I’m going to miss my therapist. It took me going through 8 other therapists to find her. It’s hard to find a good therapist. From my experience most therapists are lazy. They are not really trying to heal you so you are on a ferris wheel going round and round and never progressing.

My current therapist is the first who told me solutions. How to fix myself.. It’s all inside of me. She gives really good advice.

I hate “coping” strategies. Those aren’t solutions. I want to not need to “cope”.

I hate when therapist just ask a bunch of questions and expect you to do most of the talking. I want solutions, I want to know what I need to do to solve problems, I want to know how to not be so fragile. I don’t want to be tough, but I don’t want to be so damn fragile either.

I want to be able to handle life. I want to be able to deal with whatever is coming at me without trying to kill myself over it.

I want to be free and strong and worthy.

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