My chest is smaller

I just watched a video from Keikobeauty about plus size bras

It made me realize that all my size 42F bras are officially way too big for me. There is huge gaping in all my bras, I tried putting it on smallest strap hook and still big gapes.

I already have 2 bras in a smaller size, so i tried them on and they fit perfectly. No gaping. They are a size 40F

So I just ordered 3 bras from Torrid and 4 bras from City Chic. I also ordered 1 Elomi bra from Postmark. Cost a total of $235

I’m giving all my old bras away. They are good quality. There’s 12 of them in all variety of styles.


My weight is going down but it is going down super slowly. I am losing about .2 pounds each day. Yesterday I was at 238.8, today I am at 238.5

My scale needs to stop playing with me

I ate the last of my salad in a bags yesterday. I’m switching to a lower calorie greek salad now.

I went for a long walk yesterday. it was actually cool outside like 71 degrees. It felt so good.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: protein shake (250 cal)

Lunch: protein water (60 cal), honey chipotle with guacamole salad (450 cal)

Dinner: Gardein saus’age benny breakfast bowl (250 cal)

Snack: orange powerade (80 cal), kiwi strawberry vitamin water (50 cal), adult gold multi vitamin gummy (20 cal), sparkling water (10 cal), Gardein Chick’n Fajita (250 cal)

Total calories yesterday : 1,420

At a snails pace

I’m back at 238 pounds. My weight loss is going so slowly this month, compared to the past 4 months. This month I have only lost 3.4 pounds so far. I was losing 6 pounds per month the past few months an I was hoping to actually increase that since I lowered my calories. But that isn’t happening.

I am persistent though and staying consistent. I know my body will adjust.

I went for my walk later in the day yesterday. It was actually kind of nice outside.

Set Point Theory

I think my body has several set points. I think they are 170 pounds, 240 pounds, 270 pounds and 310 pounds. These are the weights my body always seem to go to naturally when in that range and it resists other weight points. It is very difficult to get my body lower than these set points. It can take me several months to move past one of these set points. But once I do move past them the weight comes off quicker.

Set point theory states that our bodies have a preset weight baseline hardwired into our DNA. According to this theory, our weight and how much it changes from that set point might be limited. The theory says some of us have higher weight set points than others and our bodies fight to stay within these ranges.

Your hypothalamus, which is in your brain, gets signals from fat cells. Hormones like leptin, which regulates hunger, and insulin are triggered at certain times. Your metabolism also constantly adjusts up or down based on a variety of signals.

The set point theory suggests that your weight may go up or down temporarily but will ultimately return to its normal set range. The signaling system helps maintain weight.

Gradually, according to set point theory, the normal body set point keeps adjusting upward. 

When we try to lose weight, our body fights to maintain the higher set point weight by slowing down metabolism. This can limit weight loss.

According to set point theory, after a time, your body will fight reduced calorie intake by sending signals (hunger pangs) and slowing down your metabolism to attempt to bring you back to your normal set point.

Can we change our set point weight? According to set point theory, yes.

In order to reset our set point to a lower level, set point theory proponents recommend going slowly with weight loss goals. A gradual 10 percent step-down weight loss approach with persistent maintenance at each stage can help prepare the body to accept the new lower set point.

Set point theory believes your body and brain are in a struggle to regain a set point weight. Based on this, it’s more helpful to implement smaller adjustments to weight rather than strict calorie restrictions with large energy burns from exercise.

Find more info here:

This is hard

Losing weight at 47 years old is hard. My body is super resistant. The only thing that is working is being consistent. Today I am back below 240 pounds. My body really doesn’t want to be below 240 pounds. 240 must be one of my set points. It must be where my body is most comfortable. It keeps fighting to get back to 240. I’m just not allowing that to happen. I am fighting every day to lose 1 pound. I really haven’t lost much weight in May. This is the same thing that happened last year. My body kept fighting to get back in the 270 pound range. But with consistency it finally moved. I think in the past my body would get to a set point and I would get frustrated and give up and gain all my weight back. I’m not doing that this time. I’m pushing through it no matter how long it takes.

It’s starting to get too hot to go outside for a walk. I keep getting overheated even though I am drinking electrolyte water. I’m going to try going for my walk a little bit later in the day. Maybe it will be a couple degrees cooler.

Yesterday on my walk men kept honking their horn at me and then a bunch of men kept stopping and asking if I wanted a ride. I kinda didn’t feel safe. I walk on a very busy street though, that’s the only reason I felt ok.

I have 2 more of these high calorie salads in my fridge, then I’m switching to a salad that has way lower calories.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: protein shake (250 cal)

Lunch: sparkling water (10 cal), Asian Chopped salad kit (640 cal)

Dinner: sparkling water (10 cal), orange powerade (80 cal), Gardein saus’age Benny breakfast bowl (250 cal)

Snack: multivitamin gummy (20 cal), sparkling water (10 cal), kiwi strawberry vitamin water (50 cal), Amy’s spaghetti (240 cal)

Total calories yesterday: 1560

Change something

I’m going to have to stop eating these big huge salads every day. My salad today had 640 calories. I need to get salads that are not more than 400 calories. I want to eat at the caloric goal MyFitnessPal has set for me, which right now is 1420 calories. I also might raise my budget to where I can buy 2 cases of the protein drinks instead of switching off with oatmeal. At least till school starts. On school days I will eat the oatmeal, but on all other days I will drink the protein shake.

I can do that if I eat my calories this way:

Breakfast: 180 – 250 cal (my protein drink calories vary)

Lunch: 420 cal

Dinner: 340 – 380 cal (will adjust according to breakfast cal)

3 sparkling waters: 30 cal

1 electrolyte water: 80 cal

Snack: 300 cal

gained 2 pounds

3 days ago I had got down to 238 pounds, but now I’m back at 240 pounds

I’ve been walking 10,000 steps every day

Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: protein shake (220 cal)

Lunch: Mediterranean Crunch Chopped salad (420 cal), fat free balsamic vinaigrette (60 cal)

Dinner: Aloha BBQ Quesadilla (420 cal)

Snack: Bolt 24 Gaorade (40 cal), Kiwi strawberry vitamin water (50 cal), sparkling water (10 cal) Adult gold multivitamin gummy (20 cal), Gardein Saus’age Benny Breakfast Bowl (250 cal), sparkling water (10 cal)

Total calories: 1500


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