m angry that the medical community was ridiculed and not taken seriously when making recommendations about Covid. I’m angry that masks were not taken seriously by half the population. And now we are stuck with Covid forever just like the flu, and it didnt have to be this way.

I’m angry that some police officers lied to a judge and got an illegal search warrant that led to the death of Breonna Taylor.

I’m angry to have watched George Floyd die from a police officer’s knee on his neck.

I’m angry that Ahmad Arbery died while jogging because a white father and son couldn’t mind their own business.

I’m angry that 5 black men in 2020 were found hanging from trees across this country within a 3 week span of time during the Black Lives Matters marches and the authorities want us to believe it was all suicides.

I’m angry that I watched a United States President tell his supporters to March on the capitol because he was upset he lost an election and then those supporters raided the Capital, killed a police officer and one other person and tried to overthrow the government. What really angers me is that his supporters are still his supporters after that happened.

And I am angry that Roe Vs. Wade was overturned because Donald Trump put conservative judges on the US Supreme Court and 100 other judges across the United States.

I would like to go back to being a registered Independent and throw away my vote because the Republicans and Democrats were basically different sides of the same coin and were pretty much innocuous.

But that time in the U.S.A. is over.

Now the difference between voting Democrat and Republican is costing people their civil rights and will cost pregnant women who are in medical emergencies their lives . There were 240 anti LGBTQ bills introduced across this country in the past 2 years by republicans. I don’t love the Democrats but if they were the majority in office the past 6 years, these things would not be happening.

If the Republicans can strip the civil rights of LGBTQ people, what are their plans for the rest of us?

I believe none of us are safe, except for White Men. They want to strip all of every other demographics civil rights and the amount of people who don’t care because it doesn’t effect their demographic is scary.

So now I am a changed person. I am not the same as I was before 2020. My stances on alot of things have changed. I am more educated and I have seen too much.

I am angry.

I am an angry black woman.

Final Tally

So my final tally of the amount I made during August from delivery driving is: $2,495.32

Keep in mind I didn’t start doing deliveries till August 5 and also I was unable to do many deliveries the past 4 days of August because I’ve been sick.

I think I am withdrawing from coffee and it’s making me extremely sick and unable to function, my head is killing me, my heart hurts, I feel dizzy and nauseous. This happened once before so I do think it’s the coffee/caffeine especially because it only happens in the afternoon/night. In the morning after I’ve slept, I feel great.

So back to my income, I made almost $2,500 from delivery driving and by contrast I made $1,560.00 from my bookkeeping job in August. So I make way more money delivery driving.

This has really been such a change for me, to not have to ask for money, to be able to pay my bills and eat out every once in awhile without worrying if my bank will be over drafted.

My goal now is to get current on all my bills that I didn’t pay from April – August. I also want to get a $1,000.00 emergency fund. I want to get current on my credit cards so that I can build my credit back up. I want to move to Houston in August of next year and right now I don’t think I could get approved for an apartment in a decent neighborhood because my credit is below 500. I also want to start paying my debt I owe to my family

I just really have a lot of hope right now that my life is improving in drastic ways.

I do need to get back to exercising and sticking to a caloric goal. Most of this year I have not been on track with my eating. My exercise went to the way side because the treadmills in my building are broken. I would have to walk outside at like 5:30 am and I really dont want to do that.

Anyway, things are going well for me.

Deliveries changed my life

Update on those wondering about my delivery driving since I started on August 5th of this year. I have been doing delivery every day since I started. It’s addictive. 
I use FAVOR because I can’t get Door Dash and Uber Eats doesn’t pay well. 
With Favor I make about $10 per delivery. I try to do mostly grocery deliveries because they pay more.
They also have promotions that I try to do every day. Some promotions are like do 4 deliveries after 6pm and get an additional $25. With the promotions I can do any kind of delivery because eve though restaurant deliveries pay less, with the promotion it still averages out to $10 per delivery. Typically with the promotions taken into account I make over $100 every day doing this part time. Right now I am on track to make over $2100 this month and that’s for part time work. So doing deliveries have doubled my income (I still work part time as a bookkeeper for a church).
I deliver in the morning before work and after work as well. I do about 7-10 deliveries per day. The weekends are the best cause I can work all day if I want and so far I have been doing all day on the weekends, with a break in the middle of the day.
I bring my lunch with me so I can eat in the car.
Anyway I absolutely love doing deliveries, I meet so many types of people. I have a really good time with the customers.
The other day a lady asked if she could pray with me and that was really nice.
Several people have thought I was pregnant, lol, and I didn’t correct them. My favorite deliveries are to the Senior living communities. Old people are hilarious. This older lady (maybe around 80 years old) told me to put my cases of soda that I was delivering on her walker because I was “smashing the baby” and she pointed to my stomach. LMFAO.
Most of the people think I am very young, especially when I have to get their ID cause they ordered alcohol. The other day I got this man’s id and his birthdate was 1976 and He said “yea I know, I’m much older than you”, I had to tell him that actually he was 3 years younger than me. He was shocked.
Delivering is really fun but sometimes there will be challenging deliveries, particularly when people order multiple cases of bottled water and they live in apartment that only has stairs.
But its also a good workout.
I have ordered a grocery cart to help me with the more challenging deliveries but it takes almost a month to get here. There were none in Target when I checked, so I had to order it from Amazon.

Oh and the amount of gas I use is outrageous, I budget about $400 a month for gas. It’s my biggest expense related to delivery driving.

Also I had to have a larger amount taken out of my paycheck from my bookkeeping job, because I do have to eventually pay taxes on what I make delivery driving. I don’t want to owe a large sum come february which is when I usually do my takes. I get a extra $200 taken out of my checks for taxes.

Anyway doing deliveries have really changed my life. I’m no longer bored at home alone feeling lonely. I no longer have to ask people for money. I get paid every day so I always have money now. I socialize with so many people now.
I don’t have to worry about paying my super high rent on this apartment, which by the way my new roommate moves in on Monday.
Anyway that’s the update.

Doing Deliveries #2

I’m still really enjoying delivering. In my first week, I made $544.00

Yesterday, Friday, I made $120. That’s more than I make per day at my accounting/bookkeeping job.

I’ve been trying to do some more of the promos.

Yesterday there was a promo that if you did 4 deliveries after 6 pm you get $20.

I wanted that $20, so I stayed out to 9:30 pm to get in those 4 deliveries.

I won’t do that again. I was sooo tired by 9pm. My normal bed time is between 8pm – 9pm.

Today, Saturday, I will work all day starting at 8 am and going to maybe 7:30 pm.

Gas is still killing me. I’ve calculated that gas takes about 20% of my earnings. Thats a tough pill to swallow but its still worth it. I have budgeted about $400.00 a month for gas, and I expect to earn about $2200 a month doing deliveries. So yea it’s still worth it.

Thursday I got a oil change and it was $103.00. I almost had a heart attack. Why is it so expensive now? I use to get them in my old car for $40.00. This new car I have is so expensive.

I almost feel like I have reached financial freedom. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I will be able to catch up on my credit card bills in the next 4 months which is exciting.

It’s such a relief to not have to ask people for money anymore.

It’s such a relief to always have money in my bank account now.

I have been having other issues though.

Binge eating. It came back with a vengeance and I’ve been eating so much that I feel stuffed and fat the rest of the day. I ate 4 doughnuts at work yesterday cause they are always bringing in junk and sweets.

I binged on black bean cheeseburgers the previous night.

I’ve been mostly binging in the middle of the night. I kinda sleep walk when I am binging.

My therapist mentioned that I am taking my prozac at the wrong time and that could be causing me night time issues. So for the past week, I started taking it in the morning when I am supposed to. At first I saw no difference in my sleep but interesting last night, I slept through the whole night. I didn’t binge at all so that was exciting.

Also, I realized yesterday that part of the binging is because I stopped doing all the tips that my dietician told me to do. I was cutting back on groceries because I didn’t have the money. So I stopped scheduling my weekend treats and I stopped having a readily available late night snack.

So yesterday I put that stuff back into my grocery budget. I ordered my berries and whipped cream I scheduled waffles for this morning (Saturday). I will have my gourmet chocolate tomorrow.

I’m really going to go back to what he told me to do. I think that will help, because when I was doing those things before, the binging stopped completely.