Day 83 – Shopping

I’m still shopping too much. I was watching Holiday Gift Guides on YouTube and it made me want to buy so much stuff. I went to 2 websites tonight trying to buy stuff and had to stop myself, luckily the shipping fees made me decide not to buy the stuff, but I did go to the Ulta store today and bought some stuff, then I went to and got the stuff that they had run out of in the store. Luckily I found out I had some redeemable points so my $38 order only cost me $5 After shopping I got a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. Then I went to my meetup group and ate a bunch of crepes. I was so stuffed afterwards. Oh I gained .8 pound today so either those street fries yesterday had more calories than I thought OR it’s caused by me starting my period today. I get kinda bloated and can’t lose weight on my period. I have my last final exam tomorrow.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Smoked Salmon crepe (405 cal), apple crepe (184 cal) with ice cream (266 cal)

Dinner: General tso’s tofu (330 cal)

Total calories: 1,565


Day 82: Good day

I had a pretty good day today. I went to the dentist before class this morning and he said I don’t have any cavities and all I need is a good cleaning. That’s weird cause the previous dentist said I needed 5 fillings and perio scaling. One of them is wrong. I hope it’s the previous dentist cause I can’t really afford all that dental work. I had a final exam in my Economics class today. I think I did pretty good on it. I was so tired on my way to school that I was falling asleep at the wheel. As soon as I parked I ran to the cafeteria to get coffee. I went to the liquor store with my roommate and we both got this delicious rum with cream drink. It tastes so good. I got the banana flavored one, she got the pineapple flavored one. It cost $18 but it is so good , it’s orgasmic. Tonight I went to therapy to talk about my bad day yesterday and my shopping addiction. I think shopping has replaced my eating and sugar addiction. But I don’t have the income to support my shopping habit. Tonight I found out I got a 70% on that Accounting Final Exam I took yesterday. That’s terrible but it definitely could have been worse. It looks like I got a 92.13% as my final grade in the Accounting class. I hope that equals an A. I’m not sure cause I think the teacher grades on a curve. If I do get an A, I might actually have a shot of getting into the Texas A&M Masters in Accounting program. I ate a little crappy today. Nothing healthy except breakfast.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Starbucks Grande Peppermint mocha coffee (250 cal), Blue Chair Bay Rum cream liquor (234 cal), Mexican Street Fries (354 cal)

Dinner: Linguine with ricotta & spinach meatless meatballs (260 cal), Blue Chair Bay Rum cream liquor (234 cal)

Total calories today: 1,712

Day 81:Bad day

Today I had a pretty shitty day. I had my Accounting final exam and I didn’t know 90% of the answers on the test. I didn’t even know where to start working on them so I guessed. It was a multiple choice exam. So I’m sick to my stomach worried about what grade I’m going to get in the class.

Then I went to work tonight and got annoyed by someone. We have conflicting personalities. She’s an extrovert and I’m a introvert. She is bossy, a know it all and talks too much. So I was agitated and I start being rude and mean when I’m agitated.

I have another final exam tomorrow, I also go to the dentist tomorrow morning and therapy tomorrow evening.

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Enchiladas al chipotle with black beans and rice (440 cal)

Dinner: Chana Masala (490 cal)

Snack: Strawberry colada smoothie (348 cal)

Total calories today : 1,658


Day 80: New Youtube Video

I recorded a new video, my first in 6 years, but I don’t know how to embed it over here, the link is:

I took video of what my body looks like today, so i can have a record of what my body looks like as it changes from weight loss.

Today I went to work and I got hungry there so I ate a protein cookie and some nacho chips. Then after work me and my mom went to BJ’s and I ate sriracha brussel sprouts and a long island ice tea. I have to eat again tonight in order to take my medicine, I might just have some soup though.

Breakfast: Protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Peanut butter the complete protein cookie (420 cal), nacho chips (150 cal)

Dinner: honey sriracha brussel sprouts (220 cal), Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea (292 cal)

Total calories today: 1462


Day 79 – YouTube creator

I was going to start filming YouTube videos but I can’t find my camera. Hopefully I find it soon and I’ll upload maybe once or twice a month.

What I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Pad Thai (400 cal)

Dinner: Pesto Tortellini (360 cal), Tuscan style vegetable lasagna (310 cal)

Total calories: 1,450

Day 78: it’s all happening

I lost ANOTHER pound, Man that Re-Feed really must have worked cause I’ve lost 6 pounds since Sunday. I feel great. Not fatigued. My body hurts a lil from standing on my feet for 5 hours at work today, but other than that, I feel good and healthy. I renewed my domains for another year, so you can always get to this blog via

What I ate today:

Breakfast: protein oatmeal (380 cal)

Lunch: Veggie Chili and Cornbread (340 cal)

Dinner: Sweet Earth the Curry tiger burrito (320 cal)

Snack: Snickerdoodle complete protein cookie (400 cal)

Total calories today: 1,440

Day 77: Got my hair did

Today I slept till like 2:30 pm, then I cleaned out the freezer, then went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, then went to my mom’s house to print out Test notes for my Economics final exam, then I went to get my hair done. It took 3-1/2 hours to get done. It’s cute, different colors than usual. I lost another pound, so since Sunday I have lost 5 pounds. Right now I’m drinking a rum & cranberry. I need to study for my Accounting final exam.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Sweet Earth Big Breakfast burrito (290 cal)

Lunch: shrimp alfredo (480 cal)

Dinner: Chinese noodles and veggies in a cashew cream sauce (480 cal), cran-pineapple juice (100 cal), 5 fl ounces Malibu Rum (228 cal)

Total calories today (1578)


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