walking miles

I’ve been walking for miles every day this week

Yesterday I walked to Target and back, burned 8500 calories

Today I walked to H.E.B. and burned 10,000 calories

so far I have not noticed a drop in weight, what I have noticed is an increase in my appetite

I bought some protein bars to help with that

Hopefully with consistency I will see the weight come off


Walking Goals

I woke up at 7 am this morning to go get my blood drawn

when I got there, they were not prepared and could not find me on the schedule and said they would have to reschedule me

I was so  pissed off cause this is the second time this has happened

I am not a natural morning person and waking up that early was hard on me

but it was a blessing in disguise

when I got home, around 8:45 am, I decided to go for a walk

I walked in one direction around my neighborhood for 40 minutes, 5000 steps and burned 125 calories

I came home and passed out, and I realized I want to change my schedule around

Now I want to wake up at 7am, eat oatmeal, go for a hour walk, come home , eat a protein bar, shower, then start the rest of my day whether it be studying or going to school or whatever

I want to make myself a morning person

This is going to be hard but I have about a month before school starts to make this my new routine, the biggest challenge will be not sleeping after I go for my walk

By the way, after I woke up this afternoon, I went for another 40 minute walk in a different direction in my neighborhood and walked another 5000 steps and burned another 125 calories.

I added 250 calories to my daily goal

Its pretty warm outside and I was sweating, yuck, I hate sweating

I really hope all this walking helps me lose weight


School Anxiety

I got weighed at my psychiatrist office today with all my clothes on, I weighed 270 pounds, so I am probably 268 pounds without clothes so I lost 10 pounds in 3 days

I’m registered for classes for my first semester in Grad School. I’m so nervous. I had to take 3 classes in order to be eligible for financial aid and also to be current on my degree plan. It scares me to take this many classes my first semester. I prefer to take just 2 per semester for my sanity. I’m taking a federal income tax class. What if I have to remember tax codes. Oh Lord. I’m too old, my memory sucks. I don’t want to flunk out my first semester. I will have to study all day every day to keep an A average. I only have class twice a week, so I’ll have lots of time for studying. On Tuesdays I have a class at 11 am and then one at 6pm, so in between I will maybe get lunch and go to the library and study for 5 hours.

School starts next month.

I have to get in the habit of waking up at 8am, to eat and shower, cause it takes a hour to drive to school, plus 30 minutes for parking and walking to class, so I need to leave the house no later than 9:30 am. I hope traffic isn’t bad.

Argh holiday and vacation weight gain

My body loves a vacation/holiday major weight gain

I gained 12 pounds over Thanksgiving

I just weighed myself and I weighed 278 pounds

I want to be at 250 pounds by December 30

How the hell am I going to lose 28 pounds in 1 month?

It’s unrealistic but I am going to go for it.

I’m going to walk 10,000 steps a day and eat less than 1600 calories a day

I hope this works

On another topic, I bought three walking activewear sets in a size 3X and two of them are too small. It’s super annoying, I need stuff to go walking in this cold weather in.

Rainbowshops has super cheap active wear, I’m talking $25 per set, compared to Lane Bryant or Torrid which is closer to $50 per set IF you find a deal.

Got a FitBit

Today was the first day I weighed myself since the refeed. I weigh 266 pounds. I thought I would weigh more.

I got my fitbit and set it up today. I’m still confused with how it works and I tried hooking myFitnesspal up to it and it says its connected. But my calories are not transferring to myFitnessPal. That’s annoying.

It says I walked 17,000 steps today


it says I burned almost 3500 calories today (I did go to work today and I am on my feet at work, plus I dance most of the time at work)

If I burn 3500 calories in a day but I eat 1600 calories a day

Why did I plateau?

Very confusing

in Distress + a Refeed

I went to the ER last night

My nose was severely bleeding over a 7 hour period and I was choking on the blood and had trouble breathing

In the ER I almost fainted they had to lift me up and put me on the bed

I was convinced my blood pressure was high

and it was kinda high, 150/83

but they said that’s not too high and also the dr said the blood pressure might be caused by the nose bleed instead of the other way around

I think it was the food I was eating was full of sodium which raised my blood pressure, but I dunno

the doctor seemed to think the cause of the nose bleed was the weather change or an allergy

But I don’t know about that because it was kinda odd, I took some headache medicine (acetaminophen , caffeine, aspirin) and Benadryl

then I ate a microwave meal (full of sodium)

my nose started bleeding 5 minutes after I ate the microwave meal

it bled for a long time, like 20 minutes then it finally stopped

so then 2-3 hours later I was hungry again so I ate another microwave meal

then 5 minutes later my nose started bleeding again

this time it never stopped which is when I drove to the hospital

the hospital room looked like a war scene when I was in there because of all the blood all over the floor and counter and rags full of blood, my nose would not stop bleeding and I was choking, my entire shirt is covered in blood, my face was covered in blood

so that’s when the doctor packed my nose, I sat for about 10 minutes after he packed it and my nose stopped bleeding

he said I need to keep the packing for 2 days

he said if it doesn’t stop bleeding I might need to go to a Ear Nose and Throat specialist and get it cauterized

So I went home with my nose packed

Oh by the way I had to pay $50 at the hospital, ugh

So on my way home I decided to refeed today and eat way over my calories which hopefully would restart my metabolism and I could start losing weight again

it’s worked before

so I stopped at wal-Mart and bought a pumpkin pie, banana pudding, white cake, and 3 oatmeal cookies.

I’m also about to order a pizza. I want my calories to be around 5000 for the day, after eating all that its around 3400, the pizza will push it over

I really wasn’t in the mood for this refeed cause I’ve been so focused on my diet

Also I’m going to start a little bit of exercise, I’m going to walk 30 minutes a day

I don’t have any exercise clothes so I ordered a couple of active wear suits from rainbow shops, 2 shirts and 2 pants for $50

I am really shocked I hit a plateau this early in my weight loss

I don’t understand how I could reach a plateau eating 1600 calories a day, it doesn’t make sense to me, but hopefully the refeed and walking helps

the same pound

I keep gaining and losing 1 pound

no matter what I do, if I eat under my calories I gain a pound, if I eat over my calories I gain a pound

i keep going from 264 pd to 265 pd,

I don’t know why I’m not losing

I feel like the only time I lose is if I eat way over my calories and then try to lose, then I will lose

I am considering ordering a pizza

but I really dont want to over eat until thanksgiving


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