Diet break

I was doing pretty well on my diet all week until Thursday when I went to a baseball game sponsored by my job

there I ate chips and drank alcohol seltzer

then Friday I decided to spend the weekend with my mom, and I ate way off my diet by several thousand calories every day

I did go walking but even though I walked over 20,000 steps on Friday and Saturday, it wasn’t enough to cover the incredibly large amount of calories I ate

then sunday evening it just all went to hell

I ate sushi and I was about 400 over on my calories, then I decided I wanted cheesy bread from dominoes since I had already screwed up my diet for the weekend

Then I got home and I was in bed and I decided I should eat all the snacks I had been caving for months but wouldn’t allow myself to have

so I drove to the gas station and I ate honey roasted peanuts, nutter butter cookies and cheese its

So yea my calories for yesterday ended up being 5,637

I am freaking out a little

but another part of me feels I needed this diet break pretty bad

I just don’t want to end up having poor diet habits for a long span

so starting today, Monday, I am tightening up my diet. In fact I’m not going to walk, I’m just going to focus on getting my calories whee they need to be. Not walking to cover calories. So this means I will not be going to my Wednesday Ladies dinners for awhile. Probably not till mid July.

Also, since I have a hard time sticking to my diet when I am not in my controlled environment, I am not going to my moms house till Mid July as well.

I’m also going to try not to weight myself for a week because I think it will depress me to see I gained 10 pounds cause of this past weekend. I will weigh myself on Friday or saturday or maybe even wait till Sunday.

In Mid July I am flying to Arizona for my grandmothers memorial so then I will eat off my diet again. We are having big dinner with about 30 family members and also I will be eating out for 2 days. But by then I should have stuck to my diet strictly for so long, a two day break wouldn’t be so bad at that time.

I also have asked to be taken off the schedule at my second job until August because I was overwhelmed with school, the new job, diet, walking, plus I bought a new car 2 days ago. The car is really nice. I was tired of putting a bunch of money into a car that wasn’t even worth the amount of money I was putting into it. And firestone wanted me to put $1700 more into it and I just said No, this is enough, I will put that money into a new car. So that’s what I did. But I was Just trying to do too much and I got overwhelmed and for some reason my therapist didn’t call me last week so I did not process my feelings.

So I will focus exclusively on school, diet, and my new job for the next 4 weeks. No going out, no visiting the mall or friends or family, no walking for 5-7 hours a day because that cuts into my school time. To be honest school has been in session for 2 weeks and I haven’t done anything for class, I haven’t read the book, I haven’t started my assignments, nothing. I took a quiz for class last night and I got 7 out of 8 answers correct. I dont know how I managed that, dont ask me, I guess accounting is just natural and intuitive for me. I do have a 4.0 gpa after all.

Anyway, I need to shower and get ready for work. This was just a update.

Today is wednesday, I don’t work on Wednesdays I focus on my school work on wednesdays

For some reason I decided to eat 2 bowls of oatmeal tis morning

plus I go to dinner tonight with my ladies group

so my calories will be astronomical today

I’m going to attempts to get 40,000 steps today

Shopping again

I began onboarding for my new job already. It does not include health insurance now because I am only working 20 – 24 hours a week but she said if everything works out with me, in the future they can bump me up to 30 hours and then I will qualify for the health benefits.

in my interview the woman I will be working with mentioned that she loves to wear dresses to work

I love to wear dresses as well but all of my dresses were above the knee or super short, which is inappropriate for an office job

so this past week, I bought 11 dresses. I know that is excessive, but that is what I do.

I bought 6 dresses from Shein, 4 from Target including one I plan to wear to my grandmothers memorial in July and 1 from Old Navy. The 6 from Shein only came to $120 today. The 1 from old navy was $15. The ones from Target were more expensive and I put them on my Target credit card.

From Torrid, I also bought one pair of sandals to match the dress I am wearing to my grandmothers memorial in July in Arizona. The sandals were $5 because I got my 50% employee discount, plus I had a $10 credit, also Torrid had a pair of jeans on clearance that fit me well in a size 10 for $12 so I got those too because at my new job they were jeans on Friday and I have no jeans. I sold all of them to the resale shops.

I am done with shopping now. I won’t buy another thing till September.

Oh except;

I was telling my therapist that I have some anxiety about starting my new job because the last job I had in an office, I felt like the people didn’t like me and I had really low self esteem. I’m also concerned that I will be working in an office with one woman and I have this issue with my sinuses where I snort and clear my throat and I don’t want to annoy her. So he told me to get some cough drops and I have noticed they help with the clearing my throat issue. I bought 4 bags of them from Target. As for the snorting, I have been taking Flonase and Benadryl and also I stopped eating sugar again and I stopped drinking caffeine again. I notice that my sinuses have improved in the 3 days since I stopped that stuff. Hopefully by Monday when I start my job, it will be way better and I plan to take Flonase and Benadryl to work with me.

School started last Tuesday, it is fully online but today we did have to meet on Zoom.

I am going for a walk with friends and family before I go to work today.

May Mess

My diet in May has been a complete shit show. I ate so much sugar this month, I hope my blood sugar hasn’t gone back up.

This past Wednesday I went to my Ladies dinner and ate, enchiladas, sopapillas, a huge margarita and tortilla chips

Friday I went out with my family to celebrate getting a job. I ate: caesar salad, onion rings, bread pudding and a margarita

Saturday I went for a walk with my family, we stopped at Starbucks and I had banana nut bread and a chocolate espresso

Saturday evening I was at work and didn’t bring my lunch so I ate from the food court. I had a veggie delight sandwich from Charleys and a regular size orange-colada-strawberry smoothie

Wednesday I walked 32,000 steps

Friday I walked 20,000 steps

Saturday I walked 35,000 steps

Its Sunday today and I am about to walk to my mom’s house

on the way there, I plan to stop at Starbucks and have lemon pound cake and a brown sugar shaken espresso

I figure I might as well close out May eating whatever I want cause in June I will eat perfectly

I plan to walk 32,000 steps today

Oh and by the way I gained 2 pounds

but I expect that because Friday I didn’t walk enough steps to cover all my food, I also didn’t #2, I did sleep really well though, also expecting my period, it’s 3 days late

I got a new job

This morning I went to interview for an accounting assistant position

They loved me and offered me the job contingent upon my background check

It pays double what I make at my current job

I start in June

I also need to get a hepatitis b and a tb shot, cause I have no immunization records and I don’t know where to get them from cause I don’t know where I got it done at.

I was concerned that I didn’t have any clothes to work in an office environment

I don’t like wearing the same thing more than once a week

So my mom took me to Express again today and I got 3 pair of slacks and 4 shirts, it was super inexpensive

I am so excited, not I feel prepared to at least look the part at my new job

Becoming Vegan

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I would rather be vegan than vegetarian. The reason I am a vegetarian is because I am addicted to cheese. I pretty much don’t eat anything else with animal products.

Well I was searching online and I found this Vegan Grocery Store!

They have a lot of my favorite items but made with vegan cheese.

It’s a little more expensive than vegetarian options but I think it’s worth it to not eat cheese.

I never cut cheese out because it would limit my options for food.

Now I think this is the solution: